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1984 BMW 325e Extensively Modified with M50 6 Cylinder Swap

This post is in our archives. Links in this post may have been updated to point to similar cars available to bid on eBay.

Our friends at Classic and Vintage BMW alerted me about this very impressive e30 for sale by one of their members.

1984 BMW e30 325e for sale on Classic and Vintage BMW

the description from the seller:

It’s time to sell my past project car. The car is done now and has been my daily driver ever since Jan 2010. Including a 4000km round trip down to Bimmerfest this year, it has never given me an issue.

1992 E34 M50NV Swap with 101k original KM (completed in Dec 2009)

– Seattle Circuits OBC Correction Chip
– Dinan Chip
– Mechanical fan delete with twin 12” pusher’s
– M42 Wiring harness covers
– ZF320 5 speed transmission with ~50k original km.
– New engine mounts
– New transmission mounts with AKG cups
– New shifter bushings
– New clutch
– All new vacuum and coolant hoses
– E30 iX booster with remote reservoir
– Super Sprint Replica Long headers
– Custom single 2.25” exhaust, Y pipe with O2 Bung
– Magnaflow dual Inline mufflers
– 2.93 LSD differential
– New O2 Sensor

New Zinno Paint as of Dec 2009

– Done by Trojan Collision in Nanaimo, B.C, Canada
– Full strip down including door jams, engine compartment, and trunk
– NEW OEM seals and body clips used all around on reassembly

Suspension overhaul as of Aug 2010

– Ground Control Coilovers
– Bilstien Sports
– AKG Diff bushing
– AKG trailing arm bushings
– AKG sub frame bushings
– E30tech rear toe and camber correction kit
– New control arms
– E36 steering rack
– New OEM sway bar links front and rear
– New OEM sway bar bushings front and rear
– New parking brake cables
– New parking brakes
– Full alignment professionally done

Other features of the car include..

Plastic bumper swap front and rear.
Hella Ellipsoids with HID’s, new plastic lenses
New turn single lenses
New shift boot
New parking brake boot
New shift knob
Door tweeters
Crack free dash
Late model cluster swap, with Cf backing, SS bezels, and red needles
Nearly perfect black leather heated Vert Sport Seats
CF Mtech Pedals
IS Lip
E36 TI Radio Antenna
Euro grills
OEM floor mats
Recovered Husco OEM armrest
12 button OBC
M Tech 1 Wheel
TSW Hockeinheim 16” rims with BMW logo centers

Plus much much more.. Over $23,000 in receipts


I know many of you are already thinking $12.5k is a steep asking, but this car really stands out to me. First, I’ll bet this car really does have $23k in receipts because it shows, and I’ll bet it drives equally nice. Second, I’m really happy that this car carries an appropriate look and stance that is period appropriate. Everyone has their own style, and I think this is really tasteful. Finally, you couldn’t duplicate it for any less. I think about an e30 project all the time and this one is pretty close to what I’d want.

Sorry, couldn’t help myself tonight. I like it! Thanks for the forward John,



  1. JP
    JP September 21, 2011

    Couldn’t duplicate it for any less? It should only cost that much to duplicate if you PAID someone to do all of the work. Built > bought. Worlds cheaper as well…

  2. Dan
    Dan September 22, 2011

    How much do you think you could save if could do the swap, paint, and other upgrades yourself? Sure you could lop off a few thousand, but I don’t think it would be half.

    You’re right though, I wrote that from the perspective of someone who can’t do that kind of work himself and I’m sure the satisfaction of building it yourself would be even better.


  3. Wes
    Wes September 22, 2011

    At the risk of stating the obvious his receipts don’t matter a whit to the market value of the car. $12.5k is too much for this vehicle. For his sake I hope that he finds the right buyer.

  4. Larry
    Larry September 22, 2011

    Wes is right. The only benefit of stating the investment is to suggest that the build was done right. It’s risky though – if that number is too high, the seller looks like an idiot.

    Maximizing the sale price of any custom build requires finding a viable buyer who equally appreciates the choices the seller made – and even then, it’s only worth what that buyer is willing to pay.

    If the seller isn’t in a rush, they can wait to find a buyer who thinks it’s worth more – but at $12.5K with no mileage listed and minimal detail photos, that could be a while.

  5. Superdessucke
    Superdessucke September 24, 2011

    I love the phrase “right buyer,” LOL! That to me is someone who’s willing to pay more than the market will bear. Taken one step further, that means you are effectively stupid.

    I mean, even if you are the “right buyer,” why can’t you keep it in your pants and take advantage of the limited demand?? For example, I was definitely the “right buyer” for a 2010 GTI because I really wanted one. Loved the car, loved the plaid seats, loved the fact that it reminded me of the old school Mk1 I owned when I had a bowl cut and an erection 24/7. But you can bet I researched the invoice price, applicable dealer holdback, and available incentives and ended up getting the car for well under invoice. I didn’t love it any less because I paid less, I just have other sh-t to do with my cash.

    Unless the car is a one off type thing, like a 1989 Porsche 911 Club Sport, being the “right buyer” means you are an idiot. IMHO, no E30, unless it’s an M3 or has super low miles, is worth more than 5k.

  6. Wes
    Wes September 26, 2011

    “Right buyer” doesn’t necessarily equate to idiot. In this case it means finding a buyer who likes all the mods that the previous owner performed and is willing to pay a premium for them. For example; let’s say that a stock e30 is worth $5k and that the previous owner put $15k into mods for a total cost of $20k. The market value is $8k but the right buyer may be willing to pay $12k because it would cost $20k to do all the mods himself.

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