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Last minute RARE 1981 Mercedes 600SLC AMG

I’m not sure how this one snuck by me until now so I apologize to any of you potential buyers as there is less than a day left on this auction.

What we have is a 380SLC that has, according to the seller, a genuine AMG 6.0 liter conversion, again according to the seller, a bored out 5.6 V8.

I’d obviously like to know what documentation there is on this, the seller makes some claims that seem legit, but we know how many different variations there are of undocumented AMG cars from this era. I’d also love to see the dataplate and if there are any AMG work stickers on the sills.

The basics as the seller tells them are:

560 powerplant bored .40 over to 600 powerplant producing over 400hp

This vehicle exterior color is AMG BLACK with AMG GRAY LEATHER

This very RARE SLC started as a 380 SLC, then was transfored to a 600 SLC AMG by the North America AMG Factory in Chicago in the 1980’s, modifications are:

560 MB Powerplant that is Bored .40 over to a 600 MB Powerplant

Complete Front and Rear Euro Bumper Conversion

Complete AMG Black Paint Job

AMG Front Fenders

AMG Black Hammer Wheels

AMG Suspension (white coils)

AMG Heavy Duty Rear End

Complete AMG GRAY Leather Interior with Recaro Seats

AMG Dials

The Coversion Cost were between $60,000.00 to $85,000.000, this AMG has never been restored since it left the AMG Factory in the 1980’s.

The seats on this are very expensive and sought after power Recaros. Those genuine flat face AMG wheels also can be a challenge to find as original, good condition pieces.

It would be interesting to know if the engine is from the factory, the real one in Germany, or if the machine work was done in the states, not that it would really effect the value on this very interesting one off.

Period AMG cars like this, particularly ones that involve engine work, are very special. I’ve said this before, but this kind of conversion done later in life would not be nearly as special as this one completed in the 1980s.

The car looks great, the “Hammer” floor mats I could do without as the only AMG Hammer is the W124 based model. No doubt though this R107 SL has some Hammer like performance. The car has seen a good deal of use, 112,296 miles, something we don’t always see on a rarity like this, but why not. The AMG engines are reliable and the Mercedes auto transmissions normally up to the task.

A few things I note on a quick glance, the exhaust has been replaced at some point, at least the tips stand out as not looking contemporary with the car. I really want to crawl around this car, look at the exhaust, does it have AMG headers for instance? Also the front fenders have vents that strike me as a bit odd. If this car was destined for a hot climate maybe AMG would have added those for heat, but Mercedes were equipped to handle the 5.6 liter stock and AMG wasn’t known for cutting holes in their street creations. So these may have been added later, but maybe not. I kind of think that look, unless functional, goes better on Koenig style cars.

This car is listed on the dealer’s website at $29,999 and right now it is sitting with no reserve with many bids at $25,100. That price shows that these cars are valued. What makes this one especially rare, but maybe not more desirable, is that it is a SLC model rather than the drop top SL. You can expect a stiffer chassis with the fixed roof, though outside of their rallying, this era of SL was never really thought of as the type of car you really throw around corners.

Very cool, very rare car, that most would walk right by not knowing how special it is. Note to the future owner post up more info on this car or send us a photo of the dataplate for deciphering.

1981 Mercedes 600SLC AMG on eBay



  1. Amole Olufemi
    Amole Olufemi October 11, 2011

    Those ones are not really good. But pls kindly be introducing to us the new cars. And always be mindful of prices

  2. Evan
    Evan October 11, 2011

    Sold at $25,100.

  3. ktw
    ktw October 16, 2011

    I worked at AMG in the 80s and I put those side vents in per customer request. they were modified 63 corvette side vents. they originally had polished aluminum bars in them much like newer style SL.

  4. Evan
    Evan October 16, 2011

    @ktw, that is great info. Thanks for posting. Lucky guy getting to work on cars like this at that time. 63 Corvette vent for comparison:

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