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1966 Porsche 912

I have expressed my fondness for the Porsche 912 for its overall simplicity as well as the potential it offers to buyers seeking vintage Porsche 911 style, but without the 911 price. These were entry-level cars that bore a strong resemblance to their more famous big brother, but were fitted with a flat-4 rather than the 911’s flat-6. There were even claims that the 912 was a better-handling performer than the 911 due to its lower rear weight and thus better balance. For the most part, any 912 will fit that bill. The example we see here will be somewhat of an exception to the typical rule. Due to their entry-level nature few 912s have survived in excellent condition so most of those that do survive tend to come at a nice value. Now and again we come across one that appears to have been kept in much better condition throughout its life. While values for those examples still won’t come close to a similar-condition 911, they still command pretty good money. Here we have one aiming for the top of the market: a Bahama Yellow 1966 Porsche 912, located in New York, with 75,000 miles on it.

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Year: 1966
Model: 912
Engine: 1.6 liter flat-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 75,000 mi
Price: $75,000 Buy It Now

1966 Porsche 912 Euro

Single Ownership for 40 Years, Numbers Matching, European Model, Five Gauge, Five Speed

Offered for just the second time since it was sold new in 1966, is this wonderfully original and well-cared-for Porsche 912 Euro model. It is a rare early five gauge with the desirable exterior temperature gauge and sports its original Bolongna Italy mini front licenses plate. This 912 is one of the most original survivors that we have seen even retaining its original rims date coded to June of 1966. It is a two owner car with the second owner purchasing it in 2007.

The Bahama Yellow paint is original with few minor scratches as is the interior which has no tears and little evidence of wear. When we received the car we decided to completely rebuild the engine since it sat for the last few years. We rebuilt the engine with new piston rings, new valve guides, new gaskets and new seals. The carburetors were rebuilt, new wires were installed, and the plugs, cap, rotor, condenser were all replaced and have it running like new. The front and rear shock absorbers were replaced, along with new bushings. The master cylinder and all four calipers were rebuilt and the system was flushed with new fluid and bled. The gear shift linkage was cleaned and installed with new bushings and now has the car shifting flawlessly. After all of our work, this 912 is mechanically sound and runs and drives like it would have out of the factory. We have documentation and the cars COA and have photographed all of the restoration work as pictures are available upon request.


Cars aiming for top dollar typically have to meet a few parameters and this one checks a number of those boxes. It’s a two-owner car with a long period of ownership by one of the owners that comes with documentation. It remains in original condition inside and out with only the engine having been rebuilt. It comes in a fantastic and rare vintage Porsche color, in this case Bahama Yellow. And the mileage remains very reasonable considering the age. Of course, none of that insures this car will sell at this price, but given the way the long-hood 911 market has even dragged upward the market for the 912, examples like this one are sure to command significant money.



  1. Ray
    Ray April 13, 2015

    I find this price astounding for a 912…any 912.

    The fact that the seller can even ask that much indicates where the market is headed, I guess.

  2. Scott
    Scott April 14, 2015

    $75K? Looks like it is time for me to find another hobby.

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