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Feature Listing: 2006 BMW 330xi

Although BMW finally equalized the all-wheel drive advantage of its rival Audi as early as the E30, it would take a few generations for the company to offer a truly potent variant of the small four season executive sedan. But when it finally got around to it with the E90, it was a great package. Although the E46 was a hard act to follow, the Bavarians stepped up with an all new 330 model. Now powered by the N52B30 rated at 255 horsepower, it packed even more punch than the outgoing E46. And like its predecessor, the top-of-the-range 330 could be selected with BMW’s constantly variable x-drive all-wheel drive system.

Utilizing a central multi-plate clutch and many computers to monitor vehicle and wheel speed, steering input and throttle/braking, the intelligent all-wheel drive system took the guess work out of poor weather situations. But it was far from the only trick item in the 330’s arsenal. The N52, one of the last developments of the naturally aspirated inline-6 that had been the anchor of the BMW lineup for decades, was a truly special unit. The block was cast from magnesium with an aluminum core. Variable valve timing for both cams meant a guttural screaming at up to 7,000 rpm, yet it was able to return over 30 mpg on the highway. It’s a mind-blowing type of motor that’s just good in every situation and sounds great, too. While the change to the new square dashboard was less driver-oriented, the E90 packed serious computing power beneath its Swiss chalet look; a minimalist design with high quality materials that has stood the test of time well.

Of course, the most desirable of these models were the sport package equipped examples. And, of those, the manual transmission option is the one to get. Welcome, everyone, to just that car:

Year: 2006
Model: 330xi
Engine: 3.0 liter inline-6
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Mileage: 130,000 mi
Price: $8,500

For Sale: 2006 BMW 330XI, 6-speed Manual, 130K Miles
Key Points: Extensive maintenance w/ full service records. Premium and sport package (sport
seats). Includes roof cross bars, BMW performance exhaust, 18-inch winter wheels with
Michelin Xi3 tires, 18-inch OEM style 162 staggered wheels with Michelin Pilot Super Sport
tires. Brand new Michelin AS3 tires included with sale. Escort Redline radar detector
professionally installed.
For sale is what is surely the most well maintained and finest example of an E90 BMW 330XI
available in the country. For those who know, the E90 chassis 3-series contained the last in a
long line of naturally aspirated straight-six engines, the N52. A high output version of this engine
was available only in 2006 in the United States. The N52 in the 2006 330XI outputs 255 HP and
220 lb-ft of torque as opposed to 220 HP and 200 lb-ft of torque in the lesser 328i that was
available started in 2007.
This particular car is a very rare combination. The car was ordered with a 6-speed manual
transmission, x-drive, and the elusive sport package (which includes the highly excellent sport
seats and steering wheel from the M3). The car also has the premium package (standard on all
330i models) which includes the Logic 7 sound system.
I can confidently say that this car has been maintained better than any other E90 330xi you will
find. Monthly expert detailing using Griots Garage products and servicing using only OE parts at
BMW dealerships and Boston Motor Werks, which is one of the most respected BMW shops in
the Northeast (I encourage you to look up Boston Motor Works to see what I’m talking about).
The car has a OE BMW Performance Exhaust which was purchased and installed new at BMW
of Peabody in August of 2016. The airbag recall has also been performed at BMW of Peabody
in April 2017.
Extensive service records reaching back to the first owner and 12K miles are included. A list of
maintenance and mileage follows:
12,461 miles: BMW synthetic oil change.
24,000 miles: BMW synthetic oil change, brake fluid flush, engine & cabin air filter changed.
29,011 miles: BMW synthetic oil change.
32,483 miles: Headlight washers serviced.
36,344 miles: BMW synthetic oil change, wipers replaced.
43,413 miles: BMW synthetic oil change, brake fluid flush.
44,474 miles: BMW low mileage synthetic oil change, microfilter changed.
54,110 miles: BMW synthetic oil change, engine air filter changed.
60,202 miles: Brake fluid flush.
66,333 miles: BMW low mileage synthetic oil change, microfilter & engine filter replacement,
wipers replaced, paint sealant applied.
75,651 miles: Front struts, mounts, bump-stops, sleeves, and spring pads replaced with BMW
OE hardware. BMW synthetic oil change.
76,209 miles: Electric water pump and thermostat replaced. Battery replaced with BMW OE
78,143 miles: Right headlight (xenon) replaced with BMW OE equipment.
80,127 miles: Rear brake pads, rotors and sensors replaced with BMW OE equipment. BMW
synthetic oil change. Main belt tensioner, tensioner bolt, and pulley replaced with BMW OE
equipment. Brake fluid flush.
81,242 miles: Right and left headlight stepper motors and controllers replaced.
81,973 miles: BMW synthetic oil change. Soft-touch interior components restored.
83,861 miles: BMW OE:
Spark plug replacement
Air filter replacement
DISA adjust unit replacement
Front brake pads, rotors, and appurtenances
Front thrust arm bushings
Transmission and transfer case fluid flush
Front and rear differential flush
Brake fluid flush
85,674: 4 wheels straightened
86,309 miles: BMW synthetic oil change
89,660 miles: BMW synthetic oil change, vehicle integrated with latest version of ISTA/P
93,981 miles: BMW synthetic oil change
97,049 miles: BMW synthetic oil change, right deiter replaced (underbody trim piece)
100,333 miles: BMW synthetic oil change, OE oil filter gasket replacement, OE rear shock
absorbers and mounts replaced
108,505 miles: BMW synthetic oil change, right side angel eye bulb replaced.
112,513 miles: BMW synthetic oil change. Wipers replaced with OE equipment. Engine air
filter replaced with BMW OE filter.
115,312 miles: BMW synthetic oil change, front driveshaft and seal replaced with OE
equipment. Transfer case fluid flushed.
119,084 miles: BMW synthetic oil change
121,408 miles: Windshield replaced with BMW OE windshield. BMW performance exhaust
123,301 miles: Engine and cabin air filter replaced with OE equipment.
126,051 miles: Hood latch cable and release replaced with BMW OE equipment.
126,799 miles: BMW synthetic oil change. Replace with BMW OE equipment:
Air flow meter
Steering lower joint assembly
All ignition coils
Spark plugs
129,000 miles: Battery replaced with BMW OE battery
129,202 miles: Airbag, airbag inflator and control module replaced with BMW OE improved
equipment under recall
You will not find a nicer E90 330xi anywhere. You will not find this car, with this equipment
combination (manual, all wheel drive, and high output N52), with this level of mechanical and
cosmetic maintenance anywhere. BMW performance exhaust (installed), 4 brand new Michelin
AS3 tires, winter wheels with Michelin Xi3 tires, BMW crossbars, and professionally installed
Escort Redline radar detector are included. Asking price $9,500.

I’ve always really liked the 330 version of the E90. It wasn’t quite as aggressive as the M3, yet it looked substantially more impressive than the 328 most everyone opted for. The Style 162 staggered wheels certainly helped; at 18 by 8 in front, 18 x 8.5 in the rear, they fill the bulging fenders well. But driving is what these cars are all about, and the while purists will deride the all-wheel drive in favor of the traditional BMW rear-end only, for those of us with commutes in less-than-ideal weather, the seamless BMW X-drive is really a nice thing to have. Dynamically, these cars feel more balanced and poised than the Audis of the same generation, and having a similarly N52 powered 530xi Touring sport package at home myself, they’re just great cars to spend time in behind the wheel.

Options on this Monaco Blue Metallic over Dakota Gray leather are the aforementioned Style 162 wheels (2AB), all-wheel drive (203), multi-function sport steering wheel (249,255), integrated universal remote (319), Burr Walnut trim (4AB), compass mirror (4NA), glass sunroof (403), auto-dim mirrors (430, 431), smoker package (441), electric sport seats with heating (459,488,494), alarm (5AG), headlight washers (502), rain sensing wipers (521), adaptive Xenon lights (522,524), climate control (534), cruise control with automatic braking function (544), light package (563), cell, satellite, hifi and CD prep (639,655,677,694). The car was produced in Munich in March, 2006. The seller says the paint is in excellent shape, with the only non-original parts being resprayed bumpers from rock ships and scuffs, and some minor curb marks on the wheels. Those wheels come with new Michelin AS3 tires, and the car also has a bonus set of winter wheels/tires and a built in Escort radar detector.

So if you’re sold on the package, this is exactly the type of car you’d want to buy. The seller has meticulously recorded and cared for the car with high quality repairs using original parts from authorized dealers. The detailing shows, too; rather than looking tired from its accrued mileage, this car looks like one that is just off lease rather than a decade old. There are no excuses, and no apologies need to be offered. It’s simply one of the best presented 330xis out there with a history to match and in the most desirable configuration, but at a price that is quite reasonable – especially when you see what similar sport package Audis hit the market for. If you’re in the market for an all-wheel drive luxury sedan that packs quite a punch, this is the one to get.

There is a larger gallery of pictures of the car HERE!

The seller can be reached directly at (845) 453-0332 or via via Email here!



  1. Esrly8Q
    Esrly8Q May 16, 2017

    I’m feeling the dark side;-) And I give it an extra “plus” for your experience on the dark side. Very nice car. I wonder what maintenance loos like for one of these over another 100k?

  2. Cory
    Cory May 17, 2017

    @ Carter – Am I misreading this? It sounds like you are saying there were no e46 330xi’s.

    @ esrly8q – Xdrive is not in the same realm of snow performance as either Torsen or the viscous coupling system of the e30 (325ix). If snow’s an issue, I’d stick with Audi. I’m personally a big fan of torsen, and don’t think electronic controls can compare. But I stopped paying attention to the awd arms race 10 years ago. Maybe the electronic systems are better today, but I’m pretty sure they still left a lot to be desired in the e9x cars. My brother had an e46 330xi for years and with identical blizzaks it was terrible compared to my audi(s) in the snow. The 325ix I had was also very good in the snow.

  3. Carter
    Carter May 17, 2017

    @Cory – Well, this is what happens when you’re E36 research and wagon knowledge combine to give you a mental block. It happens. Corrected!

    Regarding snow performance, I felt that our 530xi performed flawlessly on older Blizzak LM20 runflats in a not nice commuting environment. The tires would not have been my first choice, but came on wheels in almost new (but older production) shape for a budget price. The transition of power was seamless and the rearward bias of the all-wheel drive and 50/50 weight distribution of the E61 made it feel more lively in some scenarios than the Audis. Both the stability control and ABS were fantastic as well. In all other conditions, back to back the BMW was a far superior driving car than the A6 3.2 quattro Avant loaner we had at the same time, and (gasp) the iDrive was a better system than Audi’s first MMI. I know those experiences don’t directly translate to the B7 v. E90, but given the two to choose between, I’m pretty sure I’d pick the BMW over a A4 3.2 quattro.

  4. Jonathan
    Jonathan May 18, 2017

    Hi. I can’t get the link for the pictures to work.

  5. Carter
    Carter May 18, 2017

    @Jonathan I’ve emailed the seller, will update as soon as possible.

  6. Carter
    Carter May 18, 2017

    @Jonathan, link updated and should be able to be viewed.

  7. Cory
    Cory May 18, 2017

    @Carter – No argument from me. I’d say as a driving car goes BMW beats Audi pretty much across the board, xdrive or otherwise. But not on snow, or up pikes peak. The goal of xdrive was to alleviate the mostly awful snow performance of its rear wheel drive offerings. And so BMWs are not awful in the snow anymore. And as you note they do fine in not nice commuting environments. Most of the time awd is awd is awd. But in dealing with ‘extreme’ circumstances like coming to a full stop on an ice covered incline or hard charging rally style up a snow covered Colorado road, torsen crushes xdrive. Subaru’s are pretty awesome too with their VC setups. But at the limit the electronic xdrive/haldex can’t keep up. But who drives at the limit these days?;) Both my mom and brother are in xdrive and couldn’t be happier.

    All this just reminds me of why I’m team Audi. Fast, snow dedicated, long roofs. BMW just doesn’t do that.

  8. Carter
    Carter May 18, 2017

    @Cory – there are a lot of subjectives in there, from driver to tire choice to vehicle maintenance. I’ve owned all three (quattro, Subaru Outback, and now BMW xdrive) and the BMW’s ability to turn, stop and go were equal to our Outback. I ice-tracked the Outback on dedicated snows, too, so we’re not talking normal commute. I have no doubt there are circumstances where Torsen is better than the multi-plate clutch. There are situations where the multi-plate clutch is better though, too – for example, up to 100% of the power can go to one axle in the BMW – it can’t in the Audi. The Subaru was a beast at GOING, but had the worst ABS system I’ve ever encountered, and were surprisingly prone to understeer unless you chucked it in, so to speak.

    Perhaps the best solution is to have both the multi-plate clutch AND Torsen. V8 quattro!

    Anyway, thanks for the interesting exchange!

  9. Cory
    Cory May 18, 2017

    @Carter – I got an ear full from my brother today. Apparently I’ve made a mistake using the term xdrive. My study of awd systems was rampant from ’92-’01ish. So while there were awd bmws during that time, there was no xdrive. When I think of BMW awd, I think of my brothers e46 and my moms e53 pitted against my b5. And subjectivity aside, both the e46 and e53 were really quite bad for spirited snow driving. And I’m quite certain those systems could not “torque vector”, like torsen (and apparently xdrive).

    So from my perspective the real improvement to the e90 shown above over its predecessor is not a few extra hp, but a good awd system.

    Anywhoo, I’ll go back to the 90’s now, when car companies made distinctive products. All the cars are better now, but all the cars are the same. Quattro used to mean something…:-)

  10. Esrly8Q
    Esrly8Q May 18, 2017

    @ Cory Your preaching to the choir. If I had it my way I would have a Torsen Quattro today; I prefer a mechanical solution to a software solution any day. What ever happened to vorsprung durch technic?

  11. Cory
    Cory May 19, 2017

    @esrlys8q – The I was a teenager I thought old people coveting cars form the 50’s were morons. But the writing is on the wall. I’m going to be clinging to my 16v’s, quattros, and syncros, well past their expiration date.

  12. Jesse
    Jesse June 12, 2017

    Nice to see the E90 330i getting some love here. I however dislike the 330xi sport package, as it did not have the lowered ride height of the “real” sport package.

    I currently daily drive a 2006 330i, manual transmission with sport package (no iDrive, no active steering, TiAg with black leather and silver trim)…….and these cars are a real steal in the used marketplace right now. The trick is finding a sport package with manual transmission though, as these are not common. Added bonus if it is missing both iDrive and active steering. Additional bonus points if it has the silver interior trim and no wood grain.

  13. Theo
    Theo July 3, 2017

    I got a 2006 300i sports package with the 6 speed option. It has the navi and silver trim but no active steering.

    Car drives super quick and strong. Gets 30 mpg on the highway. It’s like having your cake and eat it too kind of car.

    It’s faster and more powerful than my 88 325iS, and it gets better mileage!

    Bought it last march with 67,000 miles. Already put in 10,000 more miles. Price is very reasonable at 11,900.

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