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1991 BMW M3

$_57 (1)

Following on the heels of the 1990 BMW M3 we featured last week, here comes an even later model 1991 M3 for sale in New Hampshire. This car has slightly less mileage and has a rebuilt, blueprinted motor under the hood and wears the iconic Alpine White on the outside. Bidding is strong on this one, eclipsing the $30,100 that the M3 from last week fetched.

Click for details: 1991 BMW M3 on eBay

$_57 (3)

Year: 1991
Model: M3
Engine: 2.5 liter inline-4
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 111,253 mi
Price: Reserve auction

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One of only 274 BMW M3’s made for US market in 1991, Alpine White II with Black Leather, 111k miles, 2 hours on fresh 2.5 stroker engine rebuild by our shop. (Almost $16,000 was invested in the engine alone). This engine had all rotating mass parts balanced, engine assembly was fully blueprinted with proper bearing clearances, ring end gaps etc. All original panels with VIN stickers, a fantastic smoke-free interior, true collector quality car! Please call for details.

$_57 (2)

I’m surprised that the stroker motor doesn’t seem to be affecting the value of this M3 that much, as the bidding is fairly active. Perhaps people like the air of M3 Sport Evolution that the stroker provides? The Alpine White over black leather is a bit more fitting and purposeful than the red and tan combination we saw on the M3 from last week, so that could be drawing the bids in, as well. After stopping by Classic Car Club Manhattan this past weekend and looking over their fleet, their stripped out E30 M3 caught my eye. Resting center stage in their showroom, sitting on 16″ BBS RK wheels, it looked downright purposeful. Even as E30 M3 prices soar, I still wouldn’t mind having one of these as a rough and ready track rat.



  1. Ry
    Ry December 9, 2014

    It’d be nice to have more info than “our shop did a blueprinted stroker.” Who’s your shop? What parts did you use? How did it do on a dyno? These are important questions…

    Also, missing:
    – front grille M emblem
    – rear trunk M emblem
    – covers that go inside of fog lights

    So quite possibly painted recently too??

  2. Ry
    Ry December 9, 2014

    “Collector quality” assuming you aren’t a collector of floor mats with your cars.

  3. Dean
    Dean December 9, 2014

    Concord Motorsport is known to overvalue, overprice and inflate the status of their BMW’s. My advice? Stay away.

  4. Howard S
    Howard S December 9, 2014

    The bid is over$39k already and they can keep it at that price.

  5. MDriver
    MDriver December 9, 2014

    I see an after market exhaust…no biggie..
    No emblems front or rear are really only an issue if the car has been least to me…some of my ‘M’ are “de-badged”.
    the stroker build has me curious, whose pistons were used??, crankshaft, etc there are quite a few 2.5 kits out there some better than others…VAC, Turner, Korman…
    assuming the build was done right, the car actually looks really good….AW/Blk is a nice combo…AW/Cardinal is better…but I can see this car go for 42/44k…..

  6. Ry
    Ry December 9, 2014

    Anyone catch the pic of the door jamb? It looks like the top sticker has been removed & re-applied. But if you’re going to remove it to paint, why not take up the old adhesive then too. Just wondering if someone more versed in paint & body than myself can explain why there is an “adhesive shadow” in that door jamb.

    Too many little questions, per my previous comments, (that might all be easily explained) but they chose not to. I’m getting sick of these cars (E30 M3), not the cars themselves but it feels like I’m witness to some kind of smuggling, tulip boom, pyramid scheme, or other untoward activity.

  7. Carter
    Carter December 13, 2014

    Bidding hit 48K, reserve still on. Wow.

  8. Howard S
    Howard S December 14, 2014

    Shill shill shill… there are always other better ones around at better prices. Buy one for AE for goodness sakes at that price and at least its alll there.

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