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Interested in a 964 RS America? There’s 6 on eBay Right Now!

While we never got the true 964 RS in this country, we did get the lovely 911 Carrera RS America. The RS America community is an exclusive one with only about 700 copies created. And they know it. I’ve determined that prices for this particular model border on crazy after browsing the classifieds on Many of these are in Turbo territory. Or even very, very nice 993 prices. Or higher!

Enough of my ranting, judge for yourself and lets see if the market is self-correcting after these auctions finish:

While this one isn’t a true factory RS America, it does include most of the options that adorned the real deal. Unfortunately it also has the tiptronic gearbox, which I believe dilutes it’s value even more. The seller seems aware of this with a buy-it-now of $24k and a recent motor rebuild. Check out this :

1993 Porsche 911 Carrera with RS America Options For Sale

At the other end of the spectrum is this . But also features a nearly $80k buy-it-now! I know I’m not a collector, but I have to imagine that most enthusiast would spend their $80k differently. It is very shiny though!

1994 Porsche 964 RSA For Sale with 15000 miles

Next is this (starting bid is $35k with no current bids). I remember when this color was all the rage. Still looks pretty good on this car honestly.

1993 Porsche 911 RS America in Teal For Sale

RS America Race Car For Sale

And two more! Both are red 93’s, one with and the other with .




  1. Jim
    Jim October 20, 2009

    Having owned an RSA and it being one of the few cars I regret selling I know these cars well.

    The silver phony RSA is a royal POS and its been for sale going on a year now. There is NOTHING RSA about that car aside from the glued on bits. The true RSA had no power steering and a few other light weight bits. Prices have come down a lot on the RSA’s and you can buy a nice one in the 30’s. There were just over 800 made with 75 or so being the 1994 version which had rear seats rather than the package shelf which came in the 1993’s.

    If you really want one buy a c2 coupe and make a better one yourself for less money.

    The RED 15k mile on will NEVER sell anywhere near the asking price anytime soon. Try back in 10 years if you want to sell at that price.

  2. Evan
    Evan October 20, 2009

    I just about spit out my coffee when I saw that $80,000 ask for the top red one. Crazy price to try to get right now. Perhaps it is someone who was told by a wife they had to sell the car, but they don’t want to. At least now they can say “But honey I’m trying, see its on eBay right now”

  3. Jim
    Jim October 22, 2009

    Yea he’s in fantasy land

  4. papiko
    papiko February 9, 2010

    Hey guys, hi from Portugal, so let me give you my opinion!!I´ve been a collector(small) of classics, and i mean classics, of course witin my budjet!!Just bought a RSA from RUF-Dallas and am anxious to get the car here, WHY!!Ok, EUROPE is quite a good spotting to observe car´s cotation!!Example, An RAW 964 RS was about €35000 afew years ago, talking Y2000 nower days you can not find one less than €75.000, and not a SUPERGOOD one you have cars € 100.000 and rising, owner´s wont seel it for more!!I bought a 365 gt afew years ago for € 17.500 NOW after small restaurations i wont sell it for less than € 75.000, i spent €20.000 over the years maybe not even so!!!So you have several of 365 selling for €100.000 and more!!My ppoint is that when it cames to litle nr´s on fabrication you see the prizes jumping any moment , i´ve seen it many times over the years and RSA is a serious case trust me, with only 700 and change done is a blast!!!Remenber to turn a RSA into a row is peanuts nowerdays!!Still anything that came out of STUTTGART or MARANELLO-MODENA in small nr´s WILL rise BIG TIME. and to support my idea look at the link´s i´m posting, and remenber car´s are in crisis now in APcar-design they have(had) an original RSA for US $65.500!!!These guys are one of the most respected RS`s RECREATION as WELL as ORIGINAL`s so!!Not jocking!!!I AM HAPPY WITH MY NEW PROJECT!!And i hope that economy will change and you will see how many will stay in those number´s!! Best luck for all of you…P
    ( waht about a 964 RS Lithgweight
    GERMANY $ 338000/20 units fabricated!!!!

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