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2015 BMW M235i

I spent a week up in New Jersey last week for a meeting with the folks at my day job and one colleague mentioned he just purchased a new BMW 228i. To be honest, I haven’t given much thought to the 2 series of late, but after revisiting this new model, I’m liking it more and more. A big part of the attraction is that it is one of the last BMWs you can purchase new with a manual gearbox. Second, I like the size of this two-door. The 4 series, while well proportioned, has gotten a bit large for my tastes. The 1 series coupe was a bit too small to pull off the coupe look. The 2 series sits in between these cars in size and looks just right.

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Year: 2015
Model: M235i
Engine: 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged inline-6
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 2,015 mi
Price: $44,661 Buy It Now

2015 BMW 2 Series M235i



Base MSRP on the new M235i is just over $43,000, and there’s not much color given from the dealer on the option packages, so the asking price doesn’t represent that much of a deal considering the car has been driven 2,000 miles already. I like the 2 series, but wonder how long it will last, given the favored formula for BMW drivers seems to have changed over the last decade or so. Gone are the sporty coupes that we all enjoyed in favor of larger luxury sedans and SUVs, with an ever increasing dearth of three pedal vehicles on offer. Will this be the last of the line for manual transmission BMW sports coupes? Time will tell…



  1. Bob Salter
    Bob Salter July 20, 2015

    Just happened to drive one last night. Quite an amazing ride. The handling is so easy. Very easy car to drive very briskly and maintain complete control. The seat bolstering is perfect for someone 180 pounds and 5 foot ten. Fantastic brakes, great sound from the turbo side. The Michelin Tires give great feedback and offer amazing grip for the street as well as a very smooth ride. Handling over bumps has no drama at all.
    I was very impressed what you get for the money. The only downside is that my tester was an automatic. The things I didn’t like…no oil dipstick, lousy sound quality in the stereo.
    For me, if buying a new car I’d seriously consider this as well as the Golf R.

  2. Matt R
    Matt R July 20, 2015

    As an American living in Singapore I have the opportunity to own the M135i 5-door hatchback cousin of the M235i. Unfortunately it’s the auto, but this is by far the best automatic I’ve driven and it feels faster than the 7-speed DSG that I had in my VW Scirocco. I added the BMW Performance exhaust and it emits a sinister bark when downshifting in sport mode. This car sums up everything I’d want in a hot hatch and it’s a shame we can’t buy it in the U.S. There is nothing like the silly smile on my face when it chirps the tires shifting into 2nd gear. The only thing I miss is the traditional hydraulic steering. Gone is the road feel that I get to experience in my 1998 M3 4-door once a year when visiting the U.S., but I would seriously consider a low mileage M235i 6-speed convertible one day when I move back to the U.S.

  3. Vic
    Vic July 21, 2015

    The package looks like BMW trying to recreate the old E46 M3. Not a bad idea.

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