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2011 BMW 135i M Sport

Here we have a very fine example of a car I still think falls into the drastically underrated category despite its reputation amongst those in the know. The 1 Series is viewed by most as a Bangle era failure to modernize the formula that made BMW famous, a tightly packaged two door with a solid powerplant under the hood. While the 128i is no slouch, the 135i with its 300 hp twin-turbo inline-6 is the only spec I’d consider. Add in the M Sport package which gives the car six piston calipers up front, two piston calipers in the rear, a very nice perforated steering wheel/shift knob and super comfortable sport seats. I’ve sat in one of these cars with and without the M-Sport package and in opinion, the M Sport package is a must. Without it the 1 Series appears rather basic, especially the 2008 to 2010 pre-facelift models. Aside from visual tweaks that really tightened up the overall look of the car, from 2011-on the 135i got the N55 inline-6 which used a single twin-scroll turbocharger to make the same power as the N54 and its two turbochargers. While having a twin-turbo motor sounds cool, it’s really just one extra part to worry about. The N55 has less turbo lag, better low rev torque, lower emissions and is more fuel efficient than its predecessor. I’d call that a no contest victory.

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Year: 2011
Model: 135i M-Sport
Engine: 3.0 liter turbocharged inline-6
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 31,104 mi
Price: $24,577

M Sport Package, 3.0L I6 DOHC 24V Twin Turbocharged, Double-Spoke Light Alloy (Style 261M) Wheels, M Steering Wheel, Power moonroof, and Shadowline Exterior Trim. This vehicle has been throughly inspected by our service team! Showroom ready! Don’t pay too much for the beautiful car you want…Come on down and take a look at this great-looking 2011 BMW 1 Series. What a perfect match! This fantastic BMW 1 Series is available at the just right price for the just right person – You! New Car Test Drive said, the sporty dynamics of rear-wheel drive, agile handling, powerful engines and seating for four, all those attributes we’ve come to expect from the Bavarian automaker, in a smaller, less costly package than its other models. Polar is the safest, easiest place on earth to buy a vehicle…no kidding! Call, e-mail, or stop by today!

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So while I am admittedly not a fan of silver vehicles, this isn’t quite silver. BMW calls it Blue Water Metallic and a quick Google image search yielded some results that show this paint as being quite pretty. I’d have to see it in person to pass final judgement, but I’m going to go ahead and say this is one of those oddball colors that just works for me, kind of like the car itself. Inside, the Terracotta leather and natural wood trim complete the sophisticated canyon carver look. I find it quite refreshing to see a enthusaist focused car spec’d out in something other than grey/black or black/black or black/red. I get a very classy vibe from this particular 135i, not usually the case as many folks have gone to town on these cars with aftermarket modifications. Were I to bring this car home, I’d leave it the heck alone. It really doesn’t need anything added to it. In fact, the only thing I’d want to do is make the headlight corners clear because the orange inserts bug the heck out of me.

Ok, I’d splurge for a catless downpipe and a full BMW performance exhaust too, but I swear, that’s it.




  1. Chris G
    Chris G April 25, 2015

    I agree, catless with a tune and leave it alone. That’d be the sweet spot for this car.

    I had the pleasure of test driving one of these and it truly gave me an e30 vibe. It’s small, nimble, and has plenty of torque. Steering feel is good too. The only thing I felt it was lacking was a proper lsd. These are going to be the e30s of this generation. They will depreciate to a nice, low bottom as they age and become more costly to maintain and then I’ll bet they pick right back up in time just as the e30 has becuase they’re relatively mechanically simple and a joy to drive. I really think these embody what BMW is supposed to be. Wonderful cars.

  2. John
    John April 25, 2015

    Not to mention the high speed synchronisation option 🙂

  3. Andrew
    Andrew April 25, 2015

    I’m going to find the closest 6speed 135i to me and go test drive it tomorrow or later this week.

    I need to know for myself what this car feels like because the community response to it has been overwhelmingly positive.

  4. Early8q
    Early8q April 25, 2015

    I have not even sat in one, and yet to me this car is appealing in an old school way. It reminds me of what the marque is/was all about. I’m thinking modern 2002tii, understated, simple, and fun to drive.

  5. Scott
    Scott April 26, 2015

    Great fun for sure, but don’t overlook a nicely optioned 128i. I really like my 2013 coupe, and 230 naturally aspirated horsepower feels great.

  6. Another Bob
    Another Bob April 26, 2015

    I drove a 135 convertible a friend had , then a few days later an E92 M3.
    I preferred the throttle response of the Turbo. The V-8 was seriously lacking down low and around town. This looks like a great car and 93% as good as a twice as expensive 135M.
    I also think the 128i might be a real blast to drive. If I didn’t have a big dog, I’d seriously consider one of these. Wondering how reliable the Turbos are these days?

  7. Andrew
    Andrew April 26, 2015

    Yeah I’m open to a 128i, certainly going to test drive one soon.

    From what I’ve read the turbos are pretty reliable.

  8. Andrew
    Andrew April 26, 2015

    Yeah I’m going to have to find a 128i to test drive as well as a 135i. Do you have the M-Sport pkg on yours?

  9. ric
    ric April 26, 2015

    Just recently drove a 135 with the DCT trans and M Sport package. Very fast (both the car and gear changes). Seriously considering purchasing one. Some aspects of the design still bug me (the droopy lower line of the doors) but I think I’m coming around 🙂

  10. Andrew
    Andrew April 27, 2015

    Yeah, as the years have gone on the “beer belly” look as bugged me less and less.

  11. 1er
    1er May 29, 2015

    Andrew, you can test drive mine. Hit me up at

    I’ll be listing it for sale this summer, custom ordered well maintained, 2012 dsb metallic 135i fully loaded with everything, 6spd with bmw performance pack, 77k and 2 sets of bmw rims. I have every record from the window sticker and all receipts from when it went to service. And I made sure to not get the nav when I ordered it. Perfect Enthusiast ride

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