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2003 Audi S8


This post is in our archives. Links in this post may have been updated to point to similar cars available to bid on eBay.

Like so many of us, my interest in Audi’s super sedan started with the film Ronin, in which the car takes center stage during one of the greatest chase scenes of all time. Prior to seeing the film I had zero interest in Euro luxo barges with big motors. I thought the bulletproof 750iL from Tomorrow Never Dies was pretty badass, but it wasn’t a car that lusted after because I knew real ones didn’t come with rocket launchers. Following that first viewing of Ronin however, I was obsessed and to this day the D2 S8 is still my favorite Audi to carry the badge. I appreciate the refined D3 and its Lamborghini sourced V10, as well as the current D4 models with their insanely high tech features and the biturbo V8 power plant shared with Bentley. However, sometimes a brand just does it right the first go round and I think that’s the case with the S8. The svelte styling would have you think the car comes in at less than the 4,000 lb curb weight, a number which is achieved with the much ballyhooed Audi Space Frame. Much has been made of the aluminum frame of these A8/S8 cars over the years and while I think it’s certainly cool, I don’t think it’s what makes these cars so special. For me it is the overall design language and appearance that puts the S8 above the competition.

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Year: 2003
Model: S8
Engine: 4.2 liter V8
Transmission: 5-speed automatic
Mileage: 119,731 mi
Price: $12,950

Without a doubt, Audi makes exquisite cars! Our 2003 Audi S8 Quattro Premium shown proudly in Silver Metallic set over, Burgundy leather seats is sporty, elegant and provides great handling with outstanding performance. Under the hood sits a , 4.2 Liter V8 that is connected to a crisp shifting 5 speed automatic, our German-made Quattro all-wheel drive system has , much to offer thanks to its impressive driving dynamics, stability, traction and safety known to this model. With up to , 20 mpg hwy, you can arrive at your destination in style. Notice the Chrome Wheels and Sun Roof! , Our Audi 4 door sedan has sleek styling, with comfortable heated leather seating. Other luxuries at your fingertips include , an amazing Bose premium Audio system, Navigation System, plus creature comforts that you expect from Audi. Notice the , parking sensors for both front and rear to help you from curb checking this machine. , Our Quattro is for the adventurous while surprisingly refined for comfort and leisure. A car of this quality and design wont , be here long! Print this page and call us Now… We Know You Will Enjoy Your Test Drive Towards Ownership!, , Please contact Craig @ 888-348-0231

This final year example sports the 18″ nine spoke RS wheels that are among my favorite ever to be offered by Audi. For some people wheels aren’t a big deal but I find them to be of great importance when choosing a vehicle, especially these older Q-Ships. They fill out the wheel well perfectly and only the 20″ “S-Design” alloys offered on the D3 fall into the same league of sexy in my opinion. The wheels and the exterior on this example appear to be in wonderful overall condition, always impressive given that many of these cars lived in harsh climates, piloted by drivers of an advanced age. The results of such a life are often no so pleasant.

If I’m completely honest, the Silver exterior is boring and I’d much rather the car be Dark Blue, Green or even a Metallic Brown, but I’d be willing to deal with it because this car has the perfect interior. I’m a sucker for Burgundy leather and I remember just how classy it felt the first time I rode in an Audi that was fitted with it. The lighter wood trim may not be for everyone but you have to admit, it looks damn good in this particular application. I would have probably passed right by this listing were it not for the color of the interior, I’m so glad it caught my eye. The inclusion of the original safety triangle in the trunk is also a little detail that I love, I don’t know why but that just completes the package for me. You can pick up many different cars for around $13k but few of them will match the value offered by an S8 like this one. I like to think of it as a high performance, lo-fi luxury car, because even though center stack houses a tape deck (still a great way to enjoy music), the engine bay houses a 4.2 liter V8. A motor that is happy to cruise along at triple digit speeds all day long and perhaps evade some bad guys in Peugeots.



  1. Carter
    Carter July 12, 2015

    Only 3 colors available in 2003 – each year of the U.S. S8 had different color options. The Avus looks boring in photos, but it much more dynamic in person. It’s a lovely color when it’s properly presented. The minus 4,000 lbs is actually really impressive; this car is lighter than the S4 Avant I was just driving, and though it doesn’t have a 6-speed manual on the fly there’s nothing between them. This exact car is definitely on my hit list, though I differ from you in the Celebration/RS wheel department. They sometimes look okay, but generally I think the earlier 18″ 6-spoke Avus wheels suit the car better.

  2. Carter
    Carter July 12, 2015

    I also have a nagging suspicion that the front passenger wheel is a replica replacement. The dish doesn’t quite look right to it, but only that one.

  3. Paul
    Paul September 17, 2015

    I remember one of you editors writing about finding one of these D2 S8’s in a manual, just wanted to alert you about this one on ebay right now and could not find the contact me on the site. Enjoy!

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