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1989 Volkswagen Golf GL

Boy, this is a trip down memory lane for me. My second car was very similar to this 1989 Volkswagen Golf in many ways; mine was also a base model with air conditioning, cloth interior with manual windows and Titian red. There were some important differences; I had a 1986 Westmoreland Golf which had CIS injection rather than the later Digifant electronic injection this car has, mine was a 4-door instead of two and when I bought it, it had somewhere around 190,000 miles on the clock. On paper, this is pretty much the car I would have liked to have; a lower mile, clean example of a basic transportation with flare – the Volkswagen Golf is a great hatchback that looked and functioned miles better than most of the competition at the time.

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1989 Volkswagen Golf GL on eBay

Year: 1989
Model: Golf GL
Engine: 1.8 liter inline-4
Transmission: 3-speed automatic
Mileage: 65,321 mi
Price: $4,900 Buy It Now

1989 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF GL … 65,321 Original Miles

Engine : 4 Cyl, 1.8L
Transmission : Auto
Exterior : Red
Interior : Gray
Body Style : 2 Door Hatchback
Vin : 1VWBA9176KV004014

This Golf has Automatic Transmission, Power Brakes, Tape / AM / FM, Cruise Control and Air Conditioning. Fully Serviced by our mechanics.

Engine is in Good Shape, does not smoke, does not leak, nice and quiet.
Transmission feels Perfect, shifts without any problems, without delay, and without noise.
Suspension is in Excellent shape, Car tracks nice and straight.
There is No Evidence of any Electrical problems.

The exterior is in Excellent shape for a 1989. ( !!! Check out the pictures !!! ). The paint looks original with absolutely no rust anywhere on the car.
Seats, Carpet Floor and Glass are all in Great shape ( !!! Check out the pictures !!! )
Interior of this car is Nice and Clean ( !!! Check out the pictures !!! ).
This VW has 4 matching Tires (90% tread), that are mounted on Good straight rims.

It will be sold with a clear title and it will be sold as-is, where-is.

For a complete CARFAX REPORT click the link bellow
—Carfax— 1VWBA9176KV004014/1989-VW-GOLF- 1VWBA9176KV004014.pdf

We have taken many pictures of this vehicle, and we know that it can be a pain to click each one of them separately,
so we have created a web page that contains a slide show. You are welcome to click the link bellow to be taken to the slide show
page or You are welcome to scroll down this page to view each picture separately
—Slideshow— 1VWBA9176KV004014/slideshow.html

This seller has come up with some lower mile Volkswagens in the past few months; I always wonder where they’re coming from. Certainly, the Mk.2’s odometer is pretty easy to tamper with and like most VAG odometers of the time is known to break. But the condition of this car hints that’s not the case – telltales like the lip under the light (mine was stone blasted to death) and the trim pieces on the car seem to indicate this car was well cared for. Inside looks good; the car sports an aftermarket radio which isn’t surprising as most of the standard Golf radios weren’t great. I personally installed a later Corrado radio with cassette in mine (and OEM cassette holder in the center console! Remember them?) which looked much cleaner and closer to factory. Under the hood, another telltale, also shows the lower miles and good condition of this car. It’s truly impressive. I see only three downsides; the driver’s door appears to be tweaked and is pulled out at the bottom, and the car is the sluggish and dull-witted 3-speed automatic. My car was a 5-speed which at least kept the fun quotient higher, and Digifant injection doesn’t have much flexibility for aftermarket tuning. What’s the third? The price. I respect that you couldn’t reproduce this package from a lesser Golf for less than $5,000, but that doesn’t make me want this car. I think if it was a thousand dollars less it would be a bit more compelling – but at the current price, I’d rather get a 16V GTi with twice the mileage and have much more fun. As a survivor, this car is neat to see and an oddity but has a very limited market – perhaps it’s best suited as a clean swap chassis, unfortunately. There’s a part of me that will be sad when we no longer see cars like this around but that part of me doesn’t have access to my bank account.



  1. Ry
    Ry November 1, 2014

    “As a survivor, this car is neat to see and an oddity but has a very limited market”

    Isn’t that true with so many of these? Granted, this one might just barely tip the scales to “cool,” but the demographic of prospective buyers of non-performance model, automatic transmission vehicles is very, very narrow.

    PS – is the auction writer a native Spanish speaker? ¡¿Who puts exclamation points before and after a sentence?!

  2. Ry
    Ry November 1, 2014

    Whoa! Scroll down all the way through that seller’s fine print to 10a “liquidated damages.” That *has* to be against eBay policies, and totally unenforceable, and just sort of a dick move as well. It’s busibess, deal with it. Threats don’t help businesses get customers.

    I’d like to charge them $5k per listing that utilizes the “Vaseline lens” filter effect for no good reason. It’s in my fine print as an eBay prospective bidder and they’re contractually obligated to it by listing on eBay. Pfft…

    I will never look at one of this guy’s ads again on principle. Well that, the Vaseline lens effect, and he often says “service performed” and doesn’t say what it was…not helpful.

  3. Roverclassic
    Roverclassic December 30, 2014

    10A is in my listing to make sure there are no Bidders that bid just for fun with out intention to complete the sale. Its there and it works, BTW is is 100 % enforceable, but i will not start a flame war here on this site, if interested email me and i will explain ( my Email is on my site ) .
    Do I really have to explain what Service performed ? Basic Maintenance , means Oil change, Oil / Air filter change. ( I did not know I have to explain basic car stuff to customers.

    “Vaseline lens” filter effect ??? Are you talking about the first picture in the listing? I assure you that is the only touched up picture in all of my listings,

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