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1990 Volkswagen Golf owned by German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Ever since the Seinfeld episode where George Costanza buys the Chrysler Lebaron purportedly owned by Jon Voight, the whole celebrity car idea has been a running joke in my social circles. Well here’s an interesting celebrity ride. A MkII Golf owned by the current German Chancellor that has been restored to like new condition. While this is a sparsely equipped model, one must imagine this was light years ahead of the de rigueur Trabants of the era.

1990 Volkswagen Golf owned by Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel on eBay Germany

The fact that Angela Merkel likes Golfs has long been known. Previously, even during GDR times, she ordered as many of their compatriots a Trabant, but was never delivered because of the incredible wait times. According to the weekly magazine, she told SPIEGEL in a 2006 event that a Golf was her first car after the reunification, purchased from your earnings as a deputy government spokeswoman in the coalition government under Lothar de Maiziere. And it was the brand and model of the faithful. Anyway, in 2006, they still drove a Golf, but something newer and better equipped. Unfortunately we do not know whether today, six years later, it is still so. Mrs. Merkel comments on private matters very cautiously.

One thing we now know is that Angela Merkel became the proud owner of the brand new Golf 2 on 12 September 1990. That in the days when it was determined by their constituency Stralsund, Rügen-ache as a candidate for the first all-German Bundestag elected 2/12/90. The initial authorization is documented in the ownership documents with DDR stamp of approval office in Berlin. Also noted in the vehicle registration: Merkel’s move and eventually taking over in 1995 by her husband Joachim Sauer. A year later the car went as normal cars on the (now on eBay for publication in the vehicle registration blackened) on follow-owners.

By chance, the Merkel Golf fell into the hands of the present owner. Actually, the car was only fit for scrap, but the historical value was recognized by the current seller and he set about restoring the car. According to well, the overall impression of the vehicle. Fully restored, roadworthy and beautiful. The restoration was executed exclusively with original parts. The vehicle is equipped with the original engine. An accident on the right front damage was repaired by a professional car mechanic. No rust damage on the car there.

A unique opportunity: Bid on this piece of German history. The Golf 2, the first car of the future Western Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel. We think it’s a museum piece. But you as the buyer? Would the Golf be donated to the Museum of the History of the Federal Republic of Germany? Is it your unique advertising for your company? Or you can use the car modestly on the road, as did the Chancellor? Solely decided by the highest bidder!

With under a day to go, bidding has reached almost $12,000. The most exceptional MkII Golfs may bring $5,000 to $6,000, so right now we’re about double that. It will be interesting to see what kind of premium a German head of state will bring to the table.


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  1. Larry
    Larry April 30, 2012

    Wasn’t one of Obama’s old cars for sale a while back? Not that I would consider buying that either…

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