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2002 BMW M5

There is something particularly appealing about a car that has been driven and still appears well cared for. Many of the cars we feature here at GCFSB are driver’s cars; sometimes they’re performance monsters, while others provide an elegant mix of refinement and sportiness. Regardless, these are cars we think most people would enjoy taking home and driving. With those points in mind, it’s always nice to come across cars for sale whose condition and mileage allow for a buyer to make a decision based strictly on the car and any potential driving pleasure rather than on market value and collector status. We enjoy pristine collector cars as much as anyone else, but passion is instilled by enjoying these cars on the road, not just through their appearance. This all brings me to the car featured here, a 2002 Imola Red BMW M5, located in Missouri. This M5 is no collector car. It’s a driver, yet still looks fantastic in its Imola Red paint. The e39 M5 is a car that begs to be driven and hopefully whomever becomes the new owner of this machine will do just that.


Year: 2002
Model: M5
Engine: 4.9 liter V8
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 136,000 mi
Price: Reserve Auction (Buy It Now $15,500)


Up for sale is my 2002 Imola Red M5. The car is in excellent shape, both mechanical and cosmetic. Recently has a new clutch, front end suspension, power steering lines, BRAND NEW REAR and FRONT bumpers. I just had the entire car detailed and it looks great. Tires are about 3/4 tread and the car drives like new down the highway. Everything works perfectly and there are zero warning lights or issues. Brand new catalytic converters and O2 sensors so that expense is done for 100K miles. Car is completely stock with the exception of Magnaflow aftermarket cats and it runs absolutely great. Zero issues at all. I just had all four wheels refinished to match OE color due to curb rash and chipping of the paint so they look brand new. I am buying to get a newer M5 because I absolutely love these beasts and I guarantee you will too. If you have never driven an M5 prepare to smile through each gear. Buyer responsible for shipping/pick-up. I can help with meeting a truck if required but I will not deliver.


The exterior of this M5 presents very well, and while the interior appears to have seen a bit of wear there is nothing too egregious to be seen here. Overall, we have an example of a legendary car in which any buyer should feel quite comfortable putting it through some hard miles. As with any car with a decent bit of mileage you’ll want to make sure it comes through with a good PPI. The Buy It Now is in reasonable territory for a M5 with this mileage and comes in at around half the price of a pristine e39. All things considered, an attractive car that looks attainable at an attractive price. There’s an awful lot to like here!



  1. G
    G November 27, 2013

    New front and rear bumpers, and the M5 badge isn’t remotely close to where it’s supposed to be. Wonder what happened to this car…

  2. Matt
    Matt November 27, 2013

    My guess is rear ended and also bumped car in front. Body shop removed emblem to blend the trunk and bumper, put back in wrong place. Probably also the reason for the new Magnaflow exhaust.

  3. MDriver
    MDriver November 27, 2013

    proper service is everything to an S62….high miles are not a big concern as long as all maintenance was done up to date and nothing was skipped…..carbon build up is an issue for higher mileage M5’s and an expensive fix….there is a test one can do too see if this is the case….
    what the other posters mention as well…..badge is out of place….front & rear bumpers replaced…front suspension done but not rear???…
    no mention of brake service….a strong PPI is def. in order here

  4. David B.
    David B. November 27, 2013

    My pet peeve is when badging isn’t is the correct spot. If the bodyshop can’t get that right, it causes me to think their other work may be substandard

  5. John
    John November 28, 2013

    Matt nailed it.. Well everyone did, really. The bragging about new bumpers sounds more like bravado and the dramatically misplaced M5 badge seals the deal. This car has had some sort of body/paint work. There’s no way around that. 15 grand for an eleven year old BMW with 140k miles and paintwork is questionable, at best. I love E28-E39 5 series about as much as anybody, but come on.

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