One-owner, low-mile 1983 Mk1 Jetta Wolfsburg for sale

My first introduction to the Mk1 Jetta came from a Canadian Olympian I rowed with in college. His 1984 Jetta was clean and white (save for large red Maple leafs on the sides and later “84”s) and reminded me of my Rabbit Pickup. It was so little he could squeeze it between the bollards on campus and gain access to areas usually restricted to golf carts and bikes. Mayhem ensued. If I’d been in the market, I would have snatched it from him when he sold it at the end of college.

From the looks of it, today’s Jetta has seen no such mayhem, as it has covered just 100k miles in almost 30 years. Thanks to the love and care of the seller and original owner, we get a glimpse at what the 1983 Volkswagen Dealership floor looked like. Line up a GTI, Scirocco, Vanagon, and this, and I’d say you’re kicking 2012 Volkswagen’s ass. There aren’t many more details than the mileage, but if you’re into Mk1 Jettas or Jetta Coupes (shamefully only available in Mk1 and 2 models), it doesn’t get any better than this.

1983 Volkswagen Jetta Wolfsburg for sale on eBay

Brevity is the soul of wit, supposedly:

I am the original owner of this car. Jetta has 100K miles and all original equipment. Never been in an accident. Paint is in excellent shape (garaged); metallic black. Would love to see this car go to a Jetta collector. From most accounts, this is a very rare car; 2 door, stick shift, with Wolfsberg interior, gauges on floor, etc.

I love it. It’s weird, it’s rare, it’s exceptionally clean but completely unmolested. And I can’t lie, I’m a sucker for vinyl spoilers. 11 bids have it at $2k, and in sympathy for the seller’s extreme care and probable distress at selling a deceptively rare car he’s loved for 30 years, I hope it can fetch at least twice that. Let’s hope a good VW enthusiast gets ahold of it.

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  1. Current bids are now over $4K. I’m not sure it’s worth much more. But to the right buyer, you never know…

    I was lucky enough to buy an ’84 Jetta GLI off the showroom in June of 1984 and have always had a warm spot in my heart for the first generation Jettas.

    The ’83 Wolfsburg Edition is basically a Mk1 GLI without the better engine and transmission. Nice cars with good equipment and pretty hard to find. They’re pretty basic, with very few electrical conveniences. That translates into good reliability and low maintenance costs.

    I wish I was in a position to make a bid, but it just wouldn’t fit with my current car needs.

  2. Everything Kevin said, +1.

    One of my suite-mates was graduating from college in ’87, and wanted to buy his first new car. Fortunately, I convinced him to consider a Jetta.

    The red coupe, pretty basic trim with a manual transmission and center-caps on steelies, was great fun ripping around campus.

    Definitely a perfect first car. He was a good friend, but I’m pretty sure I was just as sorry to see the car leave after graduation…

  3. This car was for sale 6 months or so ago.

    Flipper or are there some hidden issues?

  4. Nice looking VW, but is there such a thing as a “Jetta Collector”…?

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