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1995 Mercedes-Benz E320 Cabriolet

Following up to the clean, low mileage Mercedes-Benz E320 sedan just featured, here is a very mint example of the first Mercedes-Benz four seat convertible manufactured since the early 1970s: the E320 cabriolet. Just shy of 3,700 examples were produced in this last year for the W124, featuring the venerable 3.2 liter inline six producing 217 hp. This example has yet to see the better side of 60,000 miles and it shows.

1995 Mercedes-Benz E320 Convertible on Hemmings Motor News

This E320 Cabriolet is painted in rare #721 Moonstone Gray Metallic with a Gray leather interior and black cloth top. A limited production hand-built car, this example has only 57,000 miles. No accidents ever with clean CarFax. All original paint. Meticulously maintained by its owner and used as a fair-weather driver only in Wisconsin summers and Florida winters. Must see and drive to appreciate.

It always amazes me that given how few E320 cabrios were produced, there always seems to be a wealth of clean, low mileage examples for sale. The asking prices for these models have always been strong, but $28,500 seems a bit optimistic. If this car had under 20,000 miles and was close to showroom fresh, maybe I could see it. But realistically, given the current economy, a value of closer to $20,000 seems more reasonable.

I will say that this car speaks to me, and quite loudly, because my 1998 Mercedes-Benz C230 was painted this very hue, Moonstone Gray Metallic, and it is a fantastic color. Subtle, with a hint of mauve about it in the right lighting. Ever since they appeared in 1992, the W124 E class cabriolet was a favorite of mine. I have no doubt that someday, when my economic and living situation changes, I will be searching for a clean, lovingly cared for example like this very car. And maybe I’ll be lucky enough to get it in Moonstone Gray.



  1. Larry
    Larry July 29, 2011

    Clean design, beautiful condition, nice colors, and a four-seater convertible is critical if you typically carry more than one passenger.

    $28.5K buys some pretty nice convertible alternatives – some provide better performance, some have a usable back seat, but very few have both.

    That said, I wouldn’t drive it. Sorry, Paul, but too much trophy wife car, too little performance. IMHO, a Mercedes CLK430 convertible (with AMG wheels, of course) would be a better choice.

  2. Paul
    Paul July 30, 2011

    While I have driven a few V8 engined CLK coupes and convertibles, and like the C/A 208/209, I’ll stick with the W124. I liked the CLKs a lot, but if you can get a W124 coupe or roadster for a decent price, one for a reasonable price, it’s worth that much more to have the classic Mercedes look and feel.

  3. Larry
    Larry July 30, 2011

    Definitely no contest on the looks, Paul. The W124 is far more stately and classic than any CLK.

  4. Takeshi Ota
    Takeshi Ota July 30, 2011

    Hello,guys! My name is Takeshi Ota. I own ’83 H3 in Japan , the one you introduced in your blog.
    First of all, thank you very much for sharing my car with a car. I am still trying to sell the car and i was wondering if you could help me with how to see if it is a real Hartge.
    I was trying to leave a reply from the my H3 page, but it did not let me.
    Thank you again for your time.

  5. always_fixing
    always_fixing July 30, 2011

    Nice car, but $28k seems very overpriced to me.

    Late model Audi convertibles in similar condition can be had for less than 1/2 this ask.

  6. Paul
    Paul July 31, 2011

    There’s a few reasons those Audi convertibles would cost less, off the top of my head. Less powerful with the 2.8, 172 hp V6, the built quality and reliability isn’t up to the standards set by Mercedes in that period of time and they are just more obscure on the used car market. While it’s not a bad car, it just seemed that it didn’t garner a following like four place Mercedes convertibles did at the time, especially after the CLK arrived. Granted, it seems the A4 cabriolets, at least from what I see around my region, have done better sales wise.

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