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1990 Volkswagen Transporter DoKa Syncro

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I have been in Syncro heaven recently. It all started on the way to a hike in the Santa Cruz mountains last weekend. I forced my friends to pull over when I saw it to grab a picture, and ended up meeting the older owner of an incredible orange DoKa Syncro completely maxed out – Subaru swap, South African Headlights, diamond-plate bed, and an adventure tent on top (shown below for your viewing pleasure). The guy said his grandkids called it “Grandpa’s Adventure Truck.” Thanks for putting all other grandpas to shame, guy. He loved that I knew what it was at all, let alone the details – hooray for automotive pedants!


After returning to Washington State I’ve seen more Syncros than I can count, including a nice DoKa in my hometown and several excellent Westies and tintops. They cruise around, looking like the great Northwest vehicles they’ve always been, but I’d bet a lot of money (not Syncro money, mind you…) that almost no one knows that they’re passing a $40k-60k vehicle.

Case in point, we have a beautiful red DoKa Syncro today with just 28k miles and a $55k asking price. Yes, just over 1k miles per year for this gem. It looks it too, with an immaculate interior and very nice exterior, although there are a few scuff marks to show that it has really been used. That use came from a Swedish fire department, again proving that European fire departments are amazing. It has a nice bullbar/Warn winch combo up front and light/rollbar/cage behind the cab. Not shown are a canopy and uninstalled South African grill, the latter of which would spruce it up a bit but isn’t necessary to look cool. The only think I’d say it’s missing is a top tent like Grandpa’s Adventure Truck.

Click for details: 1990 Volkswagen DoKa Syncro on eBay

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Year: 1990
Model: Transporter DoKa Syncro
Engine: 2.1 liter flat-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 44,000 km (~ 28,000 mi)
Price: $55,000 OBO

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Very low KM factory 16 inch Doka for sale with front and back lockers. Apparently Ebay didn’t realize Sweden is a different country and killed my first listing. This truck was imported from Sweden and Ebay does not recognize the VIN of ZZZ24ZLG049259. Truck has just over 44,000KM from new. The truck originated out of Sweden and belong to a small rural fire department. Truck is in excellent condition with only a few small blemishes and ZERO rust! Since buying the truck I had Small Car Performance add in-dash A/C that works really well. In addition a radio and speakers were added. The windows have been tinted. A full size spare was purchased for the truck as it had none with it when I got the truck. New Old Man Emu shocks have been put on. All fluids have been changed and I do mean all fluids. Also coming with the truck is a New South Africa Grill not installed yet and a set of Tristar rear shoulder seat belts. Currently there are lap belt for the rear seat. Only few blemishes that come to mind are there is a small rip in the head liner, there is a rock chip/ crack in the lower passenger side front windshield and some fire equipment had been installed in the bed leaving behind some bolt holes that have been sealed with silicon. Truck also comes with a rear canopy and warn winch. Let me know if you have any questions or what additional photos you may want.

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$55k is in the wheelhouse for these trucks, if a little high – while the DoKas are epically cool, there’s no denying that they bring fewer features than their Vanagon Westfalia brethren. I doubt you’re going to find one with fewer miles though, meaning it’s ready to drive and enjoy on whatever adventures you choose. Plus, it looks amazing in this deep red. Market is as market does, and I bet this seller will get something close to their asking price.


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  1. Doug
    Doug October 10, 2015

    I have no idea what these are actually going for, but to me that price is insane considering what other cool off-roaders you can get for much less.

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