1991 Audi V8 quattro 5-speed

Up through 1995, Audi really liked to do things differently. Since then, they have perhaps become a bit more mainstream – but there are plenty of examples of their unconventional engineering before then. It was even a bit of a joke, with some enthusiasts lovingly (or not so much) using the Audi name for the acronym “Always Unusual Designs Incorporated”. One of my favorite unusual Audi stories, though, must by the development of the Audi V8 race car. Audi looked at what Mercedes-Benz and BMW did in the DTM and said “Sure, we can do that. But, we’ll use our full sized luxury-oriented car”. Then, to add insult to injury, they left the wood trim in the race cars as a reminder that this was their top-tier car. And, of course, you’d assume it would lose to the self-proclaimed most successful race car ever made, the E30 M3. But, it didn’t. It won the championship in both 1990 and 1991. Ever since then, I’ve had a bit of a love affair with the Audi V8 quattro, if for no other reason than it was not the normal choice. Rare to see even when new and quite expensive, nearly all of the 3,868 imported were automatics – a new and important development for bringing Audi to a larger market. But for 72 of those cars, the experience was quite different:

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Year: 1991
Model: V8 quattro
Engine: 3.6 liter V8
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 181,941 mi
Price: $17,500 Buy It Now


Metallic Pearl White w Grey Connolly Leather

* 1 of Only 53 Originals and 1 of Only a Few Left! *

YouTube Video = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QoOJFdQCL1s

The AUDI V8 QUATTRO – 5 SPEED MANUAL, like its closest counterparts, the BMW M3/M5 and the Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3 16v/500E, have long enjoyed a cult following. Unlike those other cars though, an AUDI V8 QUATTRO – 5 SPEED MANUAL is extremely extremely rare and almost impossible to find these days!

The Legendary 1991 AUDI V8 QUATTRO, with the 5 Speed Manual Transmission, is a 32 Valve V8 super beauty which runs with two Torsen Differentials, one in the center and one in the rear of the car, making it almost unstoppable in snow and ice! 3500 total V8’s were built from 1990-1994, BUT ONLY 53 were imported with the 5 Speed Manual Transmission in 1991, and this one includes the rare luscious Connolly Leather w Pearl White Paint & Rear Sunshade!

Picking up a 1991 AUDI V8 QUATTRO these days, in the 5 Speed Manual market, is about as slim pickings as one can imagine (only a handful remain), and thus, this car is predicted to double in value every 3 – 5 years, making it a true collector’s vehicle for any Audi lover or car aficionado!!!


1991 AUDI V8 QUATTRO – 5 SPEED MANUAL (Specifications) :

Exterior Measurements –

• Width = 5 ft. 11.4 in. (71.4 in.)

• Height = 4 ft. 7.9 in. (55.9 in.)

• Length = 15 ft. 11.9 in. (191.9 in.)

• Ground Clearance = 0 ft. 3.7 in. (3.7 in.)

• Wheel Base = 8 ft. 10.4 in. (106.4 in.)

• Curb Weight = 3903 lbs.

Interior Measurements –

• Interior Volume = 94 cu. ft.

• Front Head Room = 37.8 in.

• Front Leg Room = 41.7 in.

• Rear Head Room = 37.5 in.

• Rear Leg Room = 35.0 in.

• Luggage Capacity = 17 cu. ft.

Engine & Performance –

• Base Engine Size = 3.6 Liter, V8, 32 Valve, 90 (degree), V8 with Double Overhead Camshaft

• Torque = 245 ft-lbs. @ 4000 rpm

• Horsepower = 240 hp @ 5800 rpm

• Bore = 3.19 in. (81.0 mm)

• Stroke = 3.40 in. (86.4 mm)

• Compression = 10.6:1

• Crankshaft = Forged Steel, 5 Main Bearings

• Valve Train = Double Overhead Cam, Belt / Chain Driven, Hydraulic Lifters

• Cooling System = Water-cooled, Thermostatically Controlled Electric Fan

• Fuel Injection / Ignition System = Bosch Motronic Sequential Fuel Injection / Ignition System: Hot Wire Air Mass Sensor, Permanent Fault Memory, Dual Knock Sensors and Five Main Bearings

Drive Train –

• Drive Type = Full-time Torsen Quattro All Wheel Drive / Two Fully Automatic Differentials: Center = Planetary Gear with Automatic Locking Multi-plate Clutch; Rear = Torsen (torque sensing)

• Transmission = 5 Speed Manual

Fuel –

• Engine Type = Regular to Premium Unleaded

• Fuel Tank Capacity = 21.1 gal.

• Range in Miles (City / Highway) = 274.3 / 400.9 mi.

• EPA Mileage Estimate (City / Highway) = 14 / 19 mpg

Body –

• Material = Unitized Construction

• Corrosion Protection = 27-step Anti-corrosion and Paint Process / Total Immersion Pre-treatment, Cataphoretic Dip Primer Coating, Hot Wax Cavity Filler, PVC Under Sealant, Extensive Use of Galvanized Panels

Suspension –

• Front = Coil Spring / Shock Absorber (gas charged) Struts, Lower Control Arms, Stabilizer Bar

• Rear = Independent Suspension / Trapezoidal Lower Control Arms, Coil Spring / Shock Absorber (gas charged) Struts

Steering –

• Type = Variable Power Assist, Hydraulic Servo

• Variable Assist, Power Rack and Pinion Steering

• Turns (lock-to-lock) = 3.5

Brakes –

• Service Brake = Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), Hydraulic Power Assist, Dual Braking Circuits Split Front to Rear, Load and Lateral Acceleration Sensitive Brake Pressure Proportioning

• Front = Friction Ring with Internally Fixed Caliper, Ventilated, 310 mm Disc

• Rear = Conventional, Ventilated, 269 mm Disc

Some Comfort & Convenience Features –

• Anti-theft Vehicle Alarm System

• Front Center-Folding Connolly Leather Armrest with Cellular Telephone (hands-free operation)

• Rear Center-Folding Connolly Leather Armrest with Storage Compartment

• Automatic Climate Control

• Electronic Cruise Control with Resume Feature

• Heat Ducts to Rear Seating Area

• Independent 6 Temperature Control Heated Connolly Leather Front Seats with Lumbar Adjustment, 8-way Power Control and 4 Memory Position (driver seat)

• Independent 6 Temperature Control Heated Connolly Leather Rear Seats

• Power Locking System, Including Trunk, Operable From Either Front Door

• Power Outside Mirrors with Defog Feature

• Audi / BOSE Premium Music System w Additional Amplifiers & Sub Woofer

• Expandable Ski / Storage Sack

• Buried Walnut Wood Inlays on Console, Dashboard & Door Panels / Color-Coordinated Dashboard & Trim / Wraparound Dash & Door Panel Design

• Power 2-way Sunroof / Moonroof

• Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) / Drivers-side Airbag / Knee Bolster

• Auto Check System with Full Function Display

• 6 Function Trip Information Computer

• Power Windows w One-touch Down Driver Window & Rear Window Lock-out

• 2 Phase Front Wipers with Intermittent Mode & Heated Windshield Washer Nozzles / Independent Headlight Washers & Wipers

Finding a V8 quattro 5-speed in just about any condition is cause for celebration amongst fans since they’re so rare, but one in great condition? You guessed it, mega rare. A fair amount were painted the signature color for the V8; Pearlesant White Metallic, just like this car, but the interior is not the reported Connolly Leather; this is the Platinum Grey Kodiak leather, as Connolly launched in 1992 for the comfort seats and has longitudinal stripes in the center of the seats. It’s not uncommon for dealers to get information wrong, so no surprise there. Overall condition is good though the wheels are pretty horrible in my opinion, and behind them appear to be the original ‘UFO’ floating rotors. Missing appear to be the original and much better looking BBS RG forged 15″x7.5″ wheels. Condition overall certainly seems to be about as good as these cars get despite the 181,000 miles covered. However, then there’s the price – $17,500. Even were this car a 100 point, absolutely perfect and completely original example, I still think you’d have difficulty finding a buyer. There are just so many other cars with superior performance once you get to that price point, not only from other makers but indeed within Audi itself, that it’s just difficult to contemplate someone paying the heavy part of $20,000 for one of these. To me, if all the electrics and mechanicals were near perfect and the car had no needs, I could see $7,500 being a realistic price; but without those assurances, it’s hard to want to pay much more than $5,000 for this car. The seller may be right that they’ll increase in value, but doubling in value every 3 years? Not yet, if ever.


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  1. … does it have power windows, though? Oh yes, it does! Whew! I had real doubts for a moment.

    The seller does not correctly state that the OEM Bose head unit has been removed and replaced with trash from kmart. This means the OEM Bose speakers have probably been bypassed or removed altogether, the wires snipped, etc. Reverse engineering it will be fun but do-able.

    The neon head unit can go back to the drug lord who donated the wheels.

  2. I recognize the rarity and I would love to own this thing, it’s the only true Torsen/Torsen car Audi ever imported. I have infinite respect for the type 44 having owned a 200 turbo and a 200 20v turbo.

    100% agree with Carter, $7500 on good day. Unfortunately the classic car market will never recognize these cars even if they did a 181K mile example would not “double in value” unless that value is 5K.

  3. Great write up Carter! I’ve got a trivia question, is it true that the carpeting in the V8 was in fact all wool?

    I am amazed that Audi would deliver a rare manual transmissions car without the sport seats.

    I would be curious about the usual maintenance items, but at this price I would expect a dry engine compartment, recent TB change (ideally the 3rd), proof of steering rack replacement, and most likey a report that both cats. have been replaced(they aren’t cheap).

    BTW, I had a ’90 v8 slushbox and parted with it at about 200,000 miles. It was an immensely capable machine.

  4. 1 of 73 is the correct number and yes it’s in great shape, but no Sport seats ?, wheels.. not a fan…having owned one for over 10yrs and converting it to a 4.2L motor this Audi is rare and a fun car to wrestle around. The price is way over reach and i doubt in perfect low miles condition it would ever fetch that amount.

  5. This person is dreaming. I just sold mine a couple months ago (yes, factory five speed), black on black, built engine, similar miles, in just ever so slightly worse condition than this car for ~$3000.

    These cars are maintenance hogs with a lot of care and feeding required. $1500-2000 timing belt jobs on a regular basis. Also, many parts are no longer available so have Audi junkyards here and in Germany on speed dial. Beyond that, even built, the PT engine is a lot of fun but is by no means a race car. Mine would have eventually have gotten an ABZ 4.2 swap if I’d kept it.

    So yeah, unless the $12000 includes a 10 year warranty with all service included including a free timing belt change, they’re in absolute dreamland.

    This car, noting the undesirable interior color and lack of sport seats, is probably more in the area of $5000-6000, and that’s only if it’s in tip top running condition. The person’s assertion of doubling in value is misguided at best if not an outright blatant lie in hopes of finding someone gullible enough to believe it. Also, I have it on good authority that many of the original 53 cars are still running around, or at least in storage. Sure, they’re rare, but I bet I could find you 3 factory 5 speeds within a week that their owners would likely be willing to sell for less money than the asking price on this car.

    And remember. I’m an enthusiast. These cars are very special to people that enjoy these cars. That said, even as a V8 enthusiast there are other cars I’d spend $7-8k on these days.

  6. @Early8q – I’m not sure if they were full wool, but they were a different and heavier weave than normal Audi carpets. Comfort seats were actually a selectable option, much like the S8.
    @Brad – re: Bose, mine failed on my ’93 (mostly, it would eventually stop crackling) as many others did. Bose would/could rebuild them, but it was pretty expensive from memory and the sound wasn’t like today’s radios, so that probably explains the replacement
    @ACG, great input and I agree completely. Wish we had seen your V8 for sale; or, perhaps it’s better we didn’t, as I likely would have bought it. If you hear of more, keep me in the loop!

    Thanks all,

  7. I rebuilt the Bose system on my 200. The head unit and the speakers, with their built-in amps, and the wiring connectors are all proprietary. The systems can be rebuilt (replaced, really) using junkyard parts for a pittance. So, I hope the buyer will try to set it right.

  8. I distinctly remember a TSB about fire danger related to the BOSE components systems in the Type 44. Capacitors would degrade and short out, they could be replaced of course. Audi issued a recall some 17 years later. I ended up rewiring my 200 20v with a 4-channel class D amp and building custom speaker enclosures in the doors. No it wasn’t as good as the BOSE system but the fire danger and intermittent crackle/pop was gone, plus iPod control. With a Blaupunkt head unit it looked close to factory.

  9. I remember that TSB, and I recall reading about car burning because of it, now that you mention it.

    I wonder what Steven Buchholz is driving now?

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