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1997 BMW 840Ci

$_57 (1)

While the E24 6 series coupe, like the one we featured yesterday, had staying power in the lineup, its replacement, the 8 series, led a bit shorter of a life, especially in the US. Designed to compete with the newly introduced Mercedes SL in 1990, it fell short of expectations and went rather unnoticed for a number of years. These grand tourers were a bit more complex than their forebears, especially when equipped with the V12 engine, which led some to shy away from them. Recently, they have started to make a comeback with enthusiasts and priced have started to climb just a bit. There are plenty of needy, high mileage examples out there for cheap but this low mileage V8 engined 840Ci for sale in Florida is not one of them.

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Year: 1997
Model: 840Ci
Engine: 4.4 liter V8
Transmission: 5-speed automatic
Mileage: 20,918 mi
Price: Reserve auction

$_57 (3)


This car is being sold AS IS, with no warranties, expressed or implied. Included in the sale are the original BMW 16″ wheels, in addition to the BBS wheels on the car now. The tires have about 3000 miles on them. It has been well maintained and anything that went wrong with it I’ve had fixed or replaced. I am not a mechanic, but I use a very reputable shop here in Tampa. If you are interested and serious, I will get the records from the shop and forward them to you, or give you the contact information of the shop and you can speak with them.

I believe that there are very minor scratches under the doors where rocks/debris or whatever have contacted the car from normal driving. There is a small discoloration on the driver seat about the size of a quarter, but other than that the leather looks great. I don’t think the passenger electronic seat controls work that well, if at all. The little screen from the computer has some pixelation that you can see in the photos. This is common on these BMW computers and this one appears to be in better condition than others I’ve seen.

When I bought this car, from my grandmother, about 10 years ago, I wasn’t real happy with the original paint. She really didn’t wax it much, or really understand paint maintenance, so I had the entire car METICULOUSLY repainted. The shop used the factory codes, and the paint is better than original when new. The paint job cost $8,700 in 2005, and it all matches the VIN. A potential buyer needs to understand that I am OCD when it comes to cars. I wasn’t cheap with the maintenance, and anyone who is SERIOUSLY considering purchasing this car, I’ll give you the contact info for the mechanic (who is German and owns the shop, and his own BMW 850). I am sure there are things that I am going to forget, but overall this car is beautiful.


Listed above.


This car was purchased new by my grandmother. She sold it to me around 2004. I have four cars, and only a two car garage. It would be really nice if someone who really cares about cars, and loves these 8 series BMW’s, would purchase it.

Shipping and Payment:

Shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser. Payment should be made in full with a bank check.

…and yes, the mileage is correct!

$_57 (4)

There are some nits to pick with this car, such as the computer screen and power passenger seat, but nothing too major as to detract from the overall package. There are three good signs here. First, it’s a family owned car and second, the owner has access to the records. Couple this with his willingness to put you in touch with the mechanic who worked on the car and it should leave little to the imagination. The starting bid is quite optimistic. Realistically, somewhere around the $17,000 to low $20,000 range would be a bit more realistic. Only the high-performance 850CSi is bringing strong money at the moment like what the owner is seeking.