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1985 Volkswagen Passat Diesel Variant

I make no pretensions that my 2002 Volkswagen Passat is the most special car that has ever been made; heck, it’s not even particularly special amongst Volkswagens. But to me, it’s a very nice car, very fun to drive, it looks great and it’s very capable. It gets good gas mileage and can carry a huge load of cargo and it’s a rare color combination. I try very hard to keep it in good shape; to me, it’s hard to believe that it’s already 13 years old but time seems to click quickly. My hope is that someday my rather run-of-the-mill Passat will be like this car is; a throwback, a car rarely seen, and one that makes even the modest spec seem quite special indeed:

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Year: 1985
Model: Passat Diesel Variant
Engine: 1.6 liter inline-4
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 36,639 mi
Price: No Reserve Auction

Here’s a car you don’t ever see! To have an ’85 Passat Wagon you would have had to import it as they were not for sale here in the US, thus making it very rare. And the condition of this wagon and the low mileage makes it extremely rare. Feel good driving with bio-diesel (or regular diesel) and feel even better getting 40+ miles a gallon.

We bought Olive in August of 2012 as the property management’s “grocery-getter” so we could rid ourselves of the gas guzzling Jeep Wagoneer that everyone hated. We put on about 300-400 miles a month doing apartment showings or minor repairs, all on Portland’s peninsula and within a few miles of our office. It has been a wonderful car and actually exceeded our expectations, starting even in the dead of winter. We made the sad decision to retire the VW in November before she had to endure another December to March extravaganza. It is just to impractical taking potential tenants to see units, trying to talk on the phone and write notes, all while constantly shifting gears and trying to navigate through Portland’s busy and hilly in-town locale. So we bought an automatic Honda CVCC 4 wheel drive wagon which is pretty cool too. (with power steering!)

Saying good bye to Olive 🙁 She has a new coat of paint because someone backed into the rear drivers side door and they just could not get an exact paint match so woo-hoo! a free full paint job. A year ago we did the brakes all around and replaced the rear brake cylinders. The battery was purchased just before last winter. She has a newer exhaust (custom because we could not actually find one), the tires are nearly new, and the glow plugs and injector pump ARE new. She starts and runs like a champ!
THE REST OF THE STORY: Everything electrical works, there are no cracks on the dash, the drivers seat is wearing out rather bad and there are a few other worn areas in the rear seat from people sliding in and out. (not anywhere near as bad as the drivers seat) The headliner in the wagon part is sagging. We have the interior trim piece that covers the shock tower in the rear. I took it off so you could see how clean and rust free it is. We have the original rear carpet which we removed so it would not get any apartment “stuff” on it and be ruined. THERE IS STILL WOLFSBERG GERMANY AIR IN THE SPARE! The odometer stopped working at 41,160 kilometers. I have Maine registration documented mileage from 10/1/11 showing 38,411 kilometers or 23,853 miles. We bought on 8/24/12 with 40,479 kilometers or 25,137 miles. We have estimated (generously I might add) that we drove 10,800 miles after it stopped working, thus arriving at the current mileage of 36,639. The speedometer still works. As you can see in the pictures, the door corners have a little rust starting to appear, door bottoms are still perfect. And finally, I did not detail the engine compartment so you can see just how clean it actually is. Plus I need to get home and watch the Patriots.
**The correct year is 1985. Apparently Ebay is not equipped to handle foreign vin numbers so I had to say it was 1980 or older to get it to list? The vin number is WVWZZ33ZGEO37982.
Think that’s everything. Great car for your son or daughter. It doesn’t go very fast, it’s great on gas, decent radio and strong seatbelts!

You’d be correct if you’re think this should be called a Quantum, but in the rest of the world this car was the Passat. Condition on this European example is excellent overall and helped by a more recent repaint. The diesel isn’t the quickest motor of choice in the larger Passat, but it’ll run forever and gets great gas mileage. Looking through the car you can see this was indeed a lower-spec car; but that’s part of the appeal in that it survives today in great shape. It’s no surprise, then, that this example has already gotten strong bidding; as of writing, in excess of $4,000. Truth told, I’d rather have yesterday’s Audi Coupe GT at the same price as this car is likely to head, but for a Volkswagen fan it’s a special treat to see such a nice older Passat, and one that will hopefully find a good and loving home for the quirky mid-sized 1980s wagon.