1986 Ruf BTR II

In the world of Porsche tuners, Ruf may be the name that is most hallowed. The company made its name long ago by taking cars with already excellent performance and turning everything up, in some cases way up. While they have begun to branch out their early work began with the 911 and here we have the model that began the madness: the Ruf BTR. Using Porsche’s already prodigiously powered 930, Ruf bored the engine to raise displacement to 3.4 liters and then raised the turbo pressure to increase output to 374 hp. But these were never intended to be cars simply producing more power. The braking and suspension setups were improved, aerodynamic aids fitted, and the interior outfitted to meet a customer’s specifications. All together you had a car instantly recognizable as a 911, but with enough visual cues to make clear it was not any old model. These were special. The example here is a 1986 Ruf BTR II, located in Ohio, with 67,200 miles on it.



Year: 1986
Model: BTR II
Engine: 3.6 liter flat-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 67,200 mi
Price: Auction

1986 RUF BTR II – Original RUF VIN W09 Car – RUF COA attached

This is a numbers matching RUF BTR II. It is 1 of 29 RUF BTR IIs and 1 of 200 RUF BTRs ever produced by the RUF factory.

Car has the factory RUF 5 speed and a number of RUF upgrades as stated in the COA. Car is in excellent mechanical condition.

Note the I had to list the car as a 1980 in order to avoid the EBAY VIN check. EBAY does not have these RUF factory car VINs online.

Some important RUF numbers:

VIN: W09TRCAFT34R06020

Engine Code: BTR 34 013

Gearbox Code: RUF 930 5 2 039

Car was originally purchased and owned by Clayton Dopke. Clay was a RUF dealer located in Ohio in the 80s and 90s. Clay performed a number of upgrades for the original owner of the car. Specifically Clay upgraded the engine to a 3.6 liter and installed a Dual Plug Electromotive crank fire ignition. Other than those upgrades performed by Clay the car is all original. Nothing but the best equipment was installed.

I am the second owner of this car and have owned it since 1996. I have painstakingly gone through the car replacing every shock, bushing and bearing as well as having the engine and gearbox refurbished and refreshed to better than new specifications.

Also note that this is the same car that was listed and sold in December 2014 at $80,600. Person that won bid in December was not able to come up with funds to purchase the car thus I am relisting. Please be serious if you want to bid on the car. Please also feel free to call me at (330) 703-7662Call: (330) 703-7662 if you have questions about the car before you bid. I will be glad to share all details of the car with you and put you in a position of knowing exactly what you are bidding on.

Thank You!!


A no-reserve auction for a Ruf BTR is kind of insane to come across. Especially since this one seems somewhat inexpensive, and that’s setting aside the peculiarity of the seller relisting this car with a starting bid of $85K after noting that it just sold for $80,600 in December (the winning bidder did not pay). Why the apparent low cost? The engine. As noted above, the Ruf BTR came from the factory with a 3.4 liter turbocharged engine, yet this car has a 3.6. Is this the same turbocharged 3.6 Ruf used in the 993-based BTR2 or is it something else entirely? We don’t know. So while this does, indeed, appear to be a genuine Ruf build, that originality takes a significant hit without the original engine. Still, we are left with a fantastic performing machine from a premiere Porsche tuner and for a buyer who may not care about the collector status of the car this could make for an excellent value relative to any other 930. There’s some legwork to be done to insure the soundness of this car’s mechanicals, but if it checks out then this is a screamer.


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  1. What a beast. 930/964 is called a last “real man car” when it comes to tricky handling under power and this car is probably good example of it. Give me this over 500+ new 911 and I’ll be in Heaven.

  2. The original engine was not “bored out” they swapped the P&C’s for the 3.4’s. RUF also swapped the turbo unit itself and added a larger intercooler. The other huge mod that RUF did was the 5 speed gearbox, which I believe is their own design. This car would have come from the Porsche factory with a 4 speed. Typically RUF also built in a full cage and hid it under some very nice interior work, this car apparently didn’t have that feature. RUF would also have installed the “dial of death” meaning the cockpit adjustable boost knob. The downside of that being, if not used properly you could literally blow the rings off the pistons.

    The car shown would easily be worth more in two ways: First, if it was bone stock from the Porsche factory. Second if it was exactly as it left RUF. I am not saying that the bump to 3.6 and the twin plugging is a bad thing. A lot has to do with how it was done. I highly doubt they used a 993 based motor. My guess is they again swapped the P&C’s to 3.6’s. The value of this car really is in the details on how that motor was built. I would be suspect of the bottom end of the motor which started life as a 3.3, then went to 3.4 and then to 3.6 all along having more and more boost.

    The premium for being a RUF VIN number car is mostly gone. The 5 speed tranny is still there but the other stuff that RUF did were pretty much just bolt on stuff now that the motor is not really the RUF motor. Front bumper cover, bolt on, I am surprised it does not have the RUF rear. Shocks, seats, wheels etc etc are just bolt ons. This car is also missing the RUF mirrors. The RUF speedline wheels are nice but they’re also very heavy by todays standards. I would need someone who really knows turbo Porsches to look long and hard at the motor before I plunked down my $85k plus for this car. In the end it may be a steal at that price but it could also be needing a $20k plus total rebuild.

    What a shame it’s not either totally stock or totally the car RUF built.

  3. Buyer beware, there is a reason why the 80K bid went stale. Google the model # and you will find the exact some of the same pictures (including background homes), on at least 3 different websites. Bring your Trailer , AutoTrader Canada. This car is so fast it can be in Breksville Ohio listed for $96K in Dec and, Lasalle Quebec Canada, for much less.
    You are all right, these appear to be bolt on Ruf parts as real Rufs have shaved rain gutters, insignia, different body parts etc.
    Just dont send any ,money until you are right infront of it, and check all paperwork.

  4. Ok, just add more to this car, i believe it actually can teletransport itself. Check out http://cars.trovit.com/used-cars/porsche-ruf
    it is now in Snowhmish Washington, St Petersberg Min, Findlay Ohio. You have a choice between 5 different prices for the same car, lol. $29K, $38K, $44k, $52K $46K. or of course here for $98K, I would personally choose the $29K, lol. The one think I will say, they sometimes advertise it with the same pictures and descriptions as a 1980 930, which would seem closer to the pictures.

    Well regardless who buys it, you will probally 20 other people with the same bill of sale, ser#, you will just have to jump around the listed cities to find out where it actually is and wrestle with the rest of the owners. If the legit owner sees this and does not honestly know about the rest of the posts….I would be looking over your shoulders.

  5. This car just popped up in Regina Saskatchewan for $31,900 shipping included anywhere in Canada. The owner claims he is now in Germany and the shipping company has power of attorney to sell the car on his behalf. A new variation on the Nigerian scam if you ask me. Beware of this listing.

  6. Hey Mark,

    Yes, we’ve seen a bunch of these Porsche listings pop up at ridiculous prices on Craigslist. It certainly does seem to be a scam! Thanks for the comment!

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