1985 Audi Quattro

For U.S. Quattro fans, ’85 models are a bit special as they held numerous upgrades over the prior models. Like the rest of the Type 85/B2 lineup, those included revisions to the exterior, most notably the slanted grill and color matched spoiler, but also inside a new dashboard and revised seat fabric patterns. Like the ’84s, wheels were 8″ Ronals, but hidden was a new and more reliable fuse box location to run the whole car.

A few unique colors were offered on the ’85 up models, but since importation ended after one ’86 made it here, these colors are also a bit unique. Unique too was the headlight treatment, which had chrome aero bezels to match the grill. A total of only 73 of these upgraded 85s (plus the one 86) made it to the U.S., and they’ve pretty much always been the most sought of the scant 664 original Quattros sold here. This particular ’85 comes to market looking minty fresh in Amazon Blue Metallic over Quartz leather:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1985 Audi Quattro on eBay

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1978 Volkswagen Scirocco with 27,000 Miles

Edit 11/28/2017 – though it reportedly sold for $17,700 this car has been relisted at $17,495 HERE – $2,000 more than the original listing’s Buy It Now option.

Normally I write fairly verbose introductions, covering the history of a particular model or some interesting tidbit about its history. Sometimes they’re my personal connections to the cars. I’m sure on more than one occasion you’ve wished I’d just shut up a bit so that you can get to the car. Today’s that day, because the presentation and condition of this 1978 Volkswagen Scirocco are so staggering I was literally left mouth agape looking through the photo reel. Enjoy:

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1978 Volkswagen Scirocco on eBay

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Wild or Mild? Double Take: 1978 and 1980 Volkswagen Sciroccos

A few weeks ago I took a look at a pretty wild, and fairly famous, first-generation Volkswagen Scirocco. Replete with period details and a Callaway turbo kit, it was a hit for sure as it was when it was the signature car for New Dimensions.

First Dimension: 1978 Volkswagen Scirocco Callaway Turbo

While in some ways the mods took away from the beautiful simplicity of the Giugiaro design, it was still a trick car and brought strong bids, selling finally for nearly $15,000. That money is quite close to the 1981 Scirocco I looked at last year. Completely original and very pristine, it sold for over $17,000. Clearly, the market for these cars values both stock and well modified examples highly.

1981 Volkswagen Scirocco

In light of that, today I have an interesting comparison to consider. First we’ll take a look at a fully original, very clean and proper survivor 1980 Scirocco, then we’ll gander towards a full-on show car powered by a R32 VR6 and a claimed 400 horsepower – about five times what it came with originally. Will the bids follow the historical trends?

CLICK FOR DETAILS: 1980 Volkswagen Scirocco on eBay

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One-owner 1981 BMW 528i


I love my E28 and it’s still the generation for me, but the earlier BMW model lineup intrigues me, piqued by the Bavaria down the street I bike by every day and ranging from the 2002 to the E9 and E12. Today’s example of the first BMW midsize sedan to truly be a 5er is impeccable, even after 130k miles thanks to one careful owner. The interior’s leather and wood combo looks fantastic over three decades on. There are a few bumps and dings, reflecting that it is a real car that has seen real use, but overall it shows the kind of love and attention that I wish all classic car owners would give to their autos, from the well-maintained engine bay to the impressively-clean tool tray. With no reserve and a low starting point, this could be a cheap entry into a great mix of classic luxury and sportiness.

Click for more details: 1981 BMW 528i on eBay

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50k-mile 1988 BMW M5 for sale

The market for E28 M5s is pretty stable, but the tail pulling up the rest of the mean is low-mileage examples. As the ur-M5 grows older and common examples continue to acquire miles and wear, the unicorn of low-mileage grows ever more rare and tempting. And while bidding has been fierce with 30 bidders on this 52k-mile M5, I’m actually surprised to see the price at just under $16k. With 2 days left on the auction, it will probably push up into the 20s before all is said and done.

1988 BMW M5 for sale on eBay

Unfortunately brief description from the seller:

This is a rare chance to own a 1988 BMW M5 sedan. The car has only 52,617 miles. It runs and drives new. The a/c blows ice cubes. Paint is like glass. Interior is beautiful.

While the mileage and cleanliness speak for themselves, I’d want to get some more information on provenance and maintenance thus far (though a quick visit to MyE28.com and RCBMW would probably give a verdict on the history). It certainly looks the part as an entirely-original M5 that has covered about 2k miles per year. Someone who wants an original beauty to pamper is going to rise to the top of the auction and give a great new data point on low-mile M5s, which usually change hands for $20-25k.


1980 VW Scirocco

MK1 Sciroccos have always been a favorite of mine. When searching for a second car a few years ago, my decision was between a ‘77 Scirocco, and the ‘84 GTI that I ultimately bought. The biggest challenge in buying an old car in New England is rust. Finding a clean rust free example in this region is like snapping a picture of Bigfoot having tea with the Loch Ness Monster.

If there were a list of harshest climates for cars to live in, New England would have to rank somewhere near the top.  So how does a 32 year old car like this Scirocco in Presque Isle, Maine stay so clean? With 47K original miles, it’s easy to see this car saw very little road time, and I’d be willing to bet no winters during it’s live in Northern New England.



1980 VW Scirocco on thesamba.com

This is a very rare, original 1980 Scirocco with just 47,000 miles. The car was originally sold in Manchester NH and somehow avoided suffering the same rusty fate as virtually all other New England Sciroccos. I don’t have the exact story, but it was stored for decades. A Samba member told me that he looked at this car in 1998 and it had been stored in a garage for the previous 10 years at that time. A business owner and collector in Hartford CT eventually acquired the car several years ago and performed a mechanical restoration to make it his sunny day daily driver. The car is now in perfect running condition with new belts, hoses, water pump, starter, brakes, Borla exhaust, battery, struts and tires on perfect original wheels without any curb rash. The fuel injection system was also sorted as the car had not been driven for an extended period. That also included a new gas tank, injectors, pressure regulator, fuel distributor, fuel pump and more. This car has the optional 5-speed transmission for relaxed highway cruising, a solid 35 mpg and very precise shifting. I’d drive this car cross-country tomorrow without question. It starts instantly, pulls strong and smooth, and doesn’t make any funny noises, smells or hesitations. I had forgotten how much low end grunt these cars have. The exhaust has a really nice note to it with Borla dual pipes from the rear muffler. The car runs and drives like new. It’s tight and feels just like I remember from decades ago…it has a certain buzziness. I had also forgotten about the reclined driving position in the Scirocco. Even though I’m older and heavier than 30 years ago, it’s still comfortable. This car doesn’t have the sunroof, so there’s ample headroom for tall guys like me.
When I acquired the car, the paint was totally original, but had enough flaws that I decided to paint both sides in the original color. These flaws included some door dings, a stain under the fuel cap, clear coat peel and some surface rust along the bottom of the doors. This work was done professionally. I left the remainder of the paint intact. The color is L98G, platinum metallic. In case I haven’t been clear, there is no rust on this car and there is no filler. There has not been any collision repair. The doors fit perfectly and have that nice quality “thunk” when closed.
I mentioned that there’s just 47,000 miles and the odometer does work. I don’t have a trail of paperwork, but I’ve had a lot of cars and the interior of the car truly supports the odometer. The red vinyl seats have absolutely no wear…not even on the bolster where you get in and out. They really look and feel new. The pedal pads look right for the mileage with no wear. The red carpet looks like new with no decades of ground-in dirt and stains. The headliner looks new. The steering wheel looks and feels new. The cargo area looks new with none of the usual scratches and scuffs…especially on the black cardboard pieces and the painted areas. Even the carpet on the top of the cargo cover isn’t faded! There’s no rust under the spare tire. The door panels have never been cut for speakers. All of the rubber seals and trim are excellent. That’s the advantage of northern cars. Rubber and trim gets baked in the South and West, but not in northern New England. The only letdown is that the obligatory dash cracks are there. However, I’ve never actually seen a used Scirocco Mk 1 without dash cracks. I have to wonder if such a thing exists. The radio was updated to a modern Kenwood unit, but period VW AM/FMs are easily obtainable. All in all, the interior is so nice and original, I think it’s as close as anyone will come to having the same sensation felt on the showroom floor 32 years ago. It’d be nice to detail the engine compartment, but it has the original cosmoline all over everything. It’s original and it’s a royal pain to remove, so I left it as it came from the dealer. There are no leaks at all.
If you want a well sorted original Mk 1 as you remember from decades ago, this is the one. It really is low mileage, it’s not rusted or wrecked, the interior hasn’t been baked or mildewed, and it never suffered from under-financed youthful ownership (i.e. neglect and modification). These cars will probably increase significantly in value during the next 10 years as there’s a lot of people with fond memories and high regard for the Mk 1…and they are very hard to find. The price of this car should be cheaper than buying a tired $1-2K example and performing a time-consuming restoration. Another consideration is to use this car as a daily driver. At this price, it’s half the price of a new entry-level car and won’t depreciate if maintained well.


While the market for vintage water-cooled VWs is definitely on the rise, this Scirocco is priced a little too strong, even for an original low mile car like this.  With the usual issues that come with age, deteriorating interior, and the usual wear and tear.  While replacement parts for these are hard to come by, they’re out there, which makes this car a few internet searches away from being perfect.

With high retail on these cars at $5,500, all things considered, this car is worth $6,000 all day long, and with the low mileage, I’d even be willing to stretch to $6,250.  Whether or not it can be had for that, will all come down to how motivated the seller is.



Holiday timewarp: All-original 1984 VW GTI for sale

I enjoyed Aaron’s GTI earlier this week, but agreed that it was a bit of a wildcard. While today’s 110k-miles are more than the claimed 30k of Aaron’s, they’re legit. The rest of the car is legit as well, most of it looking like it had just rolled off the showroom floor. Clean inside and out and with modest mileage, this is the kind of Mk1 GTI to buy.

1984 Volkswagen GTI for sale on eBay

An asterisk-happy but otherwise modest description:

***The Original “Hot Hatch” That Started It All

***Only 2 Owners Since New

***We Purchased The Car From The Second Owner Who Also Worked At The VW Assembly Plant

***Original Assembly Line Build Manifest Included

***Only 110k Original Miles

***Immaculate & Original Blue Cloth Cockpit

***Original AM/FM Cassette Radio Still Intact

***Air Conditioning

***Original Rabbit Floor Mats

***The Tires Are Almost New

***100% Stock & Unmodified Adult Owned Car

***No Known Accidents, But It Has Been Repainted. The Paint Job Is Good, But Not Great

***Super Clean Body With Minimal Rust Issues

***Fires Right Up & Runs Strong

What scares me is knowing how rare GTIs this clean are going to become over the next bit of time. I sure hope there are some left when I have a stable big enough for all my wants. Being over 100k miles, I’d maybe look for this price to be a little closer to $5k than its $5900 asking price, but it’s not out of the question. Wherever it lands, it’s an all-original example one of the greatest cars ever made.


Unrestored 1970 Volkswagen Squareback

Just before I was born, my dad had a yellow Squareback. Once I was born, the affinity for wagons continued with a Peugeot and a few Subarus, but I’ve always been disappointed that I didn’t get to enjoy the Type III. This 1970 model jumped off the page at me, looking like it’s ready for a Hot VWs photoshoot or the classics section at a Dubfest. My jaw dropped when I found out that it’s not an expensive restoration or detailed show car; this thing is original. It is in full, unrestored glory with only 86k miles. There are small modifications like the tires and roof racks as well as a CD player, but beyond that this a 1970 German Time Machine.

What the seller has to say:

This is a beautiful one of a kind unrestored 1970 VW Type lll Squareback. It would be hard to find a 41 year old type lll this well kept. The vehicle has always been garage kept and maintained. At 74,000 the heads were redone, tune up, and new belt / alternater. Lite modifications have been done, the car has been kept close to it’s original condition. New Coker Tires and crome rims were added last year, along with a roof rack. The interior was left completly stock. New seat covers were recently installed. A CD player was hung under the dash with carefull attention not to damage or modify the dash.

This car is a weekend driver, but could be used as a daily driver. I would drive this car from coast to coast with out any fear of a mechanical break down. Bid with confience, this car looks and runs like a 6-8 year old car, not a 41 year old car.

I love the tan, and the clean chrome, and the old school interior. All serve to underscore the beauty and simplicity of this car, four decades on. And seriously, what’s cooler than a 2-door wagon? In the dream stable, this would be the designated car for taking the kids to school or the grocery store. Hats off to the seller for taking such amazing care of this Squareback. I’d usually say it’s a little steep, but he deserves his $8,200 buy-it-now price.


Clean 1976 BMW 2002

Found this beautiful little 2002 on eBay today.  It’s extremely clean original with just 116k miles.  The ad seems to suggest that it’s all-original, from engine/tranny to interior and exterior.  If true, the exterior is amazing for its age.  The paint made me think it was a respray at first glance, but the more I look, I think it might just be really well taken care of.  There are some little issues such as a bare trunk and some upholstery work needed, but those details seem minor in how clean the rest of the car is.  With a Buy-It-Now of $7500, It’s on the higher end of 2002 prices, but well under our $10k budget week limit.  In my opinion, worth it for the originality and condition.  Now just find some Euro bumpers…

1983 Volkswagen Scirocco Wolfsburg GT With Only 4700 Miles!!

I am a long time Scirocco nut. I had a ratty 77 that I beat up thoroughly in high school (class of 92). It took tons of abuse, but the willing little 4 cylinder and light weigh was a lot of fun for a kid my age to be driving back then. But my car was a heap compared to the MKII a friend’s older brother owned. It was black with black striped interior. And it was lowered on Momo rims, low profile tires (when 50 series was considered low profile!), an Alpine CD player and huge subwoofer in the back. It was one of the nicest modified cars at our school without a doubt. I even remember my Dad, who frowned on modified cars typically, remark, “That is a beautiful car. A high school kid owns it?!”

Seeing how nicely preserved this car is reminds me of that MKII from high school. The black on black is of course very familiar (though his seats were no where near as awesome as these leather ones!), but also because you just don’t see well preserved Scirocco’s anymore. Anywhere! And with only 4700 miles, this one takes the term survivor to extremes under the circumstances. These were all passed through the hands of high school kids, several times over, and each one wanted to modify it — ultimately killing most of them.

Check out this

quote from the eBay listing:

INCREDIBLE survivor – totally original and un-molested with only 4700 miles – absolute time warp car!!!

Original 1983 1/2 Wolfsburg Edition Scirocco with 4700 original miles. Quite possibly the finest example anywhere!

The car was purchased new in July of 1983, driven very little, and then stored for the majority of the past 26 1/2 years. The mechanic for the owner took care of and stored the car for the majority of this time up until about one year ago. The first owner had the euro headlights installed at the dealer. At some point in 1985 the GTI snowflake rims with their original set of Pirelli P6’s were put on. It also appears as if the original factory OE radio was replaced with an OE BMW factory radio out of an 83 320i. I am including an original used Heidelburg radio with the car. The orig factory 13″ rims are available with the car along with the original window sticker, factory manuals and all the OE literature on the BMW radio along with its security code & the factory OE headlights.


The car is a literal “all” orig in every way, time warp. Never hit or damaged, never repainted anywhere. The only flaw is on the right side of the hood near the windshield where something hit it and left about a one inch crack in the paint. The leather interior, headliner, and carpet are in incredible condition and still smell like a new car. No cracks or fading whatsover. The dash, door panels, headliner, every inch of rubber on the door seals are impeccable in every way.

The last Scirocco I saw in person that was this nice was Josh’s 84 that we posted here last year. That was a really fine example. This is ridiculous. And I know not everyone reading this is going to believe it, but there are 19 bids on this car totaling $8600 — and the reserve isn’t met with 2 days remaining! Clearly there are some collectors out there who remember the car as fondly as I do; not to mention an owner who isn’t letting this one go easy!