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1988 BMW 325ix

Winter is upon us here in the Northeast, with some of us already experiencing the first snowfall. Audis are always a great choice for those of us who want performance and all-wheel drive capability. But in the late 1980s and early 1990s, there was a dark horse for those wanting power but the assurance of it going to all four wheels. The 325ix was the first foray for BMW into all-wheel drive, with a viscous coupling splitting power front to rear with a limited slip differential in the rear axle. Available in the US beginning 1988 as a two-door model, the four-door arrived a year later and were sold alongside other E30s until 1991. This two owner ’88 325ix with a full service history is on offer from Guten Parts + Service in New Jersey.


Year: 1988
Model: 325ix
Engine: 2.5 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 73,000 mi
Price: $14,949

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1988 BMW 325ix for sale at Guten Parts + Service

For sale: enthusiast owned, mint condition 1988 325ix, 2.5L straight 6, manual 5-speed transmission, and ABS on 4-wheel disc brakes. This car is 4WD and the 4WD works perfectly. The 1988 model comes fully loaded with all of the “is” equipment: 13 button OBC, full check panel, automatic windows, automatic sunroof, central locking system, rear deck spoiler, premium sound system, sport seats, and front “is” lip. One owner from 1988-2011; I am the second owner. The car has always been garaged and has been washed and waxed regularly throughout the year (minimum of 1x per month – even in winter months). Completely rust free and in excellent condition. All mechanical items work perfectly. I have a binder full of receipts, including the original purchase receipt and window sticker for all work performed since 1988! The car was professionally maintained by the original dealer and local mechanics in PA from 1988-2011. Since 2011, the car has been meticulously and exclusively maintained by Guten Parts + Service in South Orange, NJ ( Upgrades to stock items include: H&R sport springs, Bilstein HD shocks, K&N air filter, Rogue stainless steel brake and clutch lines, Rogue rear shock mounts, Stromung stainless steel exhaust, z3 short shift kit, new OE floor mats, BMW pedals, new tires @ 62,695 miles, ZHP weighted shift knob, GE key-less entry, Mark D 91 octane chip, euro grills, and many more (all receipts and documentation available for review). Any questions just ask. All installed parts are either OE or OEM, and all work was performed by trained professionals at GPS. No tinkering, no self-installed goodies, no weekend-warrior mechanic work, and no slip-ups. This car is in incredible condition. Why sell? I just purchased another e30 and don’t have the time bandwidth or space available to care for both e30s with the level of care I’ve put into this ix. I’m looking for a good home for this car, so please, serious buyers only. More pictures can be found here:


Having owned an ’88 325is myself, the ix model was always an intriguing proposition. I’ve never owned an all-wheel drive car, but have given serious consideration towards a C4 Audi S4/S6 of late. Those who I have spoken to have praised the ix for its supreme capability in foul weather conditions. Maintenance costs on these ix models can be a little higher, as there are some specific bits related to the drivetrain that can be a little harder to source. But for me, it would be a small price to pay for a bit of individuality. Looking at the one photo in this post of this ix sitting amongst a bunch of modern SUVs really highlights how bleak the automotive landscape is these days for those wanting something distinctive.



  1. audemars
    audemars November 25, 2013

    That one photo is a great reminder on how 90% of today’s cars have become appliances.

  2. John
    John November 26, 2013

    I’ve seen this car in person, and it is by far the best IX in the northeast, and likely all of the US. Tasteful mods, extremely clean, low mileage and meticulously maintained. I would not hesitate to pull the trigger on this if I were in the market for one.

    Sure, you can buy one that is less expensive, but you will likely spend the difference fixing the transfer case, rebuilding the suspension and tinkering with all of the other little details that will need attention.

  3. Paul
    Paul November 26, 2013

    John, thanks for the comments. We certainly appreciate it when people with first hand knowledge of what we feature chime in. Guten Parts certainly has a minter on their hands with this one.

  4. John
    John December 9, 2013

    Paul, it is the least I can do. I LOVE this site as it is much easier than blindly searching craigslist for neat BMW’s I tend to lust after.

    Check out the IX on ebay right now, arguably just as nice as this one with a similar price point

  5. Paul
    Paul December 9, 2013

    Thanks John. We did see the ix you mentioned and are considering it. We do, however, have another very low mileage ix on tap for tomorrow, so stay tuned…

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