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Beautiful & Stock 1993 Volkswagen Corrado SLC For Sale

Boy ‘oh boy you have to sort through a ton of questionable Rados to find something like this.  My want list for a Rado starts with a bone stock, SLC, with lower ‘ish miles, and lovingly maintained.  Check, check, check, and freaking check.

1993 Volkswagen Corrado:

From the seller –

“Seller has 24yrs of experience as a certified Volkswagen mechanic at the VW dealership I work for. This car is immaculate and garage kept. I photographed the car and drove it, it is a solid car. I only noticed the Neuspeed intake, I am unaware of any mods. This is an extremely OEM car. Excuse the glare in the photos, this car looks much better in person!

-86k original miles
-original clutch
-new front brakes
-new sunroof assembly
-new windshield
-new headliner
-new driver window regulator
-newish pass window regulator
-charged AC
-2yr old distributor
-new coolant flange, thermostat and coolant temp sensor
-new ignition switch
-10 disk changer comes with car
-original rims w/ tires come with car
-2 keys and 2 remotes”

That is a lot of pictures but I am pretty smitten with this car.  As a much younger man I remember taking a new SLC home for the weekend to wrap my head around buying it.  Thankfully cooler heads prevailed, what does a starving college student need with what was a $23k car at the time?  It would have been financial suicide.

But, the Rado did not make it a easy choice.  Superb handling, fantastic build quality (for a VW), and the willing VR6 made for a very tempting proposition.

This particular Rado is in wonderful condition, loved, and owned by a VW tech.  If you have been looking for a Rado this may be the one to act on.  Price has been reduced to $10.5, which is a lot of German goodness for the money.




  1. Larry
    Larry March 28, 2012

    Always impressed with what the Corrado SLC could do, performance-wise. Never quite warded up to the atomic egg appearance and motorized mouse seatbelts (it was a dark time for passive safety devices).

    As a Scirocco 16V owner, this was the car I was supposed to move up to. Never did happen.

  2. Bob
    Bob March 31, 2012

    Nice car, just get some Cdn spec seat belts. The Cdn cars were specced better all around. Recaros with power and heat, headlight washers. I prefer the coil pack cars because they also had an oil pressure gauge , voltmeter and a bit nicer interior. .

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