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1995 BMW M3 Coupe for sale on BMW CCA

Comparing the E36 M3 to the original E30 is not unlike setting the MkII GTI next to the MkI hot-hatch progenitor. While it may lack some of the rarity and old-school charm, it is, to say the least, an admirable performer with a few more modern comforts. All are excellent drivers cars, and the E36 M3 is known to have some of the best handling characteristics ever, which is no small claim. Similar to the GTI, you throw in a market with more supply than demand and massive aftermarket options and you’ve got accessible German speed. While this beautiful red coupe doesn’t have much information beyond price ($10,900 OBO) and mileage (78k), the pictures and BMW CCA listing both demonstrate an extremely well-cared for and original E36 M3.

1995 BMW M3 Coupe for sale on

All the seller has to say:

stock except for VDO gauge kit, owned for 5+ years, meticulously maintained, near perfect interior & exterior.

Especially with the OBO caveat, this seems like a great deal. It really is in beautiful condition and it’s refreshing to see an E36 kept so lovingly original. Other than having an extra couple of doors out back, this looks to be as good as E36s get.



  1. Poorhouse
    Poorhouse August 29, 2012

    Love it.

    Time to buy one of these. I think prices will start climbing on clean, unmolested examples.

  2. Larry
    Larry August 29, 2012

    The link doesn’t seem to be working for me. Sold perhaps? Did the ad say where the car was located? Good opportunity if it checks out – hard to say since there’s pretty much no information to work from. Very clean. Red is a bit loud but acceptable, and the black interior is perfect. Nice.

  3. Joe
    Joe August 29, 2012

    The first performance car I ever drove was an e36 M3. Up until this point, I was a car-crazed kid who had read everything about cars I could get my hands on but had never ridden or driven a car built for performance. My neighbor had just bought a new-to-her, dakar yellow/black interior, e36 M3 coupe. She tossed me the keys one day and it was all I could do keep myself from running to the car with excitement. I think it took me 5 minutes to figure out how to put it in reverse (down and to the left) and get going. I finally did and that drive still remains one of my most memorable driving experiences ever. The handling, linear power from the engine at nearly any RPM, amazing seats, great transmission and the best color combo ever had me smiling from ear to ear the entire time. I think I was laughing half of the ride because it was such a thrill. I’d love to own one of these someday!

    If the condition of the car is as good as the pics make it out to be, this one seems to be really nicely priced. Probably won’t last long.

  4. Miek
    Miek August 30, 2012

    Lower miles on this, nice.

    Though you can find very well taken care of higher mile examples that had all the maintanence done that this will need soon soon for less a price. Not paying that money for the around the corner maintanence and paying less is a good deal.

    ” I think prices will start climbing on clean, unmolested examples.”

    They already have, I was considering buying one not too long ago and the prices have gone up since a couple years ago by at least $2k. This is a rare example of a lower-mile bargain. Usually i’ve seen these with below 100k miles a couple thousand more to higher than that where before they were more around this price.

    It’s a shame we didn’t get the proper M3 motor in the US. Really if you look at it the Japanese own the 90s in terms of performance cars and the prices for them. You can’t get a Rx7 for less than 18k that is in this car’s condition. Well in this cars condition I might say not even $20k. Far more power than a E36 and better handling and more lightweight by far (2800lbs i believe for a FD). As long as cars like that exist this will not skyrocket in price. I have a feeling these M3s will stay around this for the forseeable future because of it.

    When the 25 year mark hits and the RX7/Supra prices come tumbling like it did for Canada at their 15 year mark then perhaps you may see this increase in price…. then yet again it wont. People will import Euro M3s and these will crash into obscurity. I really don’t see USDM E36 M3 as a collectable car because of that, at all. 325i territory IMO. Fun enthusiasts car but people will prize the M3, in this case the REAL M3. An E34 M5 on the otherhand…….

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