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1986 Audi Coupe GT

Within the world of older Audis, it’s often a case of pick your poison. Do you want low miles? Do you want good exterior condition? Do you want good mechanical condition? Do you want a manual? Do you want a desirable model?

Running down the checklist when considering the pool of available candidates, infrequently are you allowed to shout out “BINGO”!

I’m not sure today is that day, either. Here’s a 1986 Audi Coupe GT, and yeah, I really do try to look at every single one I can find. But in particular I wanted to look at this car because it’s very similar to how my own GT was delivered from the factory; Oceanic Blue Metallic, a quite rare color to find on any Audi from the 80s. How rare? Well last year I wrote Audi to ask them. And they claim that in 1986 114 Oceanic Blue Metallic with Gray Velour Coupe GTs were produced. That number seems low, but to me it also seems a bit suspect. Audi also claims they sold 2,846 Coupe GTs here in 1986. If those numbers are both to be believed, it’d mean that every 25th Coupe GT we’d come across would be Oceanic Blue Metallic. Maybe that number does make sense, but it seems to be unlikely; spotting an OBM Coupe GT in the wild seems to be a lot more unlikely than that number would suggest. Regardless, we don’t see it often, so it’s worth taking a look:

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Year: 1986
Model: Coupe GT
VIN: WAUBD0855GA065912
Engine: 2.2 liter inline-5
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 101,000 mi
Location: Camp Hill, Pennsylvania
Price: No Reserve Auction

1986 Audi Coupe GT
This is a second owner vehicle purchased in 1996 it has been maintained properly though the years. Recent service
performed as follows brake flush, coolant flush, power steering flush, new spark plugs and engine oil flush with new filter.
Mechanically the drive line is solid no mechanical issues. This is a full matching numbers vehicle no engine swap or transmission.
The Audi runs and drives fantastic no issues. Start it and go! This Has the original paint as you can see from the pics the top half of the vehicle’s clearcoat has peeled away, I was planning to have it repainted and keep but decided to the fact I would not be driving this car like I had in the past it didn’t make sense to hold on to it any longer. A respray would make it look new, look at the last picture to see what it look like before the clearcoat started to go that picture was taken in 2016 when I was still diving it regularly, from 2016 t0 2020 I drove it very little. There is no rust on the car’s undercarriage or body the panels are straight and free of damage
This car is factory equipped with a/c and power windows both work a/c needs charged it turns on but the compressor will kick out and then come back on which indicates low refrigerant. The interior is very good condition seats and carpet, comes with original cassette player and cd player which is currently installed. Factory alloys in fine condition they were stored in the boxes that the current alloys which are on the car came in. I had purchased a Benz for my wife to drive but it turns out she really wanted an SUV so that car I ended up with driving and not so much the Audi anymore.
Audi is a great drivers car a lot of fun with great fuel mileage to boot so its time to part ways and let someone else have a great fun time with the
Audi Gt Coupe
Also forgot to mention that there are no lights lit up on dash like check engine etc in other words no Christmas tree lights
If you go to you tube and type: { 1986 Audi Gt Coupe Engine Rev } you’ll see and hear the Engine rev up
Thanks For Looking !

So what do we have? Not a ton to go in. The seller claims the car has original paint, and that’s to be believed by the clearcoat failure. Outside of that, what is shown appears to be in good original condition; the lenses, rubber, and interior all look to be pretty clean. It’s even reasonably clean under the hood, and while the air conditioning isn’t claimed to function there’s an R134a conversion sticker. The wheels that are on it are pretty horrible and the tires are cracked beyond safe use, but the original R8s are said to come with the car as well. It does appear that someone who cared about the car owned it, and that’s more than can be said of a fair chunk of these cars. It’s interesting to me that this car is very similar to mine, but mine was delivered with the digital dashboard and the serial number is quite a bit higher but it was built in February 1986, which would to me mean that this ’86 was likely a late ’85 build. Right now, the opening bid is $5k…towards the mid-range of the GT market, but then this car appears to be just that. It’s not the best, but it’s far from the worst. If you like the color and don’t mind doing a bit of light restoration work, this could be a really nice example for less than $10k. A decade ago that number would sound crazy for an old Audi, but the market…and time…has marched on.