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Month: June 2014

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1990 Volkswagen Rallye Golf

The Volkswagen Golf was never what you would call exotic, but sometimes the most pedestrian of cars makes for an interesting base for something a bit more special. Race homologation has brought us many great cars over the years, like the Porsche 959, Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3-16 and Audi Sport Quattro. At double the price of a standard 8V GTI, the Rallye Golf was built so that Volkswagen could compete in the World Rally Championship. With Syncro four-wheel drive and a supercharged 1.8 liter, this car started a trend of ultimate Golfs and GTIs that we see up to the present day. This example for sale in England has been lightly used and a perfect piece for someone who is into the box flare style of the 1980s and early 1990s.

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1986 Mercedes-Benz 250GD


I’m always interested in old-school G-wagens that kick the sparkly stuff in the faces of the people that see them as accessories similar to those watches with 4-inch faces, or 30 lbs of platinum tennis bracelets. This almost 30-year old green example is in fantastic shape from less than 60k miles, but it eschews the standard glitz and chrome for a great green and flat black exterior. The extra kick to the 1%’s groin is instead of “V8 Biturbo” on the side, it says “Schnitzel.” Yep. Be careful when you sit in any of the NINE seats, because there’s a strong chance you’ll get some serious awesome rubbed off on you.

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2000 BMW M Coupe


Every time I see one, the original M Coupe strikes me as one car I would even entertain moving on from my E28 for. I’ve always loved the shape and the weirdness, and while it would certainly be nice to land an ever-appreciating S54 model, my experiences with the S52 have all been pleasurable. Today’s shining red example is of the latter, slower variety, but is practically brand new after covering less than 3,000 miles per year. The interior would make me a little nauseous every time I got in it, but maybe I could lose a few lbs to help this lithe shooting brake hustle.

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1976 BMW 530i with 53,000 Miles

It may sound crazy, but there was actually a point in time when items like “automatic” and “fuel injection” were enough of a headline grabber to mount badges to the outside of your car. It was a sign that you had arrived, that you were driving a luxury automobile. Yet take a look at this BMW; most of the accoutrements we’re used to seeing in the cars from Bavaria are notably absent. Automatic seats? Not likely here. Automatic mirrors? No, you’ll need to adjust before you leave – especially on a cool day. Speaking of those cool days, take a look at the doors – notice anything odd? How about manual crank windows! As an enthusiast and having owned older cars, I find these things particularly exciting, if for no other reason than there’s less to go wrong. Check out this excellent condition E12:

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1996 BMW 318ti M-Sport

One of the great unsung heros of the E36 lineup was the compact three-door hatchback, sold in the U.S. as the 318ti. Journalists decried the E30-based rear suspension and oversteering tendency of the 318. Enthusiasts were grumpy that it only came here with the 4-cylinder. And practical folks were happy to pass up the rear-drive amusement for a cheaper and better equipped Golf. But in my mind, the proportions of the 318ti were just right – like a rear drive Corrado, this car screamed of the potential for fun and practicality in one little package. The best looking of the bunch were the M-Sport models – though the changes were only cosmetic, they made the hot hatch look great!

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