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2000 BMW 323i Touring

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I think I’ve mentioned before how my neighbor’s manual 325i Touring whet my appetite for an E46 wagon daily driver. Good handling, a nice inline-6 with a great manual and plenty of storage space makes it a classy everyday hauler. As we hit times when car friends excitedly point at new Bimmers and exclaim “oohhh, a manual!” these cars hearken back to a time when simple, fun, useful BMWs were still for sale. Though diminutively badged as a 323i, it still had the 2.5 liter six lined up and ready for fun. Its one owner has covered just 87,000 mostly-highway miles in its 13 years and could be a great deal for very capable car.

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Year: 2000
Model: 323i Touring
Engine: 2.5 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Mileage: 87,000 mi
Price: No reserve auction

Click for more details: 2000 BMW 323i Touring on eBay

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Up for sale today is a beautiful 2000 BMW 323iT. This Wagon has 87k highway miles. That’s an average of just under 7k a year. This well maintained BMW has a great ride and drive. The engine bay is very clean and free from debris and leaks. The 5 Speed manual transmission is smooth and the 2.5 L6 engine is strong. Don’t miss out on this 1-Owner vehicle.

The outside of this vehicle is in good shape with just minor surface scratches. It comes equipped with Fog Lights, Power Sunroof, 17 Inch Factory Alloy Wheels, 3rd Brake Light, Michelin Tires in great shape, Rear Wiper, Good Full Size Spare, Roof Rackand 2 Keys and Manuals.

The interior of this vehicle is in excellent condition. There are no odors or stains of any kind in this Non-Smoker vehicle. There is plenty of room for storage with 2nd row seats folded, Tan Leather Seats, Rear Cupholders, Power Driver and Passenger seats, Driver Memory Seats, Driver Passenger and Side Airbags, Steering Wheel Controls for Radio ruise and Telephone, Woodgrain Accents, AM/FM/CD Player, Tweeters in Doors ans Power windows Locks and Mirrors.

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 3.29.17 PM

Other than some general signs of commuting and small wear and tear, it’s still a good-looking car that could be a little more than just a daily driver. BMWs like this are always a nice reminder that on the other side of the pond they are lot more than just a badge people use as the equivalent of a Coach bag. They can be solid utilitarian cars with great content but not too many frills. Sounds about right, and those same factors may keep the price very reasonable if the already-busy bidding doesn’t get too hot.



  1. Wagon Fan
    Wagon Fan September 6, 2013

    WTF happened to the rear hatch & bumper, left side? Looks like more than minor wear-and-tear…

  2. Corvis
    Corvis September 7, 2013

    I’ve been driving a 323iT for 6 years, so I am partial. And yes, I think this car deserves greater appreciation! The E46 is a modern classic (perhaps too good, and so too popular). Its Touring model is the most sportive wagon yet (save perhaps the E91 328iT). You can find wagons with bigger engines, but not with better chassis’s. Yes, there is utility to being able to lay your bike, skis, luggage, lumber or body in the long hold (making for better aerodynamics and lower CGI than loading on top). But this car is ultimately about sport touring – traversing great landscapes with flow. Living in Colorado, I began my SAV replacement search with Audi’s and Subaru’s. But, with handling as the decisive criteria, the RWD platform of this wagon, based on the best handling sedan of the time, literally has no equal. It is not quite 200lbs heavier then the sedan, and the wagon has a 48/52 rear weight bias! (Name another F-R car that does). There is an AWD drive version, the xiT, which is about 200lbs heavier (up front), but it still has a rear drive bias with a 40/60 F/R drive split, and it is better performing in the snow (apologies to the RWD purists). RWD weight is under 3400lbs, light for a strong modern body, and feels nimble with the compact mass and short overhangs. Arguably, the E46 is at its sleekest in this variant, and photos rarely do justice to how long and low and planted that this car looks when walking toward it, or watching it sail by! The 2.5L I-6 is a fine engine, even more responsive with an intake and chip, and makes for a plenty quick car (originally 7.7 seconds to 60 with the iT’s 3.46 final drive), and it is a pleasure to work with the manual transmission. The 323i wagons also have the larger brake disks of the 328i’s. This one has the desired Sport Package with firmer lowered suspension, 17″ inch Style-44 rims, Recaro seats and modern steering wheel. It also has the Premium package with leather. The xenon HID lights are the option missing. But it has the manual transmission! This car looks like it had a decent owner (they ordered the Sport with manual after all) and was probably adequately maintained and not flogged. The paint appears to be the upgrade Monaco Blue – distinctive. Should be no rust on a Texas car. Probably garaged judging by the leather (but which does not appear often treated judging by the drivers seat, which must be sweat damaged or something). Regardless, at only 87k, this car is ready for a full second life – putting in long miles to great destinations with an enthusiast owner. The E46 is a modern car with safety, efficiency and low emissions. It is a durable car, easy to work on, the weak components are well known, there are extensive upgrade products and an active community for support. The 2000 is the last year for the mechanical throttle (though electronically mediated), and it has a dipstick, hydraulic steering, and a spare tire. I would consider this car well bought at 7k or less, considering its intrinsic quality, condition and potential. (This is one of the nicer stock iT’s that I have seen in the last few years). It is also a rare car – particularly with the manual transmission! The car handles great with 17’s and a high performance tire. This allows for a lightweight wheelset, and leaves some compliance for our crumbling roads. It is probably time for a suspension refresh with good shocks, bushing and mounts. A number of coilover upgrades exist that allow for custom spring rates (the rear is heavier than the sedan or coupe, but lighter than the ‘vert). Just don’t slam it, the suspension was designed to have some travel (the M3’s, like the Sports, are only 15mm lower than the base model, for instance). And, yes, there are a lot of M3 parts that bolt in (including the S54). The coolant system will be due for an overhaul at 100k (easy DIY). And the clutch should be good for more than 150k. Implement the traditional (re: Mike Miller) fluid replacement schedule and enjoy a 300k car!

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