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1993 Audi S4

Since the early ‘90s, Audi has utilized the “S” to signify its high performance production vehicles. The inaugural S car was the C4 bodied S4. Based on the Audi 100 sedan, the S4 featured a 227 horsepower turbo charged and intercooled 2.2 liter five cylinder power plant, and legendary Quattro AWD.  The combination of power, and all weather capability quickly became a thing of legend.

This clean Black over Ecru example for sale in Layton, UT is a very well kept example of the car that started it all.

1993 Audi S4 on eBay

 RARE RARE RARE 1993 Audi S4 5 cyclinder turbo!!!!!! This is truely an amazing  car. This was one of Audi’s best. If you know Audi then you know how amazing and rare this car is. This car runs and drivs great. Turbo boost really well and the engine pulls hard. The 5 speed manual transmission shifts extremely well. This car is truely a blast to drive. Automatic door locks, automatic windows, sunroof, leather, Quattro, turbo.
The features this car has is endless and well ahead of its time. More importantly  than features is the engine. Its a great engine. Have original owners manual and sticker. Now this car isn’t new or I would be asking much much more. Will need front brakes. Alternator bearings  are making noise. A/C blows cold but only from top vents. Its a ’93 and for the year has way low mileage and is honestly in great condition.

This is a car that I’ve lusted after for years, and is certainly one that is near the top of my bucket list. With 148K miles, and great looks this car would be great for a collector, or someone looking to make a powerhouse. Average retail on these cars is in the $5,000 area, and taking in to account the cleanliness and low mileage (relatively speaking) of this car I think it will sell for every bit of that $5,000.

While the low mileage and unmolested mechanicals are highly desirable, these cars are not without their problems. But as needy as these cars may be, you’ll quickly forget all about it once the snow falls, because that’s where these cars shine.





  1. URS Driver
    URS Driver July 31, 2012

    Shame, urS-Cars of this caliber without the minor issue’s, can fetch 7-9K with the right pedigree. This is the best of the 5 Zylinder sedans, and arguably the best Audi ownership prospect ever brought to U.S shores. My guess is this car is starting to show early signs of paper head gasket failure, would make a great purchase for someone willing to do a top end refresh.

  2. Larry
    Larry July 31, 2012

    To understand how impressive the Ur-S4 was in the early-90’s, consider what the competition was offering. Sure, you could get a large, luxurious, fast, executive sedan from other manufacturers – but exactly none of them got even more impressive when it started snowing. Considering what this car offered, I agree with the seller that it’s “well ahead of its time.” The design has held up remarkably well also.

    One nit to pick though – this always bothers me – nearly 150K miles isn’t “way low mileage.” The rate at which those miles were accumulated (7800 miles/year) is below average, but hardly amazing. Just sayin’.

  3. ggkthx
    ggkthx August 1, 2012

    Nice car, but lots of miles for an Audi. Love the classic I5 turbo.

    Sounds like this car is going to need a lot of work.

  4. URS Driver
    URS Driver August 1, 2012

    The AAN 20v Turbo is truly a bullet proof motor, these early Quattro powertrains regularly go 300K between rebuilds, sometimes on the original turbo. A clean S4 with proper maintenance history is still a very reliable car. Due to the 5 cylinder layout these cars far more easily serviceable than any modern Audi; although sometimes finding rare parts can be a chore.

  5. ggkthx
    ggkthx August 2, 2012

    hmm if this were next month you would have convinced me to take a look at this

  6. Larry
    Larry August 2, 2012

    OK, I’ll bite. What happens next month that would make this car more worth looking at?

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