1993 Porsche 968 Cabriolet

With everyone pouring over ridiculous Cayennes and Panameras these days (yeah, I just went there), we all forget about the simpler times at Porsche. This was a lineup filled with 911s and magnificently balanced front engined GTs. Here’s a really clean, two owner 968 cabriolet. And thankfully, it has three pedals.

The seller states:

Very nice 2 owner car. Only 60K miles, 6 speed, new clutch, Service are up to date, power top in excellent condition, Silver blue with gray leather and blue top.CD , Cold AC, climate control, Runs and drives excellent. Clean title, no dings and dents, carfax certified. Non smoker. Good tires. Good brakes.

I could think of a lot worse ways to spend $14,900. This car got me thinking that I could have had a Porsche for the price of my Cooper S. Granted, my Cooper S is newer and has less miles. Nevertheless, with 60,000 miles and a robust 3.0 liter four, this Porsche would be a solid investment and a lot of fun for someone in a more temperate climate. They are one of those early to mid 90s German classics that are becoming a rare sight on the roads today.


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  1. Solid Investment? Not a chance. Thats a pretty decent price for what you’re getting. The coupe are worth more but that 3.0 4cyl is a heck of a motor and that last iteration on the 924/44/68 theme was a great car. They priced themselves out of the market by the time they got to the 968 so they didnt sell a whole lot of them here in the US.

    If you are looking at it as an “investment” which will appreciate in value then you are mistaken.

  2. Love the 968 but never was a fan of how it looked as a ‘vert. Would much rather put the $15K towards a 944 Turbo S or a 968 coupe with low miles.

  3. I prefer the coupe too, and I used to dismiss these flop tops as trophy wife fodder. But then consider, if you want an affordable reliable front engine rear drive good handling car (and can’t fit/don’t want a Miata) what exactly are your choices?

  4. How about a Honda S2000 they are screamers and the maintenenace is dirt cheap

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