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2004 BMW 330ci ZHP Performance Package

The success of the Motorsport derived versions of each generation of the venerable 3-series mean that it’s both easy and a natural choice to concentrate on them in the used market. But BMW has also offered some pretty special non-M models in the 3-series lineup, and the 2003-2006 330i. Much like the M3, the 330i was available in 2-door coupe and convertible no surprise there – but the 330i was also quite popular as a sedan and the E46 M3 never came in that configuration. If you ticked the ZHP Performance Package box, you paid an additional $3,900 on top of the premium for your top-of-the-line 330i. While that was no small amount of change, what that amount resulted in was actually quite a bargain. Developed by BMW Individual, you got a plethora of performance details throughout the package. Outside, M-Tech body pieces adorned the car front, sides and rear and blacked out trim replaced the chrome. So too were M-branded special Style 135 18″ wheels, with tires to match the width of bigger brother M3. Lower and stiffer suspension was met with more negative camber, special reinforcement and control arms. The engine was upgraded too, with unique cams and a revised engine map resulting in 10 more horsepower, but the ZHP was more than 10 hp quicker off the line thanks to a shorter final drive and a 6-speed manual borrowed from M. Performance wise, the ZHP split the difference between the 330i and M3 in acceleration and cornering, so it really was a performance package to live up to its name. Inside, too, many special details adorned the ZHP – from small items like lightly revised gauges with special needles to unique shifter, steering wheel, seat fabric and eggcrate dash trim. Just like the S-Line Titanium Package Audis, these more potent 330is have a cultish following who proudly claim they’re not only special, but one of the most special BMWs made:

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Year: 2004
Model: 330ci
Engine: 3.0 liter inline-6
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 141,747 mi
Price: $12,795 Buy It Now

Six speed manual sunroof coupe with factory ZHP/Sport Package. Xenons, leather, heated seats, cold weather package and COLD AC.

I’ve owned the car for just over two years/15K mi. – time for a change.
It runs very well and has an unbelievable list of new parts since ownership.

The ZHP package encompasses a ton of major and minor differences from your average 330, some items:
Factory Sport Suspension Package, lowered, stiffer springs/sways and sport valved shocks.
Exterior package includes “piano black” trim throughout, M-tech front bumper, rear diffuser, side skirts, trunk spoiler and a “badgeless” trunk lid.
The engine comes factory with Alpina cams and upgraded ECU software for a 10-15hp advantage
Factory stainless Sport exhaust. Factory Xenon headlights.
Diff. gear ratio is slightly lower, coupled with the M3 six speed trans. – makes for a quick/peppy rummage through the gears.
The factory interior upgrade package is very tasteful, with ZHP specific “cube” anodized aluminum door, dash and console trim. Alcantra steering wheel/shift and E-brake boots.
Leather Sport seats (heated!), M-Sport steering wheel, gauge package and shift knob.
Harman Kardon sound package w/ factory subs.

The Exterior:
Remains in good condition, all paint intact/shiny. All piano black window trim is in excellent condition, NO scratches.
Due to some curb scrapes and rock chips, car could use some paintwork on the front bumper, side skirts and hood.
New clear side markers (located on each side of front fenders) made a huge difference in looks over the fogged/yellowed originals.
Windows were recently tinted by the best tinting place in the region, Atlantic Shoreline, Va. Beach – Va. Legal using the highest quality tint package.
Driver side view mirror cover has a clip in tab missing, both mirror glass have the typical corrosion on the polarization/tinting.
*** I will include BRAND NEW/IN BOX mirror covers and both polarized glass pieces with sale of vehicle. – Covers will need to be painted to match vehicle.*** I had intended to renew the glass and covers if I ever got the front bumper/hood painted.
US Millworks front license plate mount included – you can see it in some of the pics, it is a VERY high quality piece…this allows you to fill/paint the front bumper cover for a NO HOLES solution!
Wheels were refurbished by Alloy Wheel of Va. shortly after purchase and wife has facilitated a light scuff on left front since then. She is still alive. :^)
Tires have almost 10K mi. on them and are considerably sticky Kumho All Seasons. – The tires match the capabilities of the suspension indeed.

Every bushing and mount on the vehicle has been changed/updated, from the shifter to the engine to F/R suspension.
Driveshaft Guibo replaced, Driveshaft slip joint cleaned and serviced with fresh grease.
Shifter bushings replaced. New tie rods/boots, front wheel bearings and PS lines replaced.
New front control arms and shocks were changed prior to purchase, I’ve replaced everything else.
RTABS were replaced with factory bushings and aluminum Apex “limiters”…probably the only non-stock item on the suspension. They simply limit over-extension of the RTABS, so they last longer.

All synthetics from engine to gearbox to diff.
New intake boot, idle control and DISA valve, new VANOS mechanism and pressure feed line.
Lower vacuum line package recently replaced. (Famous for causing codes)
Full cooling system maintenance performed, Fall of 2015 to include water pump, overflow bottle, belts, thermostat and radiator.
Exhaust manifold gasket and O2 sensors were changed to clear a lean bank2 code a few months ago and no codes since.
New clutch/pressure plate and throw out bearing replaced in 2015, along with transmission and engine mounts.
New exhaust gaskets, hangars and E-brake cables replaced at same time.

Interior is a 9.5 out of 10 with the A-pillar material peeling, as normal and some light scratches in “Cube” pattern of ZHP specific door handle trim.
Factory Alcantra steering wheel/shifter/E-brake boot. Radio/Cruise controls on steering wheel.
Center console, cup holder, etc. are all new with the goofy arm rest deleted. – Original center console with goofy ass arm rest conveys with sale.
Factory Harman Kardon sound package with CD/Radio, component door speaker and rear subs, iPod cord installed.
Leather seats are in amazing condition, a small seam on driver seat, upper bolster, the thread has split…the seam edges are still intact, this is a simple fix for an upholstery shop.
Carpet is excellent and Factory HD “Weathertech” style rubber floor mats, front/rear convey with sale.
Takata airbag recall was performed, Summer of 2015 on passenger airbag – still waiting for local dealership (Checkered Flag – VB) to get back with me to advise they have the parts for the steering wheel recall.
Recall completed or not at time of sale – you have just as much right to have it replaced as I do. – so don’t fret, and don’t make it a contingency for purchase…your local BMW dealership has to honor the recall.

All maintenance/upgrades have been performed by a factory trained BMW tech (some dude that married my daughter) and myself, a well versed P-car hack.

What can I say about this car?

Well, I’m a race car builder/owner/driver, I like performance vehicles, and this one has been fun.
It scoots, it’s peppy, it gets 24-26MPG all day. The vehicle has NEVER been tracked, the rear subframe has NO cracks evident and is ALWAYS inspected during maintenance intervals.
I love that one can fit at least 3 bodies in the trunk – I’ve enjoyed the fact that the interior seats four, comfortably, 5 in a pinch.
From the first day of ownership, I have been collecting NEW parts such as hood insulation, BMW Roundel Hood Emblem, mirror glass (polarized) and mirror covers, side window stick on trim (to renew) with the intention of installing said items, once the front bumper, hood and new mirror covers had been painted/repainted…all of these items convey with sale of the vehicle.

The car presents well, I receive compliments on it quite frequently – It washes and waxes up well.
Sure there are minor scratches/dings and such, to be expected of a 12yo vehicle…remember this is a USED VEHICLE!!
I’m quite picky about aesthetics, and while the car could use maybe $800-$1200 worth of paintwork, I just can’t bring myself to do it as I have a good $6-$7K already wrapped up in parts since ownership.
I have approximately $16 – $17K into the vehicle in the last two years…so you’re NOT going to talk me down on price, won’t happen, I’m taking about a $4K – $5K loss on the car as it is, but I drove it for two years…so it’s a wash.

Vehicle comes with two working keys, owners manual, spare tire, tools and jack…COMPLETE.
Vehicle has a CLEAR title, in hand…Bill of Sale will be provided, price will say whatever the hell you want it to say. ;^)

The price is FIRM.

It is what it is, you’re going to pay a premium for a decent ZHP so please…I don’t need PMs, suggesting I have it priced too high.
I rarely sell a personal vehicle and generally, those who buy one from me tend to keep in touch…so far, I’ve had ZERO death threats. :^)

Shipping is available, via enclosed trailer for a FEE – it is NOT FREE, my rates are negotiable, depending on destination, time frame and if I’m already on a scheduled transport run – please inquire, delivery would be limited to the Mid-Atlantic states – NJ/NY down to South Carolina, possibly Georgia/Florida.

The seller notes exactly what the market proves – you’re going to pay a premium for a decent ZHP. In fact, some ZHP asking prices are above E46 M3 pricing. The return on investment might be better long term in the more exotic M3, but the ZHP is worthy of a higher price than the standard 330is, and many come to market in well above average condition. Personally, with 140,000 miles on the clock I do think the asking price of this particular model is a bit strong and I’d lean towards a M3. To me the best part of the ZHP is the sedan offering even though I admit that the coupe is more attractive. But this one is pretty nice overall and the asking price isn’t hugely out of line with other asks on similar ZHPs. Still, for about $2,000 more you could have this ZHP with only 85,000 miles in better condition, but then you’re at $15,000 for an 11 year old 330i – money that gets you into a newer 335i coupe, for example, or the aforementioned E46 M3. Unlike the Titanium Package Audi B7 models where it was just an appearance change that I don’t think always justifies the very high asking prices, these ZHP 330is give you a lot of special details and increased performance for the premium you pay and are increasingly being recognized as a very special car.