1986 Mercedes 190E 16v with 2.6 & Evo II Kit

It will be interesting to see what this car will bring. You have a high mileage 190E 2.3 16v that hasn’t seen a lot of use of late, but does have some where north of 189,000 on the clock. The seller says that is when the odometer stopped working. At around 140k the car received the Bekker Imports stroker kit bumping things out to 2.6 liters. The car also added the Evolution II body kit. The massive rear wing has been removed due to owner taste, but he says it is available.
The seller is asking $5,000, which is a fraction of what this would bring if it was a genuine Evo car.
The car needs some work, seller says the paint needs a refresh, that the engine has some “hesitation”, and that the suspension could use some work.
Like I said I’ll be curious to see if anyone bites on this. With the stroker kit, the body kit, and the 19″ AMG wheels with only 4k on the tires, the MSRP on the mods alone would send you well over $5k.



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  1. The 5K is an lovely illusion and sucker bait for those of us that love these. This is a 15k to 20k car you’ll just pay the extra 15k out over the next year or so rather than up front. Nothing is cheap on these older MBZ’s but at least if you buy it and do/have the work done yourself you’ll know its been done right.

  2. I think the rims are Brabus, and a little too big in my opinion.

  3. I am with chanifin, thats a 15k car wrapped in a 5k package. The TMU alone is enough to make me look elsewhere or take my 5k and put it on red.

  4. Someone used the Buy-It-Now on this car and purchased it for $7,000. If that ends up being a legit sale, that seller got more than full value on the purchase price.

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