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1989 Volkswagen Fox GL Wagon

The Volkswagen Fox is a model which is almost entirely overlooked by us. It’s not because we don’t like the concept of the entry-level Volkswagen brought to the U.S. from Brazil, but the budget pricing coupled with legendary 1980s Volkswagen reliability and build quality (cough cough) hasn’t exactly left a plethora of examples of these small VWs left to contemplate. The Fox was offered in three configurations – two door coupe, four door sedan and two door wagon. Without a doubt, it was the wagon which gets the most enthusiast attention these days. In profile, it looks a bit like a B2 Audi if they had made a wagon, and indeed pop the hood and you’ll see the same longitudinal configuration. Some parts are even interchangeable with the B2 Audis, like the steering rack. But more of this car was shared with the Golf than any Audi product, and though the Fox resurrected the Audi B1 nameplate here the two shared only a passing resemblance. Infrequently seen, these little wagons are neat cars that march to the beat of slightly different Brazilian drummers:

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Year: 1989
Model: Fox GL Wagon
VIN: 9BWDA0306KP013362
Engine: 1.8 liter inline-4
Transmission: 4-speed manual
Mileage: 112,600 mi
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Price: $9,900 Buy It Now

You cannot help but to have a soft spot for this car:
GR Auto Gallery is pleased to offer this ultra clean, highly original 1989 Volkswagen Fox GL 2 Door Station Wagon for consideration. This “shooting brake” wagon was sold new in California, and remained with the original owner in until it was purchased by a driver enthusiast from Michigan in 2011. As a true enthusiast, he took the train to California, purchased the vehicle with 102228 miles, and embarked on drive around the west coast and headed back to Michigan.

Today, at just 112643 original miles and as a result of proper ownership and care, this 1989 Fox remains in very remarkable original condition throughout. The exterior appears to retain most if not all of its factory original paint, factory original trim and glass. The Beige interior is overall very clean, the dash is near perfect, the driver seat shows a little stress as does the rear sail panels on the rear trunk area. The engine compartment remains very tidy and the underside reveals an outstanding original structure where there is nothing to hide.

Now for the good part. This car drives amazing. The 1.8 liter inline 4-cylinder engine is very spirited, the 4-speed manual transmission shifts flawlessly, the clutch has great feel, the suspension is tight and the car brakes straight. For those of us who had Volkswagens back in the 80’s and 90’s, this Fox gives that familiar feel that is unique to the brand. By design, the car is spartanly optioned with power brakes and air conditioning. The A/C is complete, the compressor turns on and blows cool.

This 1989 Fox Wagon just brings smiles to faces wherever seen. It is so wonderfully simple, yet sporty and fun to drive. It has spunk. This is an opportunity to get into a very unique and mechanically fit car. It is a must see and a must consider if you are looking for a unique car as a driver with some future upside. Recent services includes: new ignition switch, valve cover gasket replacement, cooling fan switch, brake inspection, shifter bushings, trans oil, brake fluid flush and fill, upper and lower radiator hose, new fuel tank and lines, etc.
This Fox comes complete with its original owner manual, service records of what is mentioned above, a second set of keys, a complete driver log of nearly every mile since purchased in 2011 at 102228 until our acquisition and current mileage of 112643.

What was unique about the Fox was that longitudinal engine arrangement in a world of transverse configurations. Does it really help the car? No, but the survivor status sure does. The stock configuration coupled with the low-range spec is more compelling than anything else, though it’s pretty surprising that the car has A/C. That said, is this a $10,000 VW? That’s pretty hard to argue, I think. That could get you into a clean GTI, Corrado, or Scirocco if you shop around a bit. At $4-5k it’s a neat alternative. At double that, it’s a strong statement.



  1. Ross Weitzner
    Ross Weitzner May 3, 2021

    Pure fantasy. There’s an extra zero in that price. I owned a Fox for four years, from new, and nothing about the car is so endearing that I’d be willing to rail elephant legs of cocaine, sufficient to make me high enough to throw down $10,000 for this thing.

  2. Christian
    Christian May 3, 2021

    Oh god no. I helped my college girlfriend buy one of these as her first car in 1991. It was a 1987 2 door coupe model, great condition for a 5 year old car, but no amount of TLC can help such poor built quality and cheap materials. I remember the interior hard plastics would crack if you dared to press the head light switch too hard And the engine had a lot of issues, which surprised me since at the time I had a high mileage CGT with a similar engine (but with an extra cylinder). After 3 years of college the car was scrapped by the insurance company after it took a small hit to the rear. Good riddance. So yea, $10K for this car? Pass.

  3. ace10
    ace10 May 3, 2021

    These were not good cars.
    I can remember looking at one (very) briefly when they were new. Dollar for dollar, the Hondas were so vastly superior, I find it incredibly that any were sold.

  4. Ross Weitzner
    Ross Weitzner May 3, 2021

    My ’93 Fox was considerably less expensive than a comparable Honda Civic. VW couldn’t move them, so they were offering a $3000 rebate. I think I paid $8100 OTD.

  5. Thiago Arruda
    Thiago Arruda May 4, 2021

    Interesting to see this particular VW model for sale. I’m a Brazilian follower of the GCFS page and love the content. Here in Brazil the VW Fox Wagon is called “VW PARATI”. As a third world country, this was a very popular car. The most common mod was installing turbocharger in the good old AP engine. Brazil is actually know for breaking some records in drag races with the devolpment of this engine base. And of course I agree with some comments about the interior and some poor quality construction, but in our country with you search the net you`ll find some nice versions of the wagon platform such as “PARATI SURF”.

  6. Dyno
    Dyno May 4, 2021

    Find another. Looks like fun to me!

  7. PJ
    PJ May 5, 2021

    Those Foxes make a Volvo 240 look like a tank if one is to compare the two cars.

  8. Ricky Weston
    Ricky Weston May 5, 2021

    I don’t understand the desire to own nasty old cars like these. Just because its old, with hardly any left, doesn’t make it desirable. I’ll pass.

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