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Clean 1976 BMW 2002

Found this beautiful little 2002 on eBay today.  It’s extremely clean original with just 116k miles.  The ad seems to suggest that it’s all-original, from engine/tranny to interior and exterior.  If true, the exterior is amazing for its age.  The paint made me think it was a respray at first glance, but the more I look, I think it might just be really well taken care of.  There are some little issues such as a bare trunk and some upholstery work needed, but those details seem minor in how clean the rest of the car is.  With a Buy-It-Now of $7500, It’s on the higher end of 2002 prices, but well under our $10k budget week limit.  In my opinion, worth it for the originality and condition.  Now just find some Euro bumpers…


  1. bob Salter
    bob Salter April 24, 2010

    There is something about this site that makes me want to comment on all the cars. I guess the subject mater is just so appealing. I’d love to bomb around the city on a stock 2002 or ALfa 1750 for that matter. I don’t think the paint is original though. Red is just too hard to maintain without fading for that many years. The only way to view a 2002 is on a hoist and inside the trunk. A video borescope would be useful to get inside where that evil rust grows. I know one day you guys will lead me to the perfect 3.0csi. Just hope I have the funds and garage space lined up for it.

  2. bob Salter
    bob Salter April 24, 2010

    Looked at the Photos a little closer and I can see Red overspray on the underhood decals.

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