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1994 Alpina B6 2.8/2

The Alpina B6 continued from the E30 generation in the new E36 chassis in 1991, while the last of the prior generation cars were still in US showrooms. Alpina took the basic M50 and shape of then-top-of-range 325i and upped the ante; they bored the displacement to 2.8 liters, stuck Mahle pistons, a special exhaust, Bilstein shocks, 17″ wheels, and the normal assortment of aerodynamic tweaks and interior details to create the B6 2.8/2, which could be had in coupe or sedan form. With 240 horsepower on tap, it offered M3-level performance two years before the E36 M3 debuted.

While these are the least potent of the E36 Alpina variants, they’re still quite special and very rare – just 40 coupes and around 180 sedans were produced before the B6 3.0 replaced it in mid 1993. This particular example, though, comes via Japan and is already imported to the US – if you’re willing to pay:

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Year: 1994
Model: B6 2.8/2
VIN: WAPB628022E100121
Engine: 2.8 liter inline-6
Transmission: 5-speed automatic
Mileage: 208,000 km (~129,000 mi)
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Price: $25,900 Buy It Now

1994 Alpina B6 2.8
This BMW Alpina B6 2.8 was built in 1994 and is production number 121 of only 181 pieces of this type built by Alpina. The car was delivered as a new car in Japan. It currently shows 208,318km/129,000 miles. It is finished in the color BMW diamantschwarz metallic, as well original Alpina Recaro dark blue sport interior. A very sporty and rare version of the BMW 3 series, with a 240 horsepower 2752cc six-cylinder engine and automatic gearbox. This Alpina B6 is furthermore equipped with a sliding roof, air conditioning, electrically adjustable seats and of course the 17 “Alpina rims. A wonderful addition to your collection of German classic cars, or for the enthusiast who wants to enjoy the sporty character of this Alpina.

-Recent service includes transmission service and lines as well as a valve cover gasket service in August 2020. All belts where changed, oil service on engine and filters, as well rear diff was serviced.

It is a non-smoking vehicle and has been garaged.
We welcome pre-purchase inspections as well as video chats with the car.

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This example is listed as #121, which is confirmed by the Alpina Archives, and it seems to be the real deal. The combination of the Diamantschwarz with gold decor is great, and so is that interior. The car shows relatively little wear, though looking through the close-ups, it also appears to be that there’s a strong chance it’s been repainted. It seems to have a lot of peel and distortion for factory paint. The Softlines are in place and though a bit scratched up, are wearing expensive Michelins. Mileage is lower but not outstandingly low, and general condition would certainly draw a crowd at any event. Downsides? You guessed it; as many of the Japanese-market Alpinas, this one has an automatic. It’s also quite expensive; $26,000 will get you into a lot of Ms, though nothing this rare I think. If you really want to stand apart in the BMW crowd, this is certainly a way to without totally breaking the bank.



  1. Ricky Weston
    Ricky Weston February 7, 2021

    Nice car. Too bad about the paint–definitely looks like something is going on. Their photos have been edited as well. I would want to see this one in person before buying. These 90’s Alpinas are such cool cars.

  2. Jim Fuerstenberg
    Jim Fuerstenberg February 8, 2021

    Nice car generally, but you would really have to want an Alpina vs a 98 M3, which would probably be similar money with similar mileage..

  3. Christian
    Christian February 8, 2021

    I’m curious as to how the new-price of this car compared to the US M3 that showed up a few years later. With the same power, I assume overall performance is the same, but I also imagine that the Alpina was far costlier than the M3. Shame about the automatic, I going to take a guess that you can swap that for a manual with little trouble.

  4. Greg
    Greg February 8, 2021

    The Alpina name certainly has value among BMW aficionados but this is a very weak sauce e36. Auto trans and same low hp as US M3 automatic. For $26k I’ll take an e92 M3 thanks. Or if you really need an e36 wait for a euro version to pop up. They are starting to be imported under the 25 year exemptions.

  5. John
    John February 8, 2021

    Just about perfect except for needing the manual and would prefer a later model 3.0. I like the exterior on these over the M3.

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