1997 BMW 740i

As we’ve featured in the past, the turn of the century luxury sedans often offer a great value. Clean examples aren’t too hard to come by and the prices for clean ones are generally pennies on the dollar.  The most plentiful of these flagships is none other than BMWs 7 series. The 7 series has been at the top of the luxury segment for nearly 3 decades and has been the poster child for German luxury.

This clean low mileage 7 series for sale outside of Philadelphia has the potential to be a great classic luxury driver.

1997 BMW 740i on eBay

Luxury V8! Power everything! Extensive wood trim! A real luxury sedan, the ultimate BMW driving machine! ONE OWNER! Dealer Serviced (records avaialble). Super low miles! We will take Trade Ins. The car has been inspected by our mechanic!

You are looking at an exceptionally well kept, great looking sport V8 luxury automobile, one of the finest series that BMW makes. This car says a lot about its owner, and has been renowned in the world as a symbol of prestige and class, as well as having great performance. The vehicle has been made and assembled entirely in Germany, and consists only of Germany made parts! It’s been very well kept and serviced; in fact it runs almost like a new car. It’s a great classic Dark Green color for this model and combined with the Tan leather interior adds lot of luxury appeal to it. It also has the Premium Sound & comfort packages.

Judging from the miles and the condition of the car, it has been mostly used on the highway and it has also been garage kept. There are no reported manufacturer’s defects on this vehicle. The engine is an exceptional V8 (282hp, 315 lbs-ft) – one of the most powerful in the segment; runs strong and smooth provides the power you have come to expect from a BMW. The transmission has the BMW mark on it as well and shifts like on a new car, no skips or slips on shifts; actually it does it so smoothly that you can’t feel it shifting. The car runs great! The engine compartment is clean and free of any leaks.

All the electrical options appear to be in working order. This BMW is equipped with a dual-zone climate control system and the AC blows ice-cold. The optional Headlight Washers also add a nice touch. The passengers at the back can also control and direct airflow. The front seats come heated. As you can judge yourself from the pictures, the interior is clean. The seats are 18 way adjustable including lumbar support for both driver and passenger seats as well as bending of the back of the seat; you can actually bent the back to suit your sitting posture. This luxury sedan also sports 5 memory settings so that different drivers can feel comfortably in the same car or for different sitting positions according to the driving environment you face; relaxed for highway cruising or more hands on for a bit of sport driving.

Extra comfort comes from heated seats on both front seats, and extensive lumbar support for the drivers and passengers seat, as well as a steering wheel that slides into your defined position after you sit in the car. The steering wheel has control buttons for most everything so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road. Also has the auto dimming rear view mirror to cope with those who get in behind you and flash you with headlight for a more relaxed evening/night driving experience. The power locks, windows, seats and moon roof (and all the other electrical features) all work and are in excellent condition, and it is also one of the first models that came with projector lights that are still missing from most modern cars.

A fine premium surround system makes your music come alive, with fully adjustable settings. Store up to 20 FM/AM presets for the radio. Comes with all season tires – s­­ome of the best tires you can get – on this auto have been rotated, balanced and as you can see, still have plenty of tread wear left. Not many of those V8 BMWs were made for the US, this is your chance to own a truly unique sport luxurious sedan painted in a classic greeen that stands out. Even though the vehicle is in great condition, please keep in mind that this is not a new vehicle and will have some normal signs of wear for the year and the mileage on the vehicle. We try our best to describe our vehicles and it is what you see it in the pictures!

While this is a clean low mile example of BMWs flagship, it is grossly overpriced as can be expected from a dealer. With all of the options, extensive maintenance history, and a mere 4K miles annually, this car would be a great buy at about $2,500 less than the $9,450 buy it now price. With some negotiating and possibly a reality check on the seller’s part, you could be rolling like a VIP for a song.


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  1. “The vehicle has been made and assembled entirely in Germany, and consists only of Germany made parts! ”

    Oh wow… stuff that drives me nuts, #426 in a series… dear dealer, we get it, it’s a BMW, it was made in Germany. Great. The Germans made lotsa lemons too, you know! And as far as accuracy goes, I doubt the Michelin tires were made in Germany, ditto the horrible cellphone.

    And what happened to the hood roundel???

  2. Agree with Dallas – they want a premium price, but can’t attend to little details like a faded or damaged hood emblem? They are cheap to buy and easy to replace, but that small investment goes a long way toward eliminating buyer concerns. No excuses.

    It’s amazing how fast technology advances – that (now vintage) phone would have been a big selling feature ten years ago!

  3. This appears to be fine example of an E38, a classically styled elegant, and timeless automobile. The fanciful description might appeal to the type of person who bought this car as a status symbol over a decade ago, but seems especially contrived in this venue. The E65 that followed ushered in the (current) dark ages of BMW, a well cared for E38 is a rare find and a bargain at sub 10k. Most of these cars where I live are driven by low-rent drug dealers trying to look like mobsters.

  4. “The vehicle has been made and assembled entirely in Germany, and consists only of Germany made parts! ”

    Perhaps what he’s trying to say is that the previous owner didn’t use any cheap Chinese made replacement parts. IMHO it is pretty stupid to use only BMW or OE parts on a 16 year old daily driver that isn’t destined to be a sought after classic but to each his own.

  5. The dealer’s lack of attention to detail (emblem $28.95) is bothersome. I don’t think some OE quality maintenance parts (non-branded BMW) aren’t worth it. A German made fuel filter for this car runs anywhere from $15 dollars to $20 depending on which brand. Bosch spark plugs 4.95 each….
    Fuel light on bugs me.

  6. classic Oxford Green color….is it just me nitpicking but the 740i badge is just up waay to high on the trunk lid….repaint???….
    M-parallel wheels give these cars a nice sporty stance

  7. MDriver is right. When they repainted the trunk (accident?) the body shop could not be bothered to place the 740i script in the correct location? That’s a pet peeve of mine, it’s not that difficult to get that little detail right.

  8. Why does this dealer appear to pop up on this site ? This dealer has some very negative comments if you google it. I know its caveat emptor but do not highlight selections tend to imply value or interest? I find opinions about this seller on the internet troublesome .

  9. “That’s a pet peeve of mine, it’s not that difficult to get that little detail right.”

    And it is painfully obvious when the body shop gets it wrong.

  10. John: I think I can answer the fuel light issue. It’s a car salesman thing. All of the used car dealers I know refuse to put in a full tank of fuel. They will put $10 in, drive for a few days, then put in some more. I’ve never understood why they do that, but they do.

    As to the car: trunk appears to have been repainted (paint texture is wrong) and as others have said, the badge is in the wrong place. A careful look at the trim pieces show different levels of wear, suggesting they have been replaced at different times. Need think about why they may have been replaced. I’d want to go over this entire car with my paint meter to get a better idea.

    The Michelins on this car have been out of production for a long time; need to check the date code on the tires to make sure they’re still safe to drive. If not, plan on about $800 for a new set of Michelins.

    The driver’s seat looks like it’s been touched up by one of the mobile interior reconditioners that make their way around the car dealer circuit. Skill level varies, so check that carefully.

    The phone is not a BMW branded phone, it’s just a cheap cellular provider unit. It should have been removed and tossed into the trash before taking pictures. But that would leave holes in the console or carpet that would need to be addressed…

    One final thought: the service records show this car has been in for repairs a lot. I would want to get a better handle on why it required attention so much.

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  12. This seller also has a shady history. He has several complaints on Yelp and some other sites for grossly misrepresenting cars. I guess that would explain the Cybill Shepard “Moonlighting” soft focus pictures that would tell the real story of this vehicle. I would leave this car exactly where it is currently.

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