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1993 Wiesmann MF3 Roadster – 4th Ever Built

People who know me have heard me bang on about the current state of automobiles. Bad proportions, oversized, overweight, less involvement, you name it, there’s a lot of adjectives one can use. You can’t place all of the blame on manufacturers, as ever increasing safety and emissions standards along with changing tastes across generations have transformed many vehicle lineups. But what if you could have the old school charm with modern day technology? Fortunately, one boutique company answered the call: Wiesmann.

Wiesmann isn’t a new company, as their first cars were produced in 1993. That was the year this car, the fourth off the line, was finished. The craftsmanship of this small company is telling, as it has been the only manufacturer to which BMW would sell its M components to. Journalists were also in awe of the build quality and how well the Wiesmann handled with such large tires for the day, leading some to believe that BMW had a hand in this car’s development. Unfortunately, the company entered into receivership this year, leaving the future of these sports cars in doubt. This particular early build MF3 is for sale in The Netherlands.

Year: 1993
Model: MF3 Roadster
Engine: 3.5 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 182,000 km (113,090 mi)
Price: €42,750 (~ $62,552 USD)

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1993 Wiesmann MF3 Roadster on Anamera

A genuine Wiesmann MF3 Roadster LHD. This is number four made, the first three cars were test and Company cars, so this was the first one for the open Market! Top condition throughout, 182000 km’s from new incl. a full mechanical rebuild 2 years ago. Fully serviced over the years, perfect working and driving condition. New paint 3 years ago for optical reasons.

It’s hard to believe that the very first Wiesmanns are approaching 25 years of age, which of course means eligibility for importation to these shores. It’s hard to say whether people stateside are clamoring for a modern day remake of the classic roadster formula, but we all saw how well the Miata did when first introduced in 1990. Even though it is more upmarket than the Miata, the BMW power makes this a hard piece to resist for some. This example has higher mileage than I’d expect for what would usually be an occasional toy in someone’s collection, but given that it is the fourth example built and based around BMW mechanicals, it wouldn’t worry me too much. Is about $60,000 too much for one of the very first examples of this modern take on a classic formula? Hard to say. This is probably one of those cars that would be well suited for an auction, as pegging a value on limited production vehicles like this isn’t an easy task.



  1. Carter J
    Carter J September 6, 2013

    A fitting tribute considering the recent demise of Wiesmann, which was a sad day (along with Gumpert!). Nice find, they’re neat cars for sure! What the Z1 should have been….

  2. Aktifspeed
    Aktifspeed September 6, 2013

    Paul, On August 14, 2013 Wiesmann filed for insolvency at the local court in Münster.
    Maybe just edit out that line about staying power in volatile economic times…

    Great car though and nice writeup on it.

    Erik S.

  3. Paul
    Paul September 6, 2013

    Thanks Erik. I have to be honest I completely missed this news, although I’m not terribly surprised by it given global economic events.

    Thanks for your input,


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