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1986 Porsche 911 Turbo

911 mania continues, with more highly original examples turning up seemingly every day – balanced by highly modified, purists-be-damned examples like we have here. Today’s Porsche started life as a ’86 930 Turbo coupe that was heavily modified by Rob Ida Concepts. It’s got RSR-style modifications and is finished in 356-spec Aquamarine, and a host of suspension, wheel, and engine mods back up the racey look. Is this your ideal resto-mod 911?

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Year: 1986
Model: 911 Turbo
VIN: WP0JB0930GS050133
Engine: 3.3 liter flat-six
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 120,800 mi
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
Price: $195,000 Buy It Now

Vehicle Overview

**Additional photos and video on our website**

Hubbard Auto Center is proud to offer this stunning 1986 Porsche 930 Turbo built by Rob Ida Concepts. Due to the immense support and interest in Rob Idas custom built 930 Turbo at SEMA 2016, a second build was commissioned for a private customer, this time in Aqua Marine Blue. The car has accrued and estimated 500 miles since the build was completed. It is estimated that just south of $300k would be needed to replicate this build.

Rob and his team were careful not to change the overall design and profile of the car. Instead, they enhanced it in every way possible (very Signer’ish at a fraction of the price). Starting with the body work, they ditched the accordion style bumpers with custom-molded fiberglass pieces to cultivate a clean, yet purposed look. Along with the bumper modifications, the car sports a custom GT3 style exhaust. The wider Fuchs style wheels are fitted with Pirelli P7 street slicks.

The 3.3L turbocharged engine has been fitted with a 965 (964 Turbo) Intercooler as well as a larger K27 turbocharger. A standalone ignition system with a piggyback system that powers an additional set of fuel injectors aids the 3.3L engine to produce a healthy 500hp.

The RS style interior stresses race-inspired performance for the street, with custom-made, fiberglass-shelled bucket seats with basket-weave leather and suede inserts, along with a 917-Style shift knob and Renown steering wheel.

A full modifications list lies below:

Full front clear bra protection

Custom Fiberglass Bumpers

Euro-style Yellow Headlights and Fog Lights

Custom GT3 Style Exhaust

965 Intercooler

BorgWarner K27 Turbocharger

Standalone Ignition System

16×11 and 15×8 Braid BZ Fuchs Replica Wheels

Pirelli P7 DOT Street Slicks

Motion Control Coilovers with full dampener setup

Dropped Splindels

New Development Fabrication Roll Bar

Custom GTS Seats with cross-woven leather and suede inserts

RCI Harnesses

Renown USA 100 Dark Competition Steering Wheel

Custom Porsche 356-Style Side View Mirror (Mounted on fuel door)

917 Shift Knob

And so muc more, call today for additioanl details

Many more high-quality photos and video on our website

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There are aspects of this car that I really like – and a bunch I don’t. The RSR-style bumpers and retro details look really cool, but then the smoothed valances seem a bit odd. Weirder is the inclusion of the tea-tray spoiler instead of a more traditional whale tail, but that’s the price you pay to have the upgraded engine and intercooler from a 964. The color offset with the Braid wheels is awesome! But then the tires end up looking goofy; the fronts are a bit too small, and the rears are a bit too big. Inside? Much the same. The seats look pretty cool, as does the 917-style shift knob. But the steering wheel looks very out of place to me. Perhaps I’m picking nits, but my perfect 911 this is not – and since the asking price is nearly $200,000, I’d want everything to be just so. Is that the price this car should sell for? The market already seems to have said no – the no reserve auction in 2019 had this car trade hands for $153,000 before fees. That’s a substantial jump in asking price to move to nearly 200k, and I imagine that this one will be sitting for a while or just drift between dealers. After all, $40,000 less gets you a really nice 964 Turbo or a more collectable ’89 911 Turbo Cabriolet. This one is neat, but not that neat.



  1. Howard S
    Howard S February 27, 2021

    It’s awful. For all the reasons noted. Also, with that rake it can’t handle well. $200k only if there is a gold bar under the bonnet.

  2. Jim Fuerstenberg
    Jim Fuerstenberg February 27, 2021

    It looks like a lot more track rat than a Singer style build…a nice resto mod nowadays needs a real custom interior and other custom exterior touches. Per Howard S, the rake just looks wrong and will not help it handle better. The previous sale at around 150K was all the money. There are better restomods pretty regularly on BaT.

  3. Ricky Weston
    Ricky Weston February 27, 2021

    Agreed completely. The tires and wheels look like they should be on a dragster, the spoiler is wrong, and the all yellow lights look silly. Either the headlights or foglights can be yellow, but not all of them like this. I do like that exterior color–it’s unique and does look nice. Another thing, they did all this work and yet left the sunroof in the car? Come on. That is so much weight they should have (easily!) gotten rid of. Sema builds are not something to aspire to. Normally, they are held together with hot glue and some prayers.

  4. Howard S
    Howard S February 27, 2021

    Great point. At the #150k level if you want a big hp na resto mod 911 there are always plenty on the market which are better engineered and styled than this one.

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