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1985 BMW 524td

Coming up on 3 years into our relationship, I’m still loving my E28, largely due to how it reminds me of a time when cool cars didn’t have to be all things to all people. Today’s 524td may be at the opposite end of the powerplant spectrum from mine, it doubles the gas mileage and keeps the great 80s looks. It is truly shocking that this car has 203k miles on it – inside and out it looks like a showroom model from the year before I was born. At first I thought “that must be a redone interior,” but the presentation of the exterior and engine bay corroborate the seller’s indication that this is just an amazingly-kept, all-original survivor. It may be slow, but the E28 is a great car to practice carrying speed with. What a commuter this would be!

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Year: 1985
Model: 524td
Engine: 2.4 liter inline-6 diesel
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Mileage: 203,007 mi
Price: No reserve auction

Please call John at 440-339-4341 with any questions about this car.

This is a no reserve listing.

This is my 1985 BMW 524td Turbo Diesel sedan. I have a detailed record of every service and maintenance done to the car from brand new to present.

This car was bought new and has spent its service life in Portland, OR in the Pacific Northwest. I brought this car from Portland to Cleveland, OH by enclosed transport earlier this year. Road salt is not used in Oregon, so this car has never seen road salt and consequently it has ZERO rust. Portland also gets a lot of cloudy days, so the interior, paint and upholstery have not been sun-damaged like cars from other salt-free climates.

I feel this car is probably the best-preserved, best-documented example for sale in the country.

This car was built to compete with Mercedes-Benz diesel cars so of course it is extremely durable, dependable, well-built and long-lasting. It is economical, getting about 33 mpg highway. The important difference is that BMW engineers made sure this car drives like a BMW. When it was introduced, this was by far the sportiest, quickest, best-handling diesel car ever made. These cars are quick, tight and fun-to-drive. Mercedes-Benz diesels are slow, clattery, smoky and industrial. By comparison this car is buttery-smooth, quiet and clean-running.

I have a complete record of all of the service and maintenance done since the car was brand new. Everything has been recorded and written down; a full history has been kept, from the original dealer Pre-Delivery inspection at 7 miles to the most recent service which was a full rebuild, regasket and reseal of the diesel injection pump (done last month).

This rebuild is important- all these cars will leak fuel from the injection pump unless rebuilt like this one. New ultra low sulfur diesel fuel corrodes the fuel injection pump gaskets and o-rings originally used when these cars were built. Consequently, original pumps will leak if not rebuilt with upgraded gaskets. The job was just done at a cost of almost $2000. The pump was rebuilt and resealed and given a clean bill of health.

This 524td looks, runs and drives like a car with 40,000 miles. The paint and body are superb. There is no body rust, no corrosion and no rot whatsoever. Even the underside is extraordinarily clean. The body is completely straight and clean and the panels line up perfectly. The paint quality is very good and the car has an excellent glossy shine. This exterior looks very, very clean.

The interior of the car has no wear or damage. The upholstery is clean with no wear holes or problems. The carpets are clean and in good shape for the age. The car has never been smoked in and the entire interior has been well-kept and remains in superb condition.

This BMW starts, runs and drives extremely well. There are no known mechanical problems or issues. I see no reason this car could not make a cross-country drive if someone wished. This car has great handling and balance, tight steering, tight suspension and a controlled ride. The engine is smooth, quiet and powerful. The transmission shifts crisply. This car will cruise at 80 mph on the highway with no issues. The tires have excellent treadlife.

This car has working air conditioning, working power windows, working power sunroof, working power seats, working power mirrors, etc, etc.

This car has the following equipment and options:
2.4L turbocharged inline-6 diesel engine
4-speed automatic transmission
dual power seats
power moonroof
automatic climate control
air conditioning (working)
power windows and locks
power mirrors
telescoping steering wheel
cruise control
Kenwood AM/FM CD player with remote
engine block heater with included power cord
I also have the original owner’s manual with the car as well as a factory service manual, a variety of extra filters, service tools and parts plus a full vehicle history of service and maintenance.

You can fly in to Cleveland, OH (CLE) and drive this car home. Alternatively you can have the car shipped. Please call Angels Moving Autos at 530-245-0481 for a shipping quote.

A summary of the history and maintenance is as follows. This list is not fully inclusive but gives a general idea of the meticulous attention given to the maintenance of this car since new:
7 mi- Pre-Delivery inspection
1200 mi- dealer inspection
7479 mi- engine oil service
11,015 mi- engine oil service
18,185 mi- BMW Inspection I
30,872 mi- BMW Inspection II, replaced battery, replaced water pump
32,483 mi- replaced camshaft, replaced rockers and other parts
48,979 mi- BMW Inspection I, transmission service, new brake fluid and coolant
52,910 mi- New belts (3) and oil service
55,037 mi- four new tires
55,791 mi- new power steering pump, new wiper motor
58,714 mi- replaced differential lube, replaced fuel filter, checked brakes, suspension, steering
58,950 mi- replaced camshaft drive (timing) belt and set valves, replaced air filter
59,785 mi- oil and filter service
59,828 mi- re-timed injection pump
60,451 mi- cleaned interior and installed front seat covers, waxed exterior
63,190 mi- oil and filter service
63,210 mi- replaced heater control switch
65,225 mi- oil and filter service
65,260 mi- exchanged brake fluid, rotated tires
67,565 mi- replaced control arm bushings and thrust bushings
67,900 mi- oil and filter service, topped off transmission and differential
69,180 mi- transmission serviced
69,435 mi- oil and filter service, replaced fuel injector lines
71,709 mi- replaced coolant, set valves, tightened cam belt, checked differential, misc greasing
72,917 mi- oil and filter service, replaced oil filter washers and o-ring
74,674 mi- oil and filter service
75,100 mi- replaced front brake pads and rotors
75,200 mi- replaced rear brake pads and rotors, replaced battery
76,646 mi- oil and filter service, replaced fuel filter, replaced air filter
79,696 mi- oil service
82,450 mi- oil and filter service
84,395 mi- oil and filter service
87,277 mi- oil and filter service, replaced all washers and o-ring, lubricated door latches
87,540 mi- exterior wax job
88,585 mi- reset service indicator
89,205 mi- oil and filter service
92,165 mi- exchanged brake fluid, drained and refilled differential, greased latches, replaced coolant, set valves
92,711 mi- oil and filter service
95,706 mi- oil and filter service
96,075 mi- transmission serviced
98,900 mi- oil and filter service
100,000 mi- mileage celebrated at rest area near Corvallis
102,420 mi- oil and filter service, fuel and air filters replaced, refreshed power steering fluid
105,000 mi- oil and filter service
105,782 mi- tires replaced
107,727 mi- oil and filter service
108,491 mi- vehicle cleaned and waxed
108,540 mi- replaced rear muffler
109,389 mi- replaced rear tires
110,241 mi- oil and filter service
113,677 mi- oil and filter service
114,330 mi- cleaned battery tray and replaced fuel filter, replaced heater valve parts
117,000 mi- oil service
119,269 mi- oil and filter service, replaced coolant
120,420 mi- installed new timing belt, tension roller and bushing. Set valves, replaced valve cover gasket. Replaced A/C, alternator and power steering belts
122,550 mi- oil and filter service
122,845 mi- replaced headlight
122,845 mi- replaced battery
124,762 mi- oil service, cleaned heat sensor under dash
124,881 mi- transmission service
127,600 mi- oil and filter service
131,234 mi- oil service, replaced brake fluid, drained and refilled differential
133,863 mi- oil and filter service
136,150 mi- oil service, replaced right rear brake sensor
137,000 mi- cleaned and waxed exterior
138,975 mi- oil and filter service
142,324 mi- retentioned cam drive (timing) belt, replaced all three V-belts, oil service
144,203 mi- transmission serviced and added Lube Gard, replaced fuel filter
145,035 mi- replaced fuel injector lines, checked valve clearances
146,219 mi- oil and filter service
146,930 mi- replaced battery
147,544 mi- replaced battery again (faulty)
148,721 mi- wheel alignment and balance
149,214 mi- changed left output seal on differential, oil service, changed fuel injector lines
149,214 mi- replaced gear position indicator, replaced thermostat and coolant, replaced air filter
149,522 mi- oil and filter service, oil sending unit loose connection repaired
150,000 mi- mileage celebrated on Route 184 returning from convention
152,172 mi- oil service
153,345 mi- replaced all heater and radiator hoses
156,718 mi- oil and filter service
161,600 mi- glow plugs replaced
161,650 mi- oil and filter service
162,355 mi- replaced tires
164,423 mi- oil service
166,000 mi- cleaned and waxed exterior, replaced fuel filter
167,972 mi- oil and filter service, top off coolant
170,000 mi- replaced center track rod and left control arm assembly
171,058 mi- oil service
171,126 mi- set valves
171,140 mi- serviced transmission
172,161 mi- wheel alignment
174,175 mi- oil and filter service
177,670 mi- replaced glow plugs, replaced trunk badge
179,840 mi- removed and overhauled turbocharger
179,555 mi- replaced timing belt, replaced 3 large cooling hoses, replaced 3 drive belts and misc gaskets, checked valve lash, replaced coolant
180,016 mi- oil service, replaced hood struts
181,011 mi- replaced 2 headlamps and 2 marker lights plus right front turn indicator lamp
181,195 mi- replaced alternator brushes, replaced coolant level sensor
181,344 mi- replaced brake fluid
185,000 mi- oil and filter service
188,944 mi- replaced radiator and coolant, replaced glow plugs, oil and filter service
188,946 mi- replace tires
188,948 mi- replaced glow plug controller, replaced fuel filter
189,166 mi- head bolts torqued
190,000 mi- cylinder head gasket replaced at LaGrande Auto Repair
190,444 mi- differential oil replaced, air filter replaced, transmission fluid replaced
190,931 mi- battery replaced, refilled and checked
190,941 mi- A/C system checked and refilled, alternator rebuilt
195,000 mi- oil and filter service
202,800 mi- starter replaced
202,995 mi- diesel injection pump removed and rebuilt by Ohio Diesel Injection; all gaskets and seals replaced
203,000 mi- battery replaced

The above service history was kept in a log. I have various receipts and papers that go along with this written history.

This is a nearly 30-year-old car and as such it is not brand new. Please expect normal issues of wear and tear consistent with the age and mileage. However this car is FAR above average condition. As I mentioned earlier, I believe this is the best-condition, best-documented example for sale in the country. Here is a full list of every known problem or issue with the car: the cruise control works, but seems to drop speed slowly. There is a crack in the black rubber bumper surround at the left front corner. There are a couple minor dings and small exterior flaws. The coolant temp gauge doesn’t appear to be working. The power door lock mechanism on the right rear door will lock but doesn’t seem to automatically unlock the door.


Just the amount of times you’d have to get in and out of the car to cover 203k miles should cause more wear and tear than this car has. The seller does a great job giving a complete history and extolling the virtues of the car – the “best-handling diesel” section nearly erases the 300TD from my “someday” list (though not entirely). Someone wants this car badly, as there are a ton of bids on it, but the engine is keeping it at the low end of the E28 price range. For less than $5k, this is going to make a gorgeous daily driver.


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  1. Ry
    Ry October 31, 2014

    Seller deserves kudos for exhaustive history mentioned in ad. And nothing beats a no-reserve no minimum auction.

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