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2002 BMW 325iT boy racer version

After some of the amusing comments about the E39 M5 clone wagon I thought I’d fan the flames with this total boy racer E46 Wagon.

The mostly all show mods to this wagon will make it stand out, but unlike some of the other cars we post you are still stuck with a low horsepower wagon with an automatic. I tend to like my wagons the other way, sleepers, with little outside identification, but raging beasts stuffed under the hood, a la AMG wagons.

This 89,000 mile wagon has had a bucketload of cosmetic parts and badges thrown at it. 20″ BMW labeled rims, extra chrome, mesh grille with M badge, M sport paint work, tinted tails, etc. The car has upgraded sound system as well. There isn’t much description, but the seller says there is too much to list, surely not parts from the Dinan or A.C. Schnitzer catalog.

The ask is $9,500, with bids currently up to $6,600.  Honestly not a bad car for your kid who goes to a 2nd tier private boarding school and needs something to haul his gear. It has to be buyer be ware when purchasing a car from someone whose eBay handle contains the phrase “sexyboy”.

2002 BMW 325iT cosmetically “enhanced” on eBay



  1. Evan
    Evan March 25, 2012

    Ended at $6,600 reserve not met.

  2. Evan
    Evan March 25, 2012

    @ nill congrats on the purchase, if you got that for the high eBay bid I’d call it well bought. Enjoy the new ride. You can see some of our wheels on the about us page.

  3. Larry
    Larry March 28, 2012

    So the seller is willing to pay $9500 to get rid of this thing?

    Oh, wait…nevermind.

  4. Kevin
    Kevin March 28, 2012

    I saw this car in person about a month ago at Caffeine and Octane in Atlanta. Not very impressive up close.

  5. Bob
    Bob March 31, 2012

    This is the car I traded in my Corrado for (Except mine is Blue) They are great. Not the best handling car ever, but very comfy and competent and solidly built. The Wagon is the best E46 in the looks dept. Mine has the right combo of parts. An 03 with Nav, sport package, xenon, manual. I modded it very subtlely with 3301 brakes, Turner Sway bars, Koni FSD shocks. Forget about 20 inch rims on an E46. It will ruin the driving experience.

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