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Tuner Tuesday: 2002 Porsche 911 Turbo

If yesterday’s Koni Challenge 997 was a little too extreme for your Porsche dreams, you don’t need to look far for another stunning deal. We’ve talked a lot about what an incredible performance package the 996 twin turbo still is; over a decade on, even box stock these are still cars that perform at near exotic levels. Despite that massive performance, they’re available for a relative song – we’ve even seem some higher mileage examples dipping into the $30,000 range. Today’s example has been turned up as many have, now capable of 600 horsepower ripping pavement through all four wheels. That means your trumped-up Beetle can embarrass most Ferraris, Lamborghinis and some small airplanes for only $50,000. It’s so fast, not only the pictures but even the dyno readout is blurry from speed:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2002 Porsche 911 Turbo on eBay

Year: 2002
Model: 911 Turbo
Engine: 3.6 liter twin-turbocharged flat-6
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 56,400 mi
Price: $50,000 Buy It Now

Up for sale is a 2002 Porsche 911 Turbo. This car is in excellent condition inside and out. It stays in a climate controlled garage when it is not being driven. I have owned the car the past 7 years and have loved every minute of ownership

The car is an absolute blast to drive, it runs a very reliable 540awhp on 93 or 600 awhp on 100 octane. Properly setup suspension and wheel / tire package puts it on rails.

The way the car sits now it is ready to be pulled out of the garage tomorrow and go run an event or just cruise the streets. All maintenance is up to date, tires are in great condition, brake pads in great condition. No accidents, no history.

Car comes complete with the following mods;
(Im sure I am missing some ins and out, but this is the platform, any questions feel free to ask)

– RUF Front Bumper w/ complete ductwork
– Strosek Wing from Precision Porsche
– 35% Tint
– Xpel Paint Protection (clear bra) Hood, Fenders, Front Bumper, Headlights & Mirrors

– Tequipemnt OEM Roll Bar
– Sparco DTM RS Seats w/ carbon fiber backs (still have stock seats which are full powered, heated and great condition)
– OEM Carbon Fiber Package
– OEM Full Leather Package

Engine / Trans
– EPL Billet 24/20 turbos
– 72lb Injectors
– EPL Tuned- 2 programs for 93 / 100 octane
– EVO MS Diverter Valves
– EVO MS Boost Hose Kit
– EVO MS Clubsport Intercoolers
– EVO MS Clubsport Headers
– Custom Inlet Pipes
– Remus 100 cell Exhaust
– UMW Clutch Kit w/ lightweight flywheel (sachs parts)
– GT2 Slave Conversion
– 997 Short Throw Shifter

Wheels / Brakes / Suspension
– Fikse FM5 18x9f 18x12r
– Toyo R888 245f 315r
– Brembo GT BBK 380mm rotors up front
– JIC Cross Coilovers, corner balanced and aligned
– Torque Solutions Dog Bone Kit
– Torque Solutions Toe Link Kit
– Eibach Anti Roll Sway Bar Kit

Feel free to text or call me with any additional questions 516.449.5382

Thank you for viewing.

It may have happened – I may have actually found a Strosek piece that I don’t immediately hate. The wing on this 996 hints towards the GT2 but is different enough to look special but not out of place. Neat! Up front the Ruf bumper makes the car more purposeful and a bit less garish. The brake, suspension and wheel upgrades are great, though for longevity I’d probably turn the boost down. Outside of that, this car looks really impressive, and it’s hard to imagine anything that’s capable of more speed for less money. This car will get you to the track, blow just about everything away, and cruise back home in style. Impressive? In every way, if you can live with the looks of the 996 you won’t find more performance for less money.