1988 BMW M6

Today we have a very clean M6 without too many miles. 136k is midlife for the fantastic S38 powering this sharknosed GT. The interior appears to have been reupholstered in something close to Natur, though the M-stripes are missing from the seats and the classic 3-spoked M steering wheel has been surprisingly switched for a much less desirable later airbag wheel. My biggest gripes are that the ground effects remove some of the litheness that makes the E24 so sexy, and the wheels are incongruously cheap-looking. With some proper upsized OEM+ wheels, the bodykit would probably stick out less and this would be a great-looking M6 with plenty of life left.

Year: 1988
Model: M6
Engine: S38B35 3.5L Inline-6 w/ 256hp
Transmission: 5-speed Manual
Mileage: 136,371
Price: $13,995

1988 BMW M6

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 11.24.24 AM

An amazing powerful machine that will never go out of style and even better yet it is extremely affordable, the 1988 BMW M6 in great physical and mechanical conditions. This vehicle as you could see from the pictures is in great shape. The interior is equipped with tan leather upholstery, power windows, power locks, power side view mirrors, sport bucket seats, 5 speed manual transmission with a Nardi Torino leather wrapped shift knob, air conditioned climate control, front and rear window defroster, in dash vehicle information panel, cruise control, anti-lock brakes, rear climate controls, rear storage compartment, rear bucket seats, SONY detachable head unit, AM/FM/CD player, Sony Xplode 6 disc CD changer, power sunroof, Racing Dynamics upper front stress bar, Racing Dynamic aluminum pedals, drilled rotors, painted calipers, 5 double spoke alloy wheels and so much more. Call today and speak to any of our many sale associates who will gladly assist you in anything you may need to begin feeling your adrenaline rush every time you press on that gas pedal.

I don’t normally include the dealer’s final “call us!” line, but this one is a little more creative than normal, especially when referencing an S38. I like this car, and while I might put an M6 together slightly differently, it does appear to have been loved and cared for. It also inspired a random new project idea: take the rear bucket seats/console from an E24 and install in an E28. Maybe not right for the M5, but it could be awesome in a 535. We’ve seen M6s go for less but considering the market and condition of this car, the $13,995 asking price seems close to reasonable.


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  1. Hi, as the owner of an ’88 635, you have a couple of things written in error. All 1988’s have airbags in the steering wheel – no three spokes were available in the US. The front seats have been recovered and do not match the rear seats. 1988’s had the Highline interior and the seats had the gathered leather look (see rear seats). E24 seats have been a popular upgrade in 2002’s and E9’s but I do not think it would work in an E28. The rear console is quite involved if you want the rear AC and icebox that comes with this car – whole separate AC system from the front. Also these body kits were not that unusual and remind me of the M-Tech pieces on the earlier european model E24’s. OK car but some of the work done is so-so – ie the ill fitting aftermarket radio.

  2. As the owner of an “88 US version M6 I can confirm that all ’88s came with the airbag steering wheel and did not have the M6 badge on the seats (only’88 M5 had that)

  3. Thanks for the input and corrections Ronald and Mikel! I assumed the wheel and seats would be the same as my ’88 M5, but as we know, “when you assume you make an ass out of”… well, just me. Not you.

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