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2005 Porsche Carrera GT – Arancio Borealis – 1 of 1

Let’s dream a little bit. Through some serendipity there happen to be a couple of very expensive – and special – Porsche supercars currently making the rounds and it seemed as good a time as any to take a break from some reasonably attainable cars and drift into the stratosphere. Over the next few days I have some very eye-catching Porsches to go through and we’ll begin with perhaps the most eye-catching of all: a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT with a metallic paint-to-sample exterior done in Arancio Borealis – I think in common parlance it’s Pearl Orange. It’s said to be 1 of 1 and I wouldn’t find that hard to believe. If a standard Carrera GT simply isn’t exciting enough from the outside this color will certainly draw all the attention you should ever desire. It sits with a mere 260 miles on the clock, with the current owner claiming to have never driven it – a situation I could not even fathom, but here we are.

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Year: 2005
Model: Carrera GT
Engine: 5.7 liter V10
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 260 mi
Price: $1,999,000 Buy it Now

This is probably the rarest of all Carrera GT’s on the planet. It has 260 original miles on the car and is the ONLY car Porsche painted Aranacio Borealis (Orange). I bought the car in 2009 from a collector on the east coast and the car now resides in my garage in Sacramento CA. You can see additional pics at my personal web site for the car for my buddies to see. MyCarreraGT dot com The car is as NEW, I have NEVER driven the car. I start and run the car once a week. Was fully serviced last summer. The car is exactly as it was the day it rolled off the assembly line. Maybe you have a new 918, this would make the perfect companion a one of a kind brand new car to have both Porsche’s super cars in the same garage?


So if I really wanted to be nitpicky the fact that this is a Lamborghini color rather than a Porsche color is somewhat off-putting. After all, Porsche and Lamborghini seem nearly polar opposites among car manufacturers. Perhaps there is a Carrera GT out there painted Tangerine or Signal Orange – or any other of the iconic and old Porsche colors. Maybe there even is more than one. I don’t know. For me it would make this Carrera GT just that little bit more special. All of that said – and now I will contradict myself – Arancio Borealis is a stunning color. Orange metallic in general seems to work really well as an exterior choice and draped over the lines of the Carrera GT it is sublime. I always have a soft spot for orange Porsches and this one very quickly moves to the top of the list.



  1. Doug
    Doug March 6, 2016

    How in the hell could someone have this sitting in the garage and never drive it? FOR SEVEN YEARS!

  2. pmichaelg
    pmichaelg March 6, 2016

    Rob (and Doug), neither you nor I can fathom owning such a car and not driving it. I suspect pretty much everyone here feels the same way.

    Having said that, I will never criticize the owner of such a car for not driving it (not saying you are). In fact, I would like to thank them. It allows us enthusiasts a chance to see and appreciate a car as it left the factory. Heck, it even leaves open the possibility of owning one of your dream cars “as new” someday. For that, I am always happy to see such a car. Thanks for the post.

  3. Rob
    Rob March 7, 2016

    We have been known to be critical of those who do not drive their cars, but this Carrera GT sits in a different arena altogether. While I might find it difficult to never drive a car I owned, I can understand how that would apply to a car like this.

    Of course, I also couldn’t fathom how nerve-wracking it would be to even drive this on the street – though that probably would apply to any million dollar car.

  4. bob
    bob March 7, 2016

    Started once a week and not driven, great way to wash down the cylinders with fuel and contaminate the oil. Bad owner. Shouldn’t have mentioned that. Deduct 40K.

  5. Mark
    Mark March 7, 2016

    Wow, $2 million? Yes, it’s a cool color, but you’re paying a heckava premium over most GTs that you can find on the market. Do a simple google search and you’ll find a few for over a million less. Most of which have less than 3k miles to boot.

  6. Falafel Fred
    Falafel Fred March 8, 2016

    Doesn’t drive it because he’s making crazy money on the appreciation. Self discipline pays.
    (I would drive it. Poor and free.)

  7. David B.
    David B. March 8, 2016

    Striking color– almost as striking as the price.

  8. Supergreg
    Supergreg March 8, 2016

    The only value here is to another speculator (as opposed to even a collector, much less an enthusiast) who has no desire to actually use the car for its intended purpose. Sad…

  9. MDriver
    MDriver March 9, 2016

    for the record this is a Lambo color…how ironic 🙂

  10. Justin Credible
    Justin Credible April 12, 2016

    “Both Porsche super cars”? Apparently the seller hasn’t heard about the 959……..

  11. Carter
    Carter April 14, 2016

    @Justin Credible – or the 911 GT1!

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