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1989 BMW 320is

Just the other day I watched an auction on a 1983 Audi Quattro. Not considered to be the best of the breed, it was nonetheless an opportunity to buy one of the few that were imported to the U.S., since only a reported 664 were sold here. Many have died, several have been repatriated, and that leaves a precious few left if you enjoy the original box-flared wonder of the Quattro. What was interesting about this car was that it was in pieces; partially disassembled for a restoration, it looked like it was going to be work to put it back together – a lot of work. Despite that, bidding was quite active and I was somewhat surprised to see the final price crest $15,000 – money that would have bought you a really nice and complete 1983 last year. There were some extra parts and some desirable items like 8″ Ronals included with the sale, but for the life of me I couldn’t understand why the bidding went so high when it looked to me like there was another $10,000 worth of work waiting to happen. But cars from the 1980s are on the ups, and that’s especially true of limited models like the Quattro. You can thank, in no small measure, the recent popularity of the E30 M3 for that trend. And if you think the M3 has had a ripple effect on the rest of the 1980s legends, you better believe that it’s had a major effect on E30 sales. And within E30s, outside of M3s arguably the most desirable is the “Italian M3” – built for tax purposes, the special Motorsport GmbH S14B20 engined 320is:

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Year: 1989
Model: 320is
Engine: 2.0 liter inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 57,886 mi
Price: $25,000 Buy It Now

1989 BMW E30 320is M-Technic 2 – “Italian M3”

For sale: Very rare narrow body E30 with factory M3 S14 engine with shortened stroke (S14B20), 2000cc displacement due to high taxes in Italy and Portugal.
Only 2540 ever produced,

ORIGINAL 93160KM OR 57886 MILES if you prefer.

Engine: S14B20 M3 engine with 2000cc/192BHP/210Nm
Transmission: Dogleg Close ratio Getrag with factory 3.46 LSD
Brakes: New ATE Power Discs in front and ATE regular discs rear with new ATE brake pads.
Suspension: Optional Equipment M-Sport suspension fitted from factory
Wheels: OZ Alpina 7×15 ET12

Factory equipment:

– Air Conditioning (needs servicing)
– Power Steering
– M-Technic II exterior
– M_Technic II Interior ( Steering wheel, M-Sport Leather Seats, Gear shift pattern/leather and handbrake leaver leather with ///M striping)
– Italian language Checkboard
– Shadowline trim with foldable rear windows

Optional Equipment:
– Electric Sunroof
– Electric Windows
– M Sport suspension

– New brake system
– New gas tank (maybe the fuel pump also fitted by previous owner)
– Two sets of original keys with aftermarket Alarm
– Spare new cylinder head cover gasket (It should be replaced)

All electrical stuff works even the electric mirrors are in order. Check control needs to be resetted after replacing bad Airflow meter.

Car is advertised as for restoration due to clearcoat peeling off the roof.It needs new paint, AC servicing and it’s running rich. I believe that Airflow meter needs to be replaced. All other stuff expect smog test is OK and the car will probably pass MOT. I was planning to restore the car and keep in collection but gave up due to financial trouble

For any additional photos or questions feel free to contact me.

Adittional photo gallery:


I’m willing to ship the car to Europe or USA without issues. For the rest of the world You need to organise Your own shipping container!!! I’m not responsible for Your country customs pollicy! Check the details about importing to Your country before bidding!!!

Shipping costs for USA approx. 2000USD , for EU approx. 1000EUR

This car is well spec’d by E30 standards, with most of the equipment and optional extras that the E30 crowd tend to love. The M-Tech body kit, for example, seems to set ablaze many burning desires, and throw on a set of Alpina wheels held on by factory sport suspension and drizzle with Shadowline trim and you’ve created the ultimate E30 for many – outside of the M3, that is. However, the condition of this car isn’t top – in fact, it’s being offered as one that needs a restoration and it’s located in Croatia, meaning you’d need to import it, so the price shown would require a few thousand dollars more. That price, therefore, seems pretty staggering; at $25,000, certainly you could get more that this car offers? Yes, I think you can. There are plenty of other cars that offer superior performance or greater rarity for less; the aforementioned Quattro for one, but the 944 Turbo S comes to mind as well. Then there’s the case of what I’d argue was even a better 320is – a bone stock, original 4-door I wrote up earlier this year. Yes, it had a few more miles, but the lack of the too-glitzy-for-my-tastes M-Tech bits and flashy Alpina wheels resulted in a super sleeper. The condition was much better overall, and best yet it was already in the U.S., plus it had roughly the same asking price. Like the 911 market, the current E30 market has resulted in some pretty strong asking prices on examples, but we’re not always seeing them clear those amounts. To my thinking, this car is probably at least $5,000 overpriced, not even accounting for the additional amounts of importation and registering. At $25,000, I’d personally look for a U.S. M3 that needed restoration work rather than this European special.



  1. MDriver
    MDriver June 14, 2015

    I NEVER thought I’d say this BUT the EAG “Italian M-3” might be a safer bet! LMAO
    this car coming out of Serbia would give me the shakes AND you’d have no recourse…
    that said….yes my homeland is rather draconian with auto taxes on anything over 2.0 litres….amazing how they managed to wring out the same Hp with less displacement…begs the question, how much MORE could they have gotten out of the 2.3??

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