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1993 BMW 525iT

There’s something about beige wagons that just screams KIDS AND DOGS. The E34 5-series tourings seem to scream it extra loud to me, perfecting the mix of country and classy, sedate and sporty, unsuspecting and utilitarian. The E34 was the last 5-series to really embrace the long, straight line aesthetic so easily accentuated by a longroof. In 1992 the 525i received the M50B25TU, getting single VANOS and putting out 21hp more than the earlier M20B25. It doesn’t make it a speed demon, but there’s no denying the versatility of the silky-smooth little inline-6. This autobox-equipped wagon has covered just 65k miles and the interior, exterior, and engine compartment look it. I dream of a OEM+, M5ish E34 wagon some day, but as a daily-driving family hauler this 525iT will impart subtle class to any road it graces.

Click for details: 1993 BMW 525iT on ebay

Year: 1993
Model: 525iT
Engine:2.5 liter inline-6
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Mileage: 65,579 mi
Price: $10,950



SUPER LOW MILES! – These wagons are hard to find regardless of miles and finding one in this condition with such low miles is near impossible!


You are looking at an exceptionally great looking sporty and luxury wagon. The vehicle has been made and assembled entirely in Germany, and consists only of Germany made parts! The gold exterior + tan leather interior color combination gives the car a certain kind of unique classy sporty and aggressive appeal.

From the way the car drives and looks and the year of the vehicle – most of the miles on the car are highway miles. The car has been garage kept. There are no reported manufacturer’s defects on this vehicle. A never-smoked-in before beauty that looks great and smells clean.

The engine is very strong and provides the power you have come to expect from a BMW and runs extra smooth. The transmission has the BMW mark on it as well and the transmission is in excellent condition! The suspension that’s on the car feels very nimble and comfortable at the same time.

The A/C works well and blows cold air! We had our mechanic check the car. All in all, the car really runs great! As you can judge for yourself from the pictures – the interior is clean and looks great! All electrical components seem to be in good working order. The check light of the diagnostic computer reads ok. The engine compartment clean, and free of any leaks.
This BMW is equipped with a climate control system. The power locks, windows, seats all work and are in excellent condition. All the power controls and buttons work. Rims are free of nicks and paint chips! The car also comes with VERY nice all season tires have plenty of tread life left. The tires have been rotated, balanced.

This is a great looking vehicle – Loaded with tons of extras and is in good condition.

The condition is certainly outstanding and I love the aforementioned E34 styling, but even with the low mileage it’s hard to imagine dropping almost $11k on an E34 when you could get a much more modern E39 wagon for roughly the same price. It’ll be hard to find any as clean as this – of any generation – so if you’ve always wanted to live the early-90s family dream, maybe offer the seller $8-9k and see where it gets you.



  1. Brad
    Brad May 1, 2016

    Such breathtaking dignity when compared to even by the turn of the century. Boy did everything really jump the shark when I wasn’t looking.

  2. Bernie
    Bernie May 2, 2016

    Nice looking and tasteful. But for nearly $11K all four tires should match and not be slathered in tire dressing.

  3. Craig
    Craig May 2, 2016

    I’ve said it before on another post: but this seller frequently has lots of nice looking, low mileage 80s and 90s German cars for sale, but a quick google search brings up a number of BBB complaints about them selling lemons, so buyer beware. I would be very curious to know what the deal is, since they often have very tasty looking cars (this seller always uses lots of high res pics that have probably been touched up, and this helps of course). My guess is that they find tired and cheap cars around the country on Craigslist, give them a quick detail and try to flip them. If anyone on here has any experience with them I’d be curious to hear more.

    And yes, though the car looks nice, that is far too much money. I just bought a very similar car, except mine is a 5-speed sedan in a nicer color (in my opinion) with similar miles, and I paid $3,800 for it.

  4. Bushwick Bob
    Bushwick Bob May 3, 2016

    Craig, I heard the same things. Gave them a call once some time ago and was a bit surprised and taken aback by the seller’s lack of interest in talking and divulging details – it seemed he had none, really, and didn’t care.

    I do wonder about your CL theory. There aren’t that many low-mileage examples of these cars around, are there?

    For top of the market prices, the product has to be much better.

  5. Arlow
    Arlow May 4, 2016

    So if there have been a substantial number of complaints about these folks, how do they have a 100% rating on Ebay?

  6. Craig
    Craig May 5, 2016

    That is a good question, I do not know the answer.

    The dealer that trades on eBay as European-Cars is a business called Car Cheer. They are in Feasterville-Trevose, PA (a suburb of Philly). About a year or so ago I was thinking about buying a car from them on ebay and did a bit of googling; I remember that a search threw up some reports online from disgruntled customers who had been sold lemons. I just ran the search again and actually only a couple of negative reports come up (and one appears to have been resolved); I am happy to admit that perhaps I am wrong or my information is out of date.

  7. Carter
    Carter May 5, 2016

    Re: European-Cars, we’ve heard the same reports but as Craig said, the actual details don’t seem too bad. A few months back I did some time researching them in this listing with the help of our reader Roy:

    It talks a bit about where they may be getting cars from and that perhaps (likely) at least some of the cars they are showing are over-represented.

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