2001 BMW 740iL Sport

Two large German sedans from the last three decades stand out in my mind as perhaps the most beloved. The Mercedes-Benz W126 S-class and the car you see here, the BMW E38 7 series. While the BMW E32 7 series moved the luxury car chains in the late 1980s, the E38 refined the breed, carrying on the option of the smooth V12 at the top of the range while streamlining the classic BMW styling hallmarks we know and love just a bit. This final year 740iL for sale in Florida has the Sport Package, which includes the sought after Style 37 M-Parallel alloy wheels. Having covered less than 50,000 miles, this burgundy beauty has a lot of life left in it.

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Year: 2001
Model: 740iL Sport
Engine: 4.4 liter V8
Transmission: 5-speed automatic
Mileage: 45,249 mi
Price: Reserve auction

2001 BMW 740iL with Sport Package!

Navigation, sport wheels, Xenon lights, moonroof! Winter package, only 45,249 actual miles!

Up for auction is a beautiful and last year of this body style 2001 BMW 740iL sport package. Rare colors and just beautiful. This car has only 45,249 actual miles and is as close to new as can be. This car is new guys! Heated seats, CD changer, moonroof, 18″ sport wheels with new tires all around. Xenon lights and of course full power and so much more. This is a rare car to have an iL with Sport Package as well as such low miles. Non-smoker, no accidents and no issues and it drives as excellent as you would expect. This is as nice as they come guys and just a beautiful car all around. We also have all books and manuals as well as original window sticker showing the car to be over $71,000 when new. Give me a call if you are serious about owning this super low mile 740iL sport package. Office 754 307 1612 OR CELL 954 600 7929. Ask for Danny. Good luck bidding and thanks for having a look.


Generally I’d shy away from vibrant colors on an executive sedan, but the E38 7 series is one of those cars that lends itself well to more vibrant colors. The Royal Red on this example looks positively rich. Somewhere in the $11,000 to $14,000 range is about what you would expect to pay for a 7er of this vintage with similar mileage. Sure, the running costs may be higher than a newer mid-sized sedan, but with the V8 engine and low miles, you’ll be averting the more costly issues of the V12 powered 750iL. So ask yourself a question. Don’t you deserve to drive something a bit more posh?


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  1. Judging from this dealer’s investment in the Armor All, I’m guessing the reserve is at least $20k.

  2. Lol @atnorman – I do love a good underhood detail. 😉

    IIRC the sport package was pretty rare on the LWB version?

  3. That’s not “Calypso Red”? Also love the foaming-at-the-mouth progression of this description: “AS CLOSE TO NEW AS CAN BE .. THIS CAR IS NEW GUYS !!” Yep. Buying a new car. Sure the window sticker was $71K. Can I pay you more now? It must have gone up in value, right?

    Anyway, always loved this body style. Kind of a mix between e34 and e39, in just the right way.

    From what I hear about other BMWs of this vintage, they’re not the most reliable, though, whether it’s plastic impellers, twisting power seats or finicky always breaking cup holders.

  4. “From what I hear about other BMWs of this vintage, they’re not the most reliable, though, whether it’s plastic impellers, twisting power seats or finicky always breaking cup holders.”

    thats the easy stuff. (and the rest of the cooling system too)

    the only real achilles heel of the otherwise very robust M62tu motor is the timing guides…they can break and be a costly repair or kill the engine. most would advise they should be replaced preventatively 100-120k miles. The DIY is not for the faint of heart but is very well documented online should one take the plunge. Otherwise, count on $3k+ for the job at an indy shop

  5. @Bushwick Bob No it’s not called Calypso Red for 2001. It’s called “Royal rot”. In German rot translates to red.

  6. Nick: Ouch!

    John: Stimmt. Wahr oder nichts die beide sieht ähnlich aus.

  7. This isn’t a true “Sport Package” E38. Besides the M-parrallel wheels, it’s missing everything else. No shadow-line trim, M-Sport steering wheel, Sport seats, lowered suspension ect. BMW never made a long-wheelbase Sport E38 (as far I know).
    Note: I did notice shadow-line trim after looking at the larger photo’s. But I’m still standing by my opinion! Ha ha.

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