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1973 Porsche 911E Coupe

Perhaps like a neglected middle-sibling, the mid-range model of any car can live a somewhat precarious existence. Lacking the comfort or performance (depending on what sort of car we’re talking about) of the top-of-the-line model and more expensive than the entry-level model, that car in the middle can sometimes seem neither here nor there. They’re stuck and sometimes go unnoticed. For much of the 911’s life there was only the entry-level 911 or the high-performance 911S, but for the early cars we had another option: the 911E. First released in 1969, the E took many of the aspects of the 911T and simply made them better. It featured a mechanically fuel-injected flat-six engine, similar, though with less power, to that of the 911S, rather than the carbureted engine of the 911T. In addition, a more comfortable strut suspension was made available along with ventilated disc brakes, while the interior was upgraded to improve comfort and refinement. By the time we arrive at the final model year in 1973, all 911 engines had increased to 2.4 liters and featured Bosch fuel injection with the E and S being mechanically injected and the T eventually using the CIS system that later 911s would employ until 1984. During its brief run the E served as the refined, luxurious, counterpart that was to balance the decidedly sporty experience of the S and the more basic experience of the T for buyers who wanted more from their 911, but leaned toward the luxury side of the spectrum. The example we see here comes from the final model year: a Sepia Brown 1973 Porsche 911E Coupe, located in California, with 87,000 miles on it.

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Year: 1973
Model: 911E
Engine: 2.4 liter flat-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 87,000 mi
Price: Reserve Auction

1973 Porsche 911 E coupe painted in Sepia Brown over a tan leather interior. The car has 87,000 documented original miles on its matching numbers engine and transmission. Upon arrival to CPR the engine underwent a complete split-case major overhaul. The exterior is 100 percent factory original Porsche paint measuring 4.0-7.0 millimeters in thickness all around. The car is by far the most original example of a long hood 911 we have ever seen here at CPR. The car drives out excellent with a very tight and responsive feel. The interior is completely original besides the front seats which have been completely rebuilt and covered in factory German leather. Hear is an opportunity to own a car that you will truly find no where else when it comes to originality. for questions please call CPR classic sales at 760-723-8900

As the mid-range model, the 911E naturally shows higher values on the current market than the 911T and lower than those of the 911S. However, those values don’t fall in the middle of that scale. The 911E is shifted much more toward the lower end where we typically might find a top-market 911T, but they remain far from the value of a 911S. That makes the E a somewhat interesting proposition though we must consider that the improvements to performance and comfort that the E possessed over the T seem somewhat paltry relative to any modern car. That makes the asking price here, with a starting bid of $90K, somewhat of a tough sell as it’s starting near the top of the value scale for a 911E. Certainly a concours-quality, documented, example can easily exceed this ask, but for one that may need a little work, it’s on the high end. That said, this 911E still wears its original paint and for a 40-year-old car the exterior appears in pretty good shape. The same holds true in the interior. I’m not sure we’re likely to see this E sell at this price, but if the price can come down then it looks like it would make for a fine option.