1991 Audi 90 quattro 20V

Sometimes, where a car is sold or turns up for sale is baffling to me. Sometime in 1991, a person walked into an Audi dealer in Florida. Now, considering that Audi only sold 12,283 cars in 1991 that in and of itself was something of a minor miracle. 1991 was the worst year in Audi’s sales history outside of 1970 when the brand was reintroduced. To put it in an even bigger prospective, Audi sold more 100 models in 1971 than it sold total cars in 1991 – by nearly 50%. So, this person had walked by the Mercedes-Benz and BMW dealers – in Florida, mind you – and popped into an Audi dealer. Then, they selected a 90 quattro 20V. Now, starting in 1990 Audi had upped the game with the 7A 20V motor in the 90 quattro, and in terms of horsepower it was at least on par with Mercedes-Benz and BMW. But it was heavy and slower than the competition thanks to the all-wheel drive quattro drivetrain, so these 90s – and the rest of the quattros sold – were mostly relegated to Northern and Mid-Western states. And the buyer paid a steep price in 1991; around $27,000 before options. What was even crazier was that they then opted for the sport package and heated sport seats, as well as Pearlescant White Metallic paint. In short, this was the absolute most expensive Audi 90 you could buy in 1991. Yet, here it is, with low miles and in essentially perfect condition thanks to being stuck in Florida its entire life:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1991 Audi 90 quattro 20V on Orlando Craigslist

Year: 1991
Model: 90 quattro 20V
Engine: 2.3 liter inline-5
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 135,300 mi
Price: $4,300

Available for your consideration a good ,non-daily driver/n (from 2003),low milage(135K), well maintained Floridian vehicle(from NEW, NO RUST!). This Audi’s an all original vehicle, which has the factory sport versions; Recaro leather power seats, lowered suspension, rear spoiler, & pearl paint. The mods provided are factory Audi, model specific variety. They are, upgraded twin piston front brake calipers w/276mm rotors(can only be fitted to vehicle’s w/15″ speedline wheels, and very rare on sedans), stainless equal length header(Early production), and large rear swaybar.

History, links,specs.ect:
http://20v.org/specs.htm .
http://www.audi9020v.com/ .
http://audifans.com/marketplace/ .

Recent maintance(detailed records available):
From 120K. New remanned original-carbonfiber propellershaft w/new Audi hardware(seals, bolts, ect.), new synthetic transaxle & rear differential fluid change. New German-Audi, OEM moded shifter assembly.
From 130K. Synthetic engine Amsoil change(annual). Cleaned K&N air filter, air boot, throttle body & installed a new German-Audi MAF sensor. New bosch oxygen sensor, ignition cap & rotor, & plugs.
From 135K. Front suspension; cleaning & rebooting(Lobro) half-driveshafts, w/new wheel bearings(FAG), & renewed strut assembly’s(Koni-sport, H/D-strut mounts, & Sachs poly bump-bellows), and swaybar links. Brake calipers rebuilt, turn rotors, pads @75%, & system flush(ATE-amber 200). Engine; service of timing belt, which was provided: Cam seal, crank seal, timing belt idler, timing belt, waterpump, thermostat, radiator fan switch, radiator after run switch, auxiliary radiator(repaired & cleaned), radiator mounts, poly-front motor mount, coolant reservior & cap, whole system flush, new coolant, & acc v-belts(A/C,P/W,ALT). Also, cleaned & regapped sparkplugs, cap & rotor, fuel filter, new exhaust hangers.

Vehicle is adult owned, no pets, no smoking, and garage stored till the acquisition of a new vehicle(late summer 2015). This Audi drives and shows clean w/only small dings. UPDATE. Many options available to new owner: PROVIDED w/sale opts (pics available, email); Front preowned pearl-bumper(w/washer), NIB Audi OEM mid-exhaust/muffler assembly, & original(rebuildable) carbonfiber(mint) propellershaft w/a shipping carton. AFTERSALE opts; will discuss.

What’s not to like? Well, if you jump in this car and expect that it’s a big Jetta GLi, you’ll be disappointed. They’re quite heavy and a bit lazy off the line, and you can definitely feel the weight when you start to push them into corners. But on the fly the 7A is a magical motor and these are truly fantastic bits of kit to drive. I don’t recall seeing one this nice recently and unlike the coupes, which enjoy a niche following, these 90 20V models are pretty obscure and are generally much more affordable. Indeed, I sit here on a dreary rain-filled Sunday wondering why I’m working on my 1987 Audi GT model at all with this much nicer and equally – if not moreso – rare model sitting in sunny Florida for a very affordable price. Don’t be stupid; if you like these cars, don’t wait and just pay the seller for what is likely the nicest example in the country.


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  1. I suspect my idea and your idea of low-mileage differ considerably.

  2. I had spoken to the owner a while back when I first saw this posted. It has been resprayed, not a high end, glass out type job from the sounds of it.

  3. I have tried to contact the seller over the last while with little success.

    Here is a review from someone from vwvortex who has actually seen the car:

    “Flew down and drive another hour to get to the car from the airport. TOTAL disappointment. Paint was fading and was reshot without removing trim i think he said 02. Front bumper cover was cracked and never repaired properly. Hit a dear and on the passenger side there is a dent about palm size. Looks like it was hammered out from the inside. (like crap). Passenger side mirror is cracked. Both rear inner tails are cracked (spider cracks, one more than the other) Headliner looks like the sunroof leaked at some point and was reglued half ass. AC does not work. (typical “just needs to be recharged answer) He says the car has 130 something but the odometer is like 122? You know how VDO odometers are. The bad part is he has all the parts to fix most of whats wrong with the car but he wanted me to negotiate the price on the car THEN negotiate the price on the spare parts. I offered 3200 over the phone with the understanding that was tentative on when i saw the car. He turned that right down even before i saw the car. After seeing it i wouldn’t offer him more than 1800 (Maybe 2600 if i really wanted it bad).
    The good? The car has no rust on it. Its fairly straight besides the fender dent and few door dings. Under the hood is almost spotless. There is NOTHING leaking from the car nor does it appear anything ever did leak. I’m sure the motor is the strong selling point. It looked pristine under the hood. I would say if you wanted a clean starting point this car would be great.
    Who lives in FL and does not have AC working?”

  4. I very much prefer the B3 than the B3.5, inside and out: e.g. I prefer the earlier zebrano wood to the later, ostentatious, burled, and I prefer the earlier (these) bumpers than the inexplicable ones that came (in 1993?). It makes me happy to see this. Don’t like the gray with the white. I have a pearl 10v fwd with black leather. I also have an 80q with these wheels, which are gorgeous.

  5. You forget how great looking these 90s were. Still looks great today. This is very close to me, tempting to buy for my fiance for her to learn driving a stick on.

  6. These were great cars, I have a red 90q with the the 20v. Located in CO. 1990 4 dr. After some research I am surprised how few remain. Hard to find any for sale. Any interest out there? It’s a driver and still super cool.

  7. It looks great. And even with the bad, it is a dream car for cruising 😉

  8. Most people, especially in Florida, walked by the Audi dealer in 1991 because they wanted the ultimate expression of their yuppie lifestyle, polo reading glasses, sweater tied over the shoulders, rolled jean cuffs, and a BMW 3 series (leased, or financed for 7 years). Then they could pretend that they are better than everyone else. I saw this everyday when I lived in Naples in the late 80s/early 90s.

    Then some people, like my dad, rolled their eyes at the yuppies, went into the Audi dealer and saw a car that was better looking, similar performance, and had a far far better interior.

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