400 horsepower matte black 1979 Porsche 930

This Porsche caught my eye because of its stovepipe black finish. It gives us an opportunity to ask our readers about their opinions on this trend. Some love this look others think it is better sticking on the stove than on vehicles.

The matte look has seen a surge in popularity lately. Once reserved for the rat rod crowd, now we have manufacturers offering matte finishes direct from the factory, take BMW’s “frozen” paint jobs. I’m not sure it really belongs on a car like this Porsche, but this car still has the original black paint underneath the matte black wrap. Since this is a wrap an owner with a change of heart could peel off the wrap.

The car has some other things going for it, including a rebuild with upgraded parts on the engine that yield a claimed 400 ponies. The seller mentions upgrades to the turbo, intercooler, brakes, and exhaust, but doesn’t get too specific into manufacturer part numbers. 20″ staggered HRE rims are also on the car. The car has 13k on the rebuild, but actual mileage on the car is not listed. Depending how the car has been treated 13k miles may mean rebuild time again, more details are needed. The five point harness, and some other clues suggest possible track time.

The seller is asking $48,000, which he stands no chance of getting with such minimal details. Even with some more details that shed positive light on the car that ask is pretty high for a 79 930.

There is a beautiful Guards Red 930 Turbo for sale right now with much more history and detail, 50k miles and an ask of several thousand less. So perhaps some reader’s wish to do some digging on this unreflective black one and give a proper valuation.

400 horsepower matte black 1979 Porsche 930


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  1. I love the look of the matt black one. Years ago as this trend was just starting there was one featured in Excellence Mag. Its a nice look, the tail is a bit too much and that car is obviously a track car so a big time PPI is needed and even still its not going to sell for anywhere near that asking price.

  2. Not a fan of the matte look. To me it just looks unfinished.

    Regarding wraps, I have asked all over the internet and never gotten a reply. Specifically, has anyone actually removed a wrap to expose the original finish and what was that like? I have noticed that many of the people who get their cars wrapped sell them that way.

  3. @Kevin, I’ve wondered this to and I’m not confident in this idea that once you remove the wrap you’ll have pristine paint underneath. I suppose things like 3M clear bra work on a similar concept, but with the opaque wrap if you get anything behind it you can’t see it and you might really be messing up the surface everytime you run the smoothing tool over the wrap or even if you wash the car with firm hand or orbital pressure.
    Probably not a huge deal, but I would not buy a wrapped car unless I was sure I wanted to keep it wrapped and I was sure nothing was being hidden (rust) underneath.

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