2006 Mercedes-Benz E55 Estate

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One has to wonder how the product planning session went when Mercedes-Benz green lighted the E class AMG estate. Was management on holiday or did someone lose a bet? Whatever the case, the appearance of the E55 AMG wagon was a definite curiosity when it appeared in US dealers, even in very limited numbers. Who bought these cars? Power hungry soccer moms? Dads who were ticked off they had to surrender the sports car? Parents who couldn’t bear the thought of something that so obviously screamed “I give up?” Whatever the reasoning, there are now a few of these high-powered V8 expresses circulating on the used car market. This sleek silver number is for sale from the same dealer who brought you the E320 Coupe from last week.

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Year: 2006
Model: E55 Estate
Engine: 5.5 liter supercharged V8
Transmission: 5-speed automatic
Mileage: 78,950 mi
Price: $34,950 Buy It Now

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This is an incredibly rare (one of only 64 built) 2006 Mercedes E55 AMG Wagon. Only 78k original one-owner miles and in spectacular condition! Owned by a retired semi-famous pro race driver, this was his wife’s car as they live on a large estate. He was very particular with maintenance, so every single little thing you can imagine was done at the Benz dealer, on time, without regard to expense. It has gone through multiple pre-purchase inspections and needs nothing at all except a new owner. No stories, so please read on to find out more. Here she is in all her glory.

Please let me stop you now if you are looking for an inexpensive, needy, or average E55 like most of them for sale. This is not that car. I am hired by clients to buy over twenty AMG and 600-series Mercedes each year, and I can tell you there is ONE thing I look for: a car with a no-expense spared, documented, service and maintenance history. This is that car. Just in the last couple of years, this car got tons of repairs and maintenance. On top of that, the car has a clean carfax, only one owner since new, and has all original body and paint. It looks NEW inside and out. Please understand, with these cars, you get what you pay for. I paid top-dollar to get this car, because it DESTROYED every other E55 I looked at for cosmetics and mechanicals. As far as destroying every other E55 wagon, well, that’s impossible…there are basically none for sale in the USA.

Here’s the deal: This is a 2006 E55 estate in iridium silver metallic over charcoal leather interior, with matching black carpets and grey alcantara headliner. It has root burlwood interior trim. It is a one owner car, ALWAYS dealer serviced, has only 78,xxx miles, and looks like a million bucks. This car was LOVED, and has NEVER had any paint or bodywork to its body panels. There is hardly a ding, dent, scuff, or scratch anywhere…it’s unreal.

Exterior 9.90 out of 10 – Fantastic overall condition paint, body, glass, and trim. No dings. No dents. No scuffs. This E55 AMG wagon looks amazing, with a deep shine to the silver paint that’s like looking into an endless mirror. This car has been paint metered and every body panel is original and wears its original paint. This car looks great even under fluorescent light in a garage. Imagine getting a 7 year old car with no swirl marks or spiderwebs in the paint…amazing!

The lower side-body moldings are in great shape. The chrome, rubber, glass, and trim is all excellent and original. No oxidation, fade, wear, rust, etc. as you’d expect on a 78K mile car. Look at the body panels…they are laser straight.

This E55 wagon is nicely optioned, with an original MSRP of more than $90K! Options include multi-contour active ventilated/heated front seats, hatch closer, sat radio, rear-side window shades, bi-xenon lights, four-place HVAC controls, COMAND navigation, CD changer, and more. Wow!

It currently wears its OEM 18” alloy wheels, all true and in excellent condition. The tires are in good shape but are summer tires. At the BIN price I will include a good used set of winter tires as well in sizes 245/45/18. It goes arrow-straight down the road at high speed with no shimmy, pull, or anything else.

Interior 9.9 out of 10 – The interior overall including all seating and door leather, seat padding, dash, console, wood, and carpets are in great original condition. No dash cracks, carpet rips, zero wear of any kind on the leather. Everything looks and feels new. This is not the typical worn E55 – this car was garaged every day of its life and it shows. No refinishing either, this is the ORIGINAL UNTOUCHED interior, without even any type of detailing, just a wash and a vacuum off the truck from PA.

The door panels and wood trim are also in great shape, like the rest of the car. Even the trunk and under-floor starage organizer are mint. Electrical 10 out of 10 – All lights, switches, radio, windows, wipers, seat motors/memory/pulse, and power mirrors work perfectly. Vacuum lock system, nav, remote key, interior lights all operating as they should.

The airmatic suspension system is operating properly with no leaks. The service history is great, extensive and documented all at the MB dealer. Airmatic struts, oil, filters, mounts, and more were all done. This E55’s service history is SIX PAGES OF FOUR POINT TYPE! Recent services by MB dealer include the B maintenance with spark plugs, Mobil 1 oil change, engine V-belt, supercharger pulley, coolant/gear-oil flush, PS steering and differential fluids, and more. That’s THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS of recent work at the MB dealer! This means there is nothing for the next owner to do, it’s all been done already. HVAC system is fast to respond, and operates perfectly with scalding hot heat and ice-cold A/C. Seat heaters and seat A/C all working properly.

Mechanical 10 out of 10 – Engine starts, idles, runs, and revs to redline in every gear smooth and strong. You can NOT tell when this car is running at idle! Transmission is smooth yet very aggressive, and downshifts eagerly to catapult you into the next county. No abrupt engagement, just silky smooth shifts. She runs at high speed with no vibrations or noises. There are no leaks….NONE.

This E55 estate has passed two separate inspections with flying colors. A pre-purchase overall inspection with paint meter and test drive, and a full mechanical inspection by my mechanic. After his final and thorough inspection for any problems, she’s ready to roll.

Engine is VERY VERY strong and VERY eager to run, transmission smooth and ready to drop down two gears at your command to rocket you past slower traffic. Brakes are solid and pedal feel is firm. Suspension is tight like new, no worn tie rod ends, ball joints, struts, or anything else. Steering nicely weighted with no play in the box. ZERO leaks or noises. This car drives and handles like new. Look at the condition of the engine bay!

This E55 wagon comes with all the books, remote key, and EVERY SINGLE MB service record since new, all the way back to day one! No expense spared maintenance and repairs. This E55 wagon does not have any signs of wear, no rubber rot, no leaks, no airmatic problems, no lukewarm A/C….NOTHING. Everything is in fantastic shape, and at only 78K miles, it’s not even close to broken in yet! With these cars, often it’s better to get a slightly higher mile car where all the heavy lifting has been done already, rather than a lower mile car where YOU are the one that will have to fix everything.

Nits: None. I know it sounds ridiculous to have a mechanically and cosmetically near-flawless car with 78K miles on it, but there it is. The car is as perfect as you will ever see for a 2006 E55 wagon, and you’ll likely never see another one like it!

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Fast wagons have become cult cars in recent years, with the likes of Audi, BMW and Cadillac dropping some serious horsepower under the hood of what were once garden variety family machines. I sing the praises of these beasts in my social circles, as not everyone needs a full on SUV or crossover based on jacked-up sedan mechanicals. If you need something winter friendly, the E55 wagon isn’t the most practical of vehicles. However, for those in the warmer states or who might own a dedicated winter vehicle, this is a car that combines rapid speed and commodious hauling capability in one neat, subtle package.


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  1. I would buy this vehicle today if I had the funds handy. But, the seller looses a bit of credibility (in my book) to all his earlier statements when he closes it out (as you scroll down) trying to throw in some magical paint protection treatment if you use buy-it-now.

    I’d also like to see people just start actually posting scans of all the service history they claim to have. If the idea is for someone, sight unseen, to take buy in to what you’re saying and ideally click that buy-it-now button – it certainly couldn’t hurt.

  2. it’s a lovely car. i might even think about trading my e63 wagon for it just because of the color. but, it’s a bit steep when you can find an e63 (while not a torque monster (which, frankly, only has the advantage of smoking the tires faster as the NA motor actually gets you 60 a tad quicker)) which actually has a better motor in my opinion (ever price a supercharger?) better brakes (no brake by wire which is, i am told, not the best) and has the facelift of the later e wagons.

    but, those are tiny negativities when looking at the overall scheme: this car is awesome.

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