2003 Audi S8

It is with a tinge of regret that I post nearly every S8, but especially the 2003 models. That’s because they’re one of my favorite cars, and with only 1,200 total examples imported to the U.S., they’re not exactly common. This is especially true when it came to the last year of the D2 S8; you had to select a no-cost “Limited Edition” package three special color combinations. The Brilliant Black is nice and Ming Blue is always pretty, but for my money no S8 matches the color combination of the third; the Avus Silver Pearl with Oxblood interior. Only 100 of these cars were made up and it feels as though I’ve let half of those slip through my hands:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 2003 Audi S8 on Craigslist

Year: 2003
Model: S8
Engine: 4.2 liter V8
Transmission: 5-speed automatic
Mileage: 117,000 mi
Price: $11,000 Buy It Now

I’m selling my 2003 Audi S8, it’s my daily driver. The car is fully loaded, it has front and rear parking sensors, rear blind sun shade, cold package, premium package, navigation, everything except solar sunroof for this year model!
I’m the third owner, I bought it a year and a half ago and put around 15k miles myself. I have full service history records. All major maintenance already done (including timing belt job). Since I bought it I put brand new hankook ventus V12 tires, replaced power steering hose, valve cover gasket, battery, along with keeping with maintenance such us replacing air filters, oil, spark plugs, etc. less than 5k miles ago.
I’m flexible with the price but please, serious buyers only.
Will consider trading it up or down for mercedes benz S/SL/CL class.

The overall condition of this example is quite good; miles are right, maintenance is done and it’s original. This car also has the Premium Package which combined many of the separately available options on early models like the heated seats, shades, ski sack, navigation, parktronic and tire pressure monitors. The only two remaining options would be OnStar and the solar roof; options which frankly wouldn’t be missed by most. What is missed is every opportunity one of these super sedans pops up; easily the prettiest large sedan sold at the time and perhaps one of the best looking ever, I’ll continue to hope that my parking situation changes before they’re all gone.


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  1. I will never understand the obsession with car companies and silver cars.

  2. there is a dealer in CT that used to always have 2 or 3 of these in stock all the time…last one I saw was Ming Blue….not sure how well these age especially when they fall to the 2/3rd owners who may or may not have the $$$ to stay on top of the maintenance these cars require….

  3. My theory is that silver must be literally cheap — or at least often so. After all, balance sheets often rule. To me silver always looks like sheet metal and the whole painting process was just skipped.

  4. Dealership managers build most of the cars they sell for inventory. You can’t build them in really cool or crazy colors because not enough of the population appreciates them and you don’t want to get stuck with them. Popularity rules the roost and for an Audi, silver and black are what the public wants. Think about this… If you’re a GSM and you have to build 40 A4’s a month how monotonous do you think it gets clicking menus on a screen to order cars? Even if you were building 911’s it gets old real quick. Oh and god forbid you miss an important box because you’re bored out of your skull, say miss putting in a sunroof or clicking some basic option, then you’re screwed because you’ll be stuck with a car no one wants. Yea I love that eggplant sort of color that’s very subtle and often looks black, try selling 10 of them…. not happening easily. Also, consider the typical buyer of an S8 today… corporate types who are probably car guys somewhere inside because they are willing to drop a buck and a quarter on a daily driver sedan like a S8 typically are not going to want some not to subtle color when they pull into work.

    Love this car… not sure on the pricing… looks like ALL the money if you asked me… either way I would love to have it in my garage.

  5. I prefer this (Avus) to the more common light silver metallic but seems I’ll never find the right andorra red pearl effect.

  6. Oh but it’s such a sleeper…. Until you get inside. I would happily revel inside this beast while most on the outside wouldn’t have clue. And it’s oh so competent. Keep them coming Carter!

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