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1988 BMW M5

Here’s a fun market check as the E28 M5’s ascent follows the E30 M3 north. There isn’t a ton of history listed on this M5 other than it was owned by a BMW dealer who spared no expense keeping it nice. After just 93k miles, that care shows. Every electrical item is said to work perfectly, while the few aftermarket choices appear well-chosen. The suspension has been redone with Koni, while an interesting brake upgrade helps slow the fastest sedan in the world (in 1988). E34 brakes appear in the back, which is a common choice, but the owner has managed to get Porsche units up front with drilled rotors. There aren’t any big power upgrades, choosing to let the S38 do its best while making it an overall better-handling car. All of this adds up to an E28 M5 that is very nice but not perfect or all-original.

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Year: 1988
Model: M5
Engine: 3.5 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 93,566 mi
Price: No-Reserve Auction

1988 BMW E28 M5
This 1988 BMW e28 M5 is a perfect example of how a low production vehicle from the late 80s should look. The E28 M5 is the BMW Motorsport-developed version of the E28 5 Series. It uses the M88 or S38 twin-cam 24-valve inline-six first introduced in the M1. It also has a BMW Motorsport-tuned chassis and a few special cosmetic pieces. There were only 1340 of these ever produced for the United States. I have within the last month replaced the engine belts, changed the oil and made sure that every switch and light work properly. Everything from the sunroof to the windows to the seat switches work perfectly. I can tell that it has been very well maintained. The previous owner was a BMW dealer and this happened to be one particular car that he was very passionate about and he spared no expense in keeping it serviced and in tip top shape. It has been a West Coast vehicle its whole life in and around the Oregon so it is 100% rust free. The E28 M5 is such a nostalgic car for the 80s and you cant deny the popularity of it over the last few years. It is in excellent condition inside and out. Upgrades include: Koni shocks and springs, Porsche brakes in the front with drilled rotors and E34 brakes in the rear for incredible braking power, Frank Fahey crank hub, stainless steel exhaust, top of the line front end components, VDO gauges, short shift kit, and Sachs clutch. Like new Bridgestone Potenza tires. Crack free dash and low miles at 93,300. The car is what BMW meant when it sought to build the ultimate driving machine. I am happy to provide any serious buyers with the contact information of the mechanic who worked on this car for its entire life. I also have Carfax and some more pictures if you would like to see those as well. I have several local people who can perform PPI this vehicle. This would be the perfect daily driver for someone.

That’s one of the most concise, spot-on E28 M5 auction descriptions I’ve read. No-reserve means the market will make its voice known here, and I can see it reaching towards $30k, which may be a new high for this type of not-all-original, not-name-brand-tuned M5. The seats show some wear, but none of the typical cracking, and the dash and trunk carpet are refreshingly whole as well. If a rust-bucket can command almost $13k, this car is certainly worth twice that. That said, there are cars that are a grade or two nicer than this one, and those are the prices that are getting really scary. If you want a great, driver-quality E28 M5, this might be a good one to snap up.



  1. Howard S
    Howard S March 4, 2016

    I think you’ll be short at $30k. My guess is well into the 40’s. Nice looking car. One of my bucket list cars which is still on the list. Always loved these boxy e28 uber sedans.

  2. Paul B
    Paul B March 5, 2016

    Wow, this is a very nice M5!
    Only thing I see missing are the small plastic caps on the door latches. They usally crack and fall off. They allow the doors to close snugly. I remember buying a handful of them from the shop where I had mine serviced. And, the cargo net is missing. I don’t have the M5 anymore but I still have the cargo net and a bag of the plastic caps! This car looks wonderful and I can see it pushing into the high 40’s.
    Someday I’ll get another one . The best car I have ever driven.

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